NALSA & CHRI Handbook of Formats

The National Legal Services Authority launched the Handbook of Formats through a webinar attended by over 1000 participants, which included representatives of all legal services institutions i.e. State Legal Services Authorities, High Court Legal Services Committees, District Legal Services Authorities across the country.

The Handbook was prepared by CHRI, in consultation with NALSA officials. The Handbook is an important step towards improving the quality of legal services in India and aims to strengthen NALSA’s internal processes of documentation and reporting mechanisms and enable the provision of effective, efficient and quality legal services. The Handbook consists of two sections. The first section contains formats for legal aid providers i.e. panel lawyers, retainer lawyers, remand lawyers, jail visiting lawyers and lawyers attached to police stations, and for community and convict paralegal volunteers. The second section includes formats for legal services institutions including registers for the front office, attendance registers, clinics, and for the monitoring and mentoring committees.

The Handbook can be downloaded from the NALSA Website (HANDBOOK - National Legal Services Authority!).