New FAO Technical Guide on legal dimensions of responsible governance of tenure

The latest technical guide on the responsible governance of tenure from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) focuses on the legal dimensions of the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure for Land, Fisheries and Forests at the national level. @rachaelknight, Director of Namati’s Community Land Protection Program, was one of the main authors.

The guide addresses the legal value of the Voluntary Guidelines covering the governance of tenure of land, fisheries and forests by explaining the concept of legitimacy and reviewing the different stages of legislative processes, from legal assessment and law-making through implementation of legislation to settlement of disputes.

The guide is aimed at legal professionals working with state institutions, civil society, development agencies and the private sector, as well as law societies, notaries, judges and all those who are interested in understanding the role of law in giving effect to the provisions of the Guidelines.

As the target audience, what do you think of this Guide? Does it raise any questions about application of the Voluntary Guidelines in your national context?

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