New CEDAW & Nationality Rights Guide

Hi Tobias and Ashley,

Hope this message finds you well.

I just wanted to share the Global Campaign’s new CEDAW Guide, published with UNHCR. I would love to share this tool, which is also available in French, with the Global Legal Empowerment Network community.

The Guide, which highlights the significant number of CEDAW articles related to social, economic, and political rights that are violated by discriminatory nationality laws, is a condensed version of a slightly longer Guide produced by the Global Campaign.

Many thanks again for organizing last month’s webinar! I was really happy with it.

All best, Catherine


Hi Catherine! Thanks for letting us know about this new CEDAW & Nationality Rights Guide.

@MayaReddy: can you please upload the CEDAW Guide to the resource library when you get a chance?

We were very happy to host you for a webinar on securing gender equal nationality rights. We learned so much from you and @Deepti, and we want to continue to hear from you as you do your challenging and important work. It’s so great to have you in our community!

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