Namati's 2017 Annual Report -- Now Available

(McKinley Charles) #1

Originally published at: Namati’s 2017 Annual Report — Now Available
We are pleased to announce the release of Namati’s 2017 annual report. We invite you to explore the facts, figures, and stories that fill its pages. Discover how many clients Namati and partners worked with and what remedies we achieved together. Read about the personal journeys of individuals like Mahmoud and Daw Nan Shan who learned how to use the law to overcome injustice. Explore how members of the Global Legal Empowerment Network learned from each other and worked together to bring justice everywhere. Review the publications we produced and the op-eds we published to grow the field of legal empowerment. And finally,…

(Tyrone McRae) #2

I’ve read the report and all I can say is, wow! This is what I always envisioned that being a paralegal should be… absolutely incredible.

N’amat also means a blessing from God Allaah in Classical Arabic and is written: نعمة

(McKinley Charles) #3

Thank you, @TyroneMcRae, for your kind feedback (although, for the record, we appreciate critical feedback, too!). And I love the connection with N’amat. Thanks for sharing!

(Vincent Otieno) #7

I have the report and it very encouraging especially in the case of stateless of Mr. Mahmoud.

(McKinley Charles) #8

Glad to hear that, @vincentotieno!

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