New book on drones as tool for environmental justice, land documentation, human rights monitoring

I love Shannon Dosmegan’s chapter in this new book on drones. Historically, “interests of mappers and the mapped have rarely aligned.”

But truly people-centric mapping has potential to empower, as w/ brooklynites using cameras mounted on balloons and kites to track illegal dumping in the gowanus canal.

@manjumenon, @deylacurtis, this is Shannon from public lab, which specializes in simple technologies citizens can use to monitor pollution. Would be good to have a call w/ her soon.

@marenabrinkhurst, @jaronvogelsang, @rachaelknight, @teresaeilu, the book may have useful insights for the mapping dimension of community land protection.


Thanks @vivekmaru - this looks like an interesting resource. I am looking forwarding to reading it.

This is SO cool - thank you V! I could not find the link to the book on their website, though - is there a direct PDF you could send along?

@rachaelknight thanks for catching that- I’d entered the public lab link twice. Have now corrected it-- click on “new book” above.

Awesome, thank you!