New Member Introductions (13th - 26th May)

Welcome new members! :wave:

We are glad you are here. This is a space where you can make new friends from around the world and keep in touch for solidarity, learning, sharing, and collaboration. Kindly note that this is also a civilized space, with guidelines, for the purpose of improving the discussions. Please take some time to go through our community guidelines.

Here in this topic, we bring together new members to celebrate your arrival.

Please introduce yourself! How did you find us and what prompted you to join? What are you working on right now that you want to share or that you need help with? Just add a reply using the orange Reply button at the bottom.

Bienvenides todes! :wave:

Nos alegra que os hayáis unido a la Red. Este es un espacio donde podéis conocer a personas de alrededor del mundo y estar en contacto para mostrar solidaridad, aprender colectivamente, compartir y colaborar. Por favor, tened en cuenta que, con el objetivo de mejorar las discusiones, este espacio cuenta con algunas pautas que os invitamos a revisar.

En este post mencionamos a todas las personas que se unieron recientemente.

Por favor, ¡preséntate! ¿Cómo nos encontraste y qué te animó a unirte a la Red? ¿En qué estás trabajando actualmente que quieras compartir o para lo que necesitas ayuda? Puedes añadir una respuesta usando el botón naranja que dice “Reply”, situado debajo del post.


You are all welcome to the platform of hope


Elcar Jesús Godoy ( Argentina) @ejgconsultoralegal

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Thanks for the welcome. I found you through the promotion of an ACIJ seminar and I joined because I am interested in integrating a diverse and plural community focused on the defense of human rights around the world. I am currently participating in spaces dedicated to study and the fight for gender equality.

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Hi to everyone! My network’s account is not working, because of this I am introducing myself by email. I heard about ACIJ many times because I study Law here in Argentina but I found this seminar on Instagram. I am really interested in human rights and access to justice. Now I am studying my latest subjects and participating in a researchment group about the right to food safety, agriculture and food-sovereignty. I am really glad to be here.

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Hello! Thank you so much for such a warm welcome. I find these kind of forums really interesting and as a lawyer I believe we need to stay connected with differents professionals, activist and volunteers in Human Rights from all over the world which are interested in making a difference. I met this community thanks to the legal empowermenet network of Latin America and by far Im interested in taking a course call “Abogacía Comunitaria y Empoderamiento Jurídico en Latinoamérica” (Community Law and Legal Empowerment in Latin America) but Im willing to see how this forum works. I hope I could learn from other experiences and I believe this is such a great tool to improve and meet other cultures and other ways of conceiving justice and its implementation, from a human rights perspective. Thank you so much and we keep in touch! Maria Eugenia.

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Hi @EjerSER @VeroGomez @PilarGomezIriondo @Mariu thank you for joining the introduction and sharing with us your background and work!

To start, we would encourage you to:

  • Explore the forum and the discussions that are taking place at the moment. You can check out different category such as #gender #advocacy and more.
  • Explore the Resource Library , where you will find hundreds of resources about legal empowerment & access to justice, and specific thematic issues.
  • Explore the Network’s Member Directory and see which organizations working in your country or region are also members of the Network!

Hi everyone, I’m so excited to be part of this platform. I discovered this platform whilst conducting research on a project I’m working on. My country is doing a comparative study on other jurisdictions on how best to recognise and regulate community based paralegals, I am the lead researcher. I’m looking forward to any assistance and insight I might get from you colleagues.

Hola amigos y amigas: Gracias por aceptarme en su grupo. Espero aprender de ustedes y compartir mi gestión comunitaria sobre derechos de los pueblos indígenas.