New data initiative for SDG16 launches

Around the world, practitioners and governments are working to realize the ambition of Sustainable Development Goal 16 to ensure “access to justice for all”. To track and measure progress, government’s have agreed to gather data on 23 globally agreed indicators alongside nationally selected indicators.

However, there are two problems with this approach to measurement. The first is that the current global indicators have a very narrow focus on criminal justice systems. The second is that official, nationally-produced data is currently limited, and national statistical systems and capacities may not produce quality justice data for many years.

This is why in July, Namati, along with other coalition partners launched the SDG16 Data Initiative with an interactive website that pulls together available official and nongovernmental data. This website includes complementary justice indicators which look at civil justice and client experience, and over time, when data becomes available, more holistic justice indicators will be added. The website provides a snapshot of the current situation and will track the progress of SDG16 over the coming 15 years. It will also help identify challenges in data quality, availability, and coverage and in the future provide analysis on specific themes.

If you are working on SDG16, or are interested in the state of justice, transparency or peace in your country and around the world, be sure to check out this valuable site:

We would also love to hear what you think. This initiative is new and there is still time to shape it - is there anything missing that you would like to see? What more can this platform do to support your work? Please leave comments below or email ideas to


@peterchapman @marlonmanuel @AngoteGertrude @ericaharper @michaelotto @tobiaseigen would be interested to hear your thoughts on the platform and how this data may be used for more effective advocacy?