New member introductions (11 January to 24 January, 2018)


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I’ve been enjoying reading all of these wonderful replies from new members - thank you for introducing yourselves! You are very welcome here and I look forward to talking more with you in the coming weeks and months.

By the way - we’ve had many new members from non-english speaking countries. Feel free to write in your language, and we can all use the translate button (looks like a globe on the post menu) to read in our own language. Many languages are supported. Contact me if you have questions about this.

Some more responses below.

Students are very welcome here! You can do so much to connect practitioners with information that can help them, while also learning from them about their successes and challenges.

As regards internships, I suggest you keep an eye out in the forum for #opportunities and also the recruitment page on If there are organizations you find out about through the network you can also check with them directly. Let us know here how it goes! :seedling:

Hi Ana! Thanks for the reply. It’s interesting to hear about the projects you have planned in Guatemala. Can you tell us some more about the law against femicide itself, who you are seeking to reach through your workshops and what success will look like? Are there examples form other countries you are already looking at that you can tell us some more about? Telling us these things will give other members concrete thoughts to respond to.

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Right now im a final year student in a university in Uganda, and my research topic is related to law on land conflicts.I hope to find some information here as I share with othr members too.

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Hi Tobias I’m Benson wesamba from Kenya. Its with great pleasure to be here, purposely to make our planet earth a better place for all of us. My engagement; we’re working in creating awareness in rural, slum women and youth on affirmative action in access to government opportunities, gender equity and equality. Thank you Namati and looking forward for more engagement for the success of this initiative.

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I was at place with a limited email access. but I am happy to read something from a person from Kenya where we have a problem of the same nature in our community because our organization deals within a pastoral societies which are Maasay and Barbaig. I am of the views that by sharing ideas and experiences we will improve a quality of services we do provides.

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Thanks brother Jehovanus, happy to hear from you too. let’s join our hands together for the betterment of our community and Kenya at large.

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good evening respected dignitary, i am currently pursuing my llb degree and have just appeared for the 4th semester. for the record i have been a part help age society in the past and currently i am also a part of the legal aid society. also i am open to any new assignment from your side.

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Hello Himanshu,

Thank you for replying. It’s great to get to know you better! I hope you decide to spend time on our forum connecting with other members around shared interests. Fridays are a good day to log in when many members are online. We have many members working in India.



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Mr Benson, in am sorry for being silent for a while, , I am working at Joh Legal Aid Centre in Tanzania. also you can use my mobile phone No. +255769271240 for easy communication because of limited internet access from region i am.

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Wow! That’s great brother, thank you for keeping in touch. Will call u ASAP. My fine number is 0792778298.

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ok boy i will check.

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