New Legal Empowerment Innovative Financing Accelerator application open - Apply by Feb 28!

We’re excited to announce that applications are now open for an 8-week Legal Empowerment Innovative Financing Accelerator hosted by +Acumen and sponsored by The Open Society Foundations.

The Accelerator provides an opportunity for legal empowerment organizations to learn to develop a new source of revenue along with a cohort of peers.

Participants will:

  • Develop a product or service to earn revenue for their legal empowerment organization
  • Learn from case studies of other organizations that have built a sustainable source of funding
  • Interview potential customers to understand how to build a desirable offering
  • Build a financial model to understand the numbers behind their idea
  • Practice pitching their idea to board members, potential funders, or other stakeholders

Here’s What You Need to Know:

  • Application deadline: February 28th, 2019
  • Start Date: May 7th, 2019
  • Duration: 8 Weeks
  • Location: Fully Online (you’ll receive access to an online curriculum and weekly Learning Labs by video call)
  • Time-Commitment: 6 hours per week
  • Costs: Covered by The Open Society Foundations

This is an application-based learning experience and there are a limited number of places available. Applications will be considered in the order they are received so don’t wait until the deadline to apply.

Apply here!

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Wonderful opportunity, Thnaks for sharing


Vraiment une grande nouvelle !


Am truly previlaged to be a member of this community, Namati. Thank you all, of the staff and members of this community.

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Hi, Am not seeing myself @mubula among those who have applied, as others does.


We have been speaking with Acumen+ and OSF about the curriculum and it looks to be an amazing accelerator program focusing on legal empowerment and financial sustainability. I am glad to see early interest from @paulsixpence, @alihaji, @soniaoshowilliams, @Mubula, and @KONATEZan, and @fatimaadamu.

Potential applicants for the Legal Empowerment Innovative Financing Accelerator are encouraged to attend an online information session on Wednesday, February 20, 2019 at 13:30 UTC. Participants will:

  • Learn more about the accelerator program structure and curriculum to determine if it’s the right fit for their organization;
  • Hear case studies of past participants and the projects they incubated; and
  • Have the opportunity to pose questions directly to the course facilitator.

To register for the online information session, visit Legal Empowerment Innovative Finance Accelerator Information Session.

I wanted to flag this unique opportunity for the legal empowerment innovative financing accelerator program with some additional members who may be interested to apply - links to the application and website are above in the original post.

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Thank you Mr. Otto, what should I prepare?


Thanks for sharing very unique and valuable opportunity




@exchange_2017argentina Quizás puede ser del interes de algunx, @alejandrafma también a ustedes puede inreresaerles esta oportunidad.

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Dear Michael,

Thanks for sharing this information with us. My organization finds the training interesting and we would not afford to miss this opportunity. We will get back to you on this. Besides, you requested that I share with you how the courses downloaded will be of use and how it will benefit my organization. I responded as requested but l got no acknowledgement of receipt. I am wondering whether you got the mail from me.

Best regards,


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Merci beaucoup mon frère michaelotto de cette information. Mon Organisation trouve cette session d’information très capitale pour la réussite de ce programme !

A cet effet, nous ne cesserons pas de remercier NAMATI pour son soutien et son engagement envers de l’autonomisation juridique et l’accès communautaire à la justice.

Aujourd’hui, l’application d’accélérateur de financement innovant pour l’autonomisation de la loi et l’accès à la justice constitue un moyen important nous permettant de résoudre les défis liés à l’accès à la justice dans nos pays.

En autre, nous serons très comblé de prendre part à cette session afin de consolider nos connaissances en la matière.


Thanks for your interest @joeansu, and always good to hear from you! I will respond privately about the feedback you sent earlier much like I responded to Bambang via personal message. Please feel free to let others here know how the information session goes next week. :sunny:

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Bonjour Michael O., il y a quelle nouvelles maintenant, je constate un petit silence au niveau du Réseau, que passe t-il ?

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Hi @KONATEZan - the online session above happened today, but no news beyond that for the accelerator program just yet as they will be reviewing applications during and after the application period closes on Feb 28th. We were a little quiet on Monday due to a national holiday in the US, but half of our team is not based in the US, so it should not have been too quiet. :slight_smile:

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Hola! Me parece muy interesante y necesaria la propuesta! Lamentablemente no voy a poder participar en esa fecha. Espero que puedan subir el video online para verlo posteriormente. Seguro sera de mucha ayuda para las organizaciones legales de base como de la que formo parte, Cejip. El acceso al financiamiento y la sostenibilidad de los proyectos es fundamental para fortalecer nuestros objetivos. Saludos!

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Thanks for asking @LeonelBazan. I requested the link to the informational session recording and it is indeed accessible here: