New Member Introductions (14-27 February 2019)

Hello and welcome again, new members!

You will find we are friendly and open in this community. This a safe space where you can make new friends from around the world and keep in touch for solidarity, learning, sharing and collaboration.

Here in this topic, we bring together new members to celebrate your arrival and make it easy for you to introduce yourself to the community and ask your questions.

Please introduce yourself! How did you find us and what prompted you to join? What are you working on right now that you want to share or that you need help with? Just add a reply.

Also, The 2019 Grassroots Justice Prize: is now open for applications under the theme Celebrating Great Deeds in Legal Empowerment This prize seeks to honor the work of non-profits, social enterprises, and public institutions that have demonstrated remarkable innovation, impact, and/or sustainability in their legal empowerment work. Feel free to apply through the link below.

2019 Grassroots Justice Prize

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Madeline Hi,

My name is Juan Rocha and I am a creative and community-minded public administration professional with over 11 years of experience across a broad range of management functions and varied industry segments. A proven track record of combining vision, ingenuity, and outcomes based decision making with well developed project management and leadership qualities. I am passionate about supporting the work of public, nonprofit and civic organizations launch initiatives that will help them to maximize impact and meet set goals.

Thank you for the warm welcome.

Juan Rocha,NPAL,MPA

Social Programs Operations Director



Dear Madeline,

It is exciting for us that you taken us member of the network. It would be helpful for learning sharing. Could you please use our web link in the list?

We would communicate with members for assistance in work for women land owners. Thanks again for your support.


Merci beaucoup pour le message, juste vous informer que j’ai des difficultés d’envoyer les images et les rapports


Are you referring to the justice prize application attachments? If so, you can always follow up on your submitted application by emailing

Otherwise, for example to get help uploading files to the resource library or to the forum, you can email the helpdesk team at

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Yes i have just complete but when i would like to send it , they refuse

If you run into trouble submitting the form with attachments, you can submit without attachments. Then email your attachments to


this platform will make us successful due to discussion and by your support.


Hey guys! My name is Eliot Sasaki and I work for the largest funder of civil legal aid in the U.S. (I actually signed up for this forum a few months ago, but haven’t posted until now.)

I’m interested in expanding access to justice and building our capacity as a community to ensure that more people get the legal help they need. Much of my work now is focused on sharing best practices and innovations in legal services. Shameless plug: I have a blog where I write about these best practices and innovations (Innovations in Legal Aid – Medium) - feel free to check it out!

Anyway, I look forward to being more active in this forum and sharing ideas with you all!


Dear Eliot Sasaki,

Am interested in your program kindly Email me:


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Bonjour, je suis Donat KAMBOLA, je travaille pour une organisation de la société civile qui s’appelle Initiative bonne Gouvernance et Droits Humains, et j accompagne des communautés qui vivent affectées par les activités des entreprises Minières dans la ville de Kolwezi, province du Lualaba, en République démocratique du Congo. c’est donc un plaisir de vous rencontrer ici et de partager avec vous les expériences sur la lutte pour les droits et le développement des communautés victimes de l’Ajouter au dictionnaire.


Myself Malati I have been working since 2001 as a volunteers then myself and my few friends get mutually rural women, young women and Youths in Talmul of Angul districts in the state of Odisha to start rural development work involving women in village and establish a Organization named “MANAV SEVA SANSTHAN” The Registered office of the Society shall be at Talmul dist-Angul, we have Dedicated for the Development of Rural poor Peoples, Especially SC/ST Women’s and Children’s. The Society has covered the needy beneficiaries from among Weaker Sections, vulnerable Groups, Scheduled Caste & Schedule Tribes, Minority, especially Women & children in particular. It starts with Violence against Women and development work for the single women and their children’s. We have been working with rural women of Dalit and Adivasi communities .They are poor ,resource less and socially discriminated on the ground of caste and Gender .There has been practices of untouchability in rural villages against Dalit women who are triple discriminated on the ground of class, caste and Gender . I have been step in Panchayatraj by providing leadership training to women for their effective participation so that poverty and issues of health and education can be addressed by women at grassroots.


It’s such a pleasure to meet all the new members! Welcome everyone :blush:


Yes, it certainly is! Welcome, welcome! :wave:

The new member introductions topic is always my favorite to keep an eye on. It’s great to see our community growing and to see that we are attracting such lovely, wonderful, inspiring people. Also heartwarming to see members like you taking the time out to make the new folks feel welcome! :sunflower:


When I first joined, I felt the warm welcome from the community. Thank you @tobiaseigen and everyone for your kindness and friendly nature. I believe the new members will also feel the same.


Hello global leaders! Greetings from Honduras. I’m a Program Associate with Global Brigades and last year we started a new Legal Empowerment Program to increase access to justice for rural communities. My passion hobby is being part of Human Rights Connected–we are a team of independent international collaborators working to provide human rights defenders and grassroots activists with practical tools. If anyone has any legal empowerment resources/best practices that are specific to Central America and/or Honduras please pass along. I look forward to sharing, learning and collaborating with everyone. Appreciate the warm welcome.



Welcome new members. I hope we can share idea together to reach the goal of access to justice for all.