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Thank you for make me part of this Global Legal Network!!! Right now I am searching and opportunity to work specially in an international organization that helps the environment specially in my country (Guatemala) or in countries that are growing.

Good Day!


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tobiaseigen Tobias Eigen Namati Staff

June 20 Welcome to the Global Legal Empowerment Network! Your account is now activated. As a member, you are part of a movement for legal empowerment. Together we are working to make justice a reality for the billions who live outside the law.

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I am a paralegal in the states and just recently visited Belize and fell in love and want to use my paralegal skills for issues in that country. Not sure where to start


Welcome, Gineen! Great to see you here. Best thing is always to look for local organizations where you can get involved. I don’t know much about Belize myself but would welcome you sharing what you learn. You can also get acquainted with Namati’s theory of change, which I think you’ll find very inspiring. This TED talk is great to start!


Greetings! I do hope all of you are doing well. I am called Fashingabo Isaac Chocho born in Democratic Republic of Congo but currently living in Kenya. I knew NAMATI through social media and what made me to join you is because I want to learn new ways of helping my community, expanding my networks and make friends. I am a co-founder of Youth Voices of Nairobi as well as still studying( International Relations and Diplomacy)


Currently we are globalizing refugee and marginalized community issues, providing education to students out of school mostly refugees in Kenya (Nairobi), at the moment we are looking for potential donors so that we can reach many children who are not going to school.


Currently working on how to improve rights, voice and access to justice in informal settlements in Ghana.


At Go Wild Films we produce documentaries to give better exposure to the people working for human rights, social justice and environmental solutions. We are looking for inspiring people and stories and looking forward to spread the stories across different online platforms and broadcasters. Love to all


Dear all,

This is Qanbar Ali Zareh From Afghanistan, my background is economic and i have Master degree in the field of rural development from Waseda university of Japan in 2008, i have great working experience project management, monitoring and evaluation,research and report writing with number of national and international organization in Afghanistan, currently working and head of education and training division with Afghanistan Institute for Rural Development(AIRD) Afghanistan Institute for Rural Development (AIRD) as one of the well-known national organization in Afghanistan working in rural areas in different aspects such as Research, Survey, Development Projects, Educational Programs and Identity Legalizing for different groups (men, women, nomads, indigenous, marginalized and minority people ) .

To be specific on working with Nomads, Marginalized and Minority groups, it has been 20 years I am working with these in different capacity and programs, the following are some of the examples of my association with the mentioned considered groups:

· As an refugee myself in Pakistan from 1998 to 2001, I had worked with Aga Khan Education Services- Pakistan as a Social Worker and Teacher, I was directly involved with Afghan refugees in their integration in the society and students to be prepare for the schools and supporting them to get Pakistan’s temporary Identification Cards and documents both from Pakistan Government and UNHCR, as the result of my involvement many students attended the legally schools in Pakistan.

· I used to work with Aga Khan Foundation- Afghanistan, Baghlan Regional office as Monitoring and Evaluation unit head, I was involved in most surveys, assessment and research programs, once I was having Community Development Councils Election in one of the rural villages in Baghlan Province, in the election all groups representatives were needed, but noticed that there is not any representative from Nomads there, I asked the village why? They said that they are not part of the our village as they are Nomads and they don’t have the National Identity Card as well, then I said to the villagers that until these nomads are not present I can’t hold election. Then I went to Nomads to participate, but they didn’t have NID, I facilitated the linkage of Nomads to the Districts office and supported them till they got NID and had a representative in the election of the village.

· Since 2010, I have been working with Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation Development (AIRD/MRRD), I am directly involved in working with building the capacity and legalizing status of marginalized groups such as famers ( who are not legally identified by local and national governments) created legally established Farmers Cooperatives in the villages, marginalized women ( who weren’t part of the Local Councils) advocated and facilitated them to be legally acceptable in villages along with other women, working with minorities to be have self-development and be part of the development process including legal activities and worked with indigenous people in Northern Provinces of Afghanistan linked them with government entities to provide their identity through advocacy and networking.- the other important task is our involvement for re-identification and resettlement of four million retunes from Pakistan and Iran. Afghanistan with the highest number of immigration in the world, since 2001 accepted more than four million returnees in overall the country, AIRD/MRRD was the key organization to identify the returnees villages, communities, arrange their settlement and integration them with their back families and folks, 2010 to 2014 was the peak time for returnees, it was coincide to my joining with MRRD.

for further information kindly let us to know

with best regards


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Hi Tobias, my apologies for the late response, I did not see this message and just jumped in. My response is not confidential. I am Tankiso Motipi from the Kingdom of Lesotho, I’m working for the Government in the Department of National Identity and Civil Registry, so my interest will be more on citizenship rights though all issues on human rights ( esp women and children) are my line of expertise. Thank you!!


Hi Tankiso! It’s a pleasure to meet you. Don’t worry about the delay in responding… I know life gets in the way sometimes of the things we want to do, and it’s never too late to get involved here! I hope you decide to participate regularly. Keep an eye out for the weekly email summary containing topics that you can contribute to, and feel free to share your news and questions with the community.

You can also jump right in and look for topics requiring answers by exploring the forum. Here’s a topic provides guidance on how to find and join discussions:

We do not have many members in Lesotho, so would appreciate your help in spreading the word in your country and pointing likeminded people to or to if they want to email the network helpdesk with any questions before joining. Help us make this the network that serves your interests and that you want to be a part of! :seedling:

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I’m currently thinking about an initiative on how to guide paralegals (barefoot lawyers) how to sensitively probing to know a human rights violation issues. The truth is many paralegals are not doing what ought to be done. We as paralegals must have the urge to search for issues relating what we are fighting for, but it seems like some of us only interested on issues that meet us (the victims asked for help). Thus, I want this network to unanimously give guides to we paralegals on how to yearn to search for those been deprived from their rights, and how to aid them soothingly.


Welcome all! We are excited to get to know you.


Hello from Haiti ! It’s a pleasure to share in this forum. I am especially interested in human rights (food, …). Concerned with a major problem of my country that is agriculture, I move towards higher studies in agricultural sciences with a specialization in Food Science and Technology.


This is the right forum @chocho that suit your objectives of serving your community

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clear directions and I hope he will be active very soon

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