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Dear friends!

Happy new year! There is so much going on already in 2018 and I did not want to miss this opportunity to introduce new members who joined up in recent weeks. Hello! :wave: We are so glad you are here and you are most welcome. You will find we are friendly and open in this community. We hope you decide to make yourself at home here and consider this a safe space where you can keep in touch with friends and peers around the world for learning, sharing and collaboration. Please add a reply to let us know what you are working on right now.

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Dear Tobias Eigen,

Thanks for your welcoming email. I have been reading a lot of interesting article here which is much motivated. I am a law student in Cambodia and I have graduated from my law school nice 2014 and I am doing my master degree of private law. Recently I am doing my thesis on Environmental impact assessment process under Cambodian law and also look into the international environmental principle standard either.

I am working as the community organizer mentor with the communities who will be affected by dam development project on the Mekong River mainstream in Cambodia. I have been staying, and living with the community to understand their issue and building trust with them along the way. However I am just in the processes of learning by doing the community organizing work with the people as it is the complicated approach and to much confrontation with the authority.

Along the way, I am also building network the others law student in the city to build their capacity on human rights law, environmental law, especially EIA law as it’s the very first step of the development project. This ideas is to ensure that the affected people have got the meaningful consultation and comply under the Free, Prior and informed consent principle as they the IPs group.

The ideas of doing community organizing work as we believed that community is the key actor to led the campaign action and to build community movement which is leading to the social movement along with the the legal support.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach me out.

Best Regards,



Hello dear Tobias I am vey happy to be part of you. I am impatient to connect with my restless workers peers and colleagues, and learn from this huge network. thanks a lot Fred


Thank you Tobias. I generally offer free legal advice on any issue that may arise within Kenya. So just trying to see where I can help within the community


That’s great! You’re in the right place and there are often questions about a range of legal issues in Kenya being posed here. Do take a look at forum topics tagged #kenya and see if you can help. I found this recent topic to be especially heartbreaking:

Thank you very much! I am glad to be part of it. I will be very soon looking into topics and issues.

many regards mira


Great! You are very welcome. Let me know if you have any questions at all about making the most of the network. As a German I am a big fan of GIZ so glad to see more GIZ staff joining up.

Dear Tobias,

Thank you very much! Yes I am working for GIZ and actually I am Project Manager of Transboundary Ecosystem Management-regional project in the Balkan countries. I am a lawyer by background, I am extremely happy to find out about the existence of this network. There are a lot of legal problems in our countries (especially Albania) in the environmental context, but not only. I wish this network will pay attention also to Balkans.

I will be extremely happy to provide my assistance and help.

In case more info is needed, please do not hesitate to ask.



Very interesting - thanks for the details. Here on the forum is a great way to raise awareness of specific regions or issues. You can reply to existing topics to share your experiences and knowledge from the Balkans perspective, and start new topics to let us know about opportunities, publications, experiences, challenges that are not already being discussed.

Also, you can upload publications and provide website links to the resource library to help fill in gaps. The link to upload is on the menu and directly at My colleagues @michaelotto and @MayaReddy are in charge of the resource library and can help you if you have any questions. They can see this message.

Very useful! I wish to contribute to the network and why not, to try and make my best efforts to expand it in Balkans. I will search on my library and see what are the most relevant publications. With regard to the Environmental Justice there are not many publications and as per now, it is in very early steps.

More to come. Thank you for introducing other colleagues to me!


Wonderful. you can also connect with my Namati colleagues working in Environmental Justice. If you have not already done so, take a look at this page on our website:

This is what I am doing. And i am working a bit with the ways how it functions, also for writing and following members :). I will also look into property-as I am working with this aspect as well. and more …

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Neat! As you’ll find, we’re a discussion-based community on the forum, so you can “follow” discussions but not members. When you read and respond to messages, the system automatically changes your notification level for topics to “watching” so you are notified when something happens.

great! Thank you very much!

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Am glad .Will engage you. Am in Mombasa @Theuri

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Hi, Thanks for your communication. I am a generalist who provides the public with general paralegal information eg awareness on types of marriages, where and how to seek help on paralegal matters in government institutions, basic human rights etc. I am eager to work with a South African NGO affiliated to a University. Reason : Justice is not accessible to the poor, while the middle class is oblivious about basic rights.

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