New Member Introductions 👋 (10th - 23rd June)

Welcome new members! :wave:

We are glad you are here. This is a space where you can make new friends from around the world and keep in touch for solidarity, learning, sharing, and collaboration. Kindly note that this is also a civilized space, with guidelines, for the purpose of improving the discussions. Please take some time to go through our community guidelines.

Here in this topic, we bring together new members to celebrate your arrival.

Please introduce yourself! How did you find us and what prompted you to join? What are you working on right now that you want to share or that you need help with? Just add a reply using the blue Reply button at the bottom.


I hope you are all okay!.

I go by the name of David Mabelane, happy to join you all. I have a little knowledge on science, innovation and intellectual property. Currently writing literature books and searching for learning opportunities.

I found out about the network, following some searching on the statue of leberty., As I am crazy in love with liberation, and not only liberation, but the best version of it.

I hope you, will welcome me, as I have already welcomed you.

Passing the shine.


Hello everybody, I hope you are all fine, Abdisalan from Somalia, I’m lawyer with 5years of career experiences, I have masters of international trade policy and trade law from Lund university. dear colleagues I’m very glad to be here this beautiful platform and I wish for all of us to exchange our ideas and opinions on legal issues. also I am IP expert specially trademarks, copyright, patents and etc. thanks once again all.


Hi @DavidMabelane and @Abdisalanmuse thank you for joining this introduction and sharing with us your inspiring works! A big welcome to the Legal Empowerment Network! We would always encourage everyone to explore the forum and join the discussions that are taking place at the moment. We also have a growing Resource Library which could help you with your current work and learning. You can find many practitioner guides and hundreds of resources on Legal Empowerment and related thematic issues.

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Hi. My name is Angela. I am student studying Economics. I have joined this forum because I hope to find materials that can aid me in my research. I have already found two studies on GBV among women with disabilities to be very helpful.


Hello! I am Utkarsh from India! It is an honour to join this network of people who are connected to legal empowerment in various ways! I was born in Mumbai and brought up in Dharamshala which is a small town in the Western Himalayas of India. I recently came back from the U.S and founded a public interest environmental law firm called Himalayan Advocacy Center, to enhance access to environmental justice in the Himalayas. We are a small team of three mountain lovers from India and Argentina, and work hard to keep learning as much as we can about Agroecology and Law. Right now, we are working to get enough money to rent a space in Dharamshala, to begin physical operations, site visits, and outreach with communities in Kangra district, India. We do this by litigation and building content in the hope that it will be useful for people! I would really appreciate help in the form of knowledge sharing with likeminded people here, and forming long-lasting partnerships within India and across the globe! Specifically, discussion on legal strategies to protect natural areas would be a godsend! Oh and also, I am an avid trekker and coffee enthusiast (nothing is better than grinding fresh coffee each morning)


Hi @AngelaLangat and @UtkarshJain welcome to the network and thank you for sharing with us your work! We have a growing resources of Library where you can find numerous resources on Legal Empowerment and many thematic issues that could be helpful to your work. Recently we have also launched a new report, Gender Justice During and Beyond the COVID-19 Crisis which could be of interest to you. Please feel free to explore our forum and start a discussion with like minded professional as well. You can also explore the Network’s Member Directory and see which organizations working in your country or region are also members of the Network!

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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله يسعدني ان انضم إليكم

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Thanks for accepting me to be a member in this platform, My name is Naima Twahir from Shakirina Youth for Development in Mombasa, Kenya

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I is a good choice Naima to join the platform of hope, welcome once again

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