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Hi everyone,

I am Justin from Proforest, an organization working with companies and other stakeholders to improve the sustainability of agricultural supply chains. We work directly with companies by supporting them in implementing responsible sourcing strategies as well as participating in and supporting multi-stakeholder initiatives tackling systemic issues in the production of agricultural commodities globally and regionally.

I have joined this network to find resources which could be useful for Proforest’s work on land rights and community engagement, as well as identify organisations with local practical knowledge and capacity on land rights with whom we could potentially collaborate.

Look forward to participating more in this network.




Hello all. Am arthur Mukwaya, a land surveyor in uganda. I practice in areas of cadastral surveying, engineering survey and GIS. I have good experience i Resettlement Action plan, irrigation schemes and so many others. Am also good at GIS. I got to know about this thtough searches on google as i was looking gor an NGO dealing land related issues. I intend to go beyong ugandan borders in developing my career path as learning never ends. I want to put my acquired skills in land surveying both knowledge and practicals to good use beyond just my immediate neighbourhood. I also have a certificate in monitoring and evaluation for projects which i intend to put to use. I am passionate about geography and sharing. I want to widen my network through connecting with new people. I intend to have the best out of this.




Hola a todo mundo. Soy Guille Edith de Oaxaca, México, mujer zapoteca. Actualmente trabajo acompañando a mujeres indígenas que realizan procesos de investigación sobre el acceso a la salud sexual y reproductiva de mujeres jóvenes indígenas. Hace tres años yo realicé una investigación similar con el acompañamiento de el Instituto de Liderazgo Simone de Beauvoir en donde actualmente trabajo como oficial de incidencia. paralelamente acompaño a mujeres municipalistas o con cargos comunitarios en sus comunidades en Oaxaca y Campeche en temas sobre fortalecimiento a la participación política. En Oaxaca colaboro con una organización donde trabajamos con derechos de la infancia y autonomía emocional con un enfoque feminista, de género e intercultural.