New Member Introductions (15th May 2022 - 18th May 2022)

Welcome new members! :wave:

We are happy to have you join the Legal Empowerment Network. This is a space to connect with fellow practitioners from around the world; keep in touch for solidarity, learning, sharing, and collaboration.

Kindly note that this is also a civilized space, with guidelines, for the purpose of improving the discussions. Please take some time to go through our community guidelines.

This topic brings together new members. Please introduce yourself. Tell us a bit about your work and your expectations for joining the network. You can add a reply using the blue Reply button down below.


Tichanzii Gandanga -SACMA-Zimbabwe

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Thanks so much, Madam Mutanu Kyany’a and the entire Legal Empowerment Network staffs for the acceptance.I’m a Pastor from Assembly Of The Apostles Mission here in Douala Cameroon.I’m a trained Human Rights Defender. Now I’m working online with Amnesty International.I wish to join Legal Empowerment Network to educate and assist those that need legal assistance at the right time with right information to do the right thing to be better citizens in our nation.

Once again,thank you Rev,Dr.Tambe Stanley.


Je suis selom Agbomadji, activiste défenseur des droits des minorités sexuelles. Je suis basé au Togo. Ravi d’avoir joins le groupe

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Lanka Fundamental Rights Organization was established by me and registered as a NGO in Sri Lanka in 2018. I, Dr. E.M.B.Daniel, Founder of this organization take this opportunity of thanking the Legal Empowerment Network staffs for the acceptance of our organization. We the LFRO with members from grassroots level covering every corner of Sri Lanka work to ensure the fundamental rights from womb to tomb of every citizen. We do not take the responsibility to take action against those who have violated human rights, but we make sure that human rights are not violated, The reason for violations being poor or no education, health issues and poverty. We assist them to overcome these issues and the human rights will not be violated if everyone are Healthy, Educated and Wealthy. Thank you.

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Dear Mutanu Kyany(NAMATI),

Thank you for accepting me to join the Legal Empowerment Network to connect with fellow practitioners from around the world.I will keep in touch for solidarity, learning, sharing, and collaboration.

I want to know from you if LEN has any local network in Ghana that meets in-person where I can connect with them.

Bonjour à l’équipe de LEN. Nous vous remercions de notre acceptation en tant que membre et sommes ravis de faire partie de cette communité.

Je m’appelle HOUNSOU JÉSUKON SERGE BRICE, gestionnaire de projet de formation. Je représente L’association APFDC - BENIN. Nous oeuvrons pour la justice au profit des personnes handicapées. Actuellement nous faisons la sensibilisation sur les droits des personnes handicapées. Nous espérons que cette adhésion nous permettra d’acquérir plus d’expérience et d’en partager aussi. Nous espérons aussi avoir plus de partenaires.

Bonjour Madame,

Message bien reçu.


HOUNSOU Jésukon Serge Brice Président du Comité de la Réadaptation à Base Communautaire (RBC) district de Bohicon

Président du CA de APFDC - BENIN

Tél.: +229 95 05 80 58/97 42 44 27 E-mail :

Thank you Mutanu for the warm welcome to the network.

I am a Social Development, Project Management, Accredited Mediator, Researcher, Trainer, Advocacy and Fundraising professional. I am a trained Anthropologist with fourteen (14) years of relevant experience in the non-profit and community development sector. Specific hands-on experience in project cycle management, leadership and human rights programming. Currently, I am the Executive Director of the Kenya Alliance for Rural Empowerment (KARE). I am also the chairperson of the Board of trustees of the Kisumu County Development Trust. Previously I have worked in senior positions at the World Vision Kenya, Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA Kenya) and Gender and Development Centre. I am interested in learning more about human rights, legal justice and in using the law for human rights advancement and protection.

I hope to connect actively with the network members.


Peter Oduk-

Republic of Kenya

Good morning, I joined the group and shared my group details. I’m happy to be in the platform hope to learn and share experiences and challenges. Thank you, Regards Alice Saina ESWA- Director.

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Hi Everyone,

Thank you for the warm welcome. It truly is a pleasure to be a part of this community. I’m a women’s rights lawyer from India. I have experience in litigation, research, advocacy, policy and the development sector. I currently work at iProbono where I am the Senior Program Officer for the South Asia Region. My work now spans human rights issues across Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan. I joined the network to meet like minded lawyers and explore collaborations to boost pro bono work in the broader region. I look forward to connecting with you all.

Warmly, Radhika


Hello, Thank you for accepting me to join the Legal Empowerment Network to connect knowledge, good practice from around the world. I am Siti Bariyah from Manuwani Indonesia as a vulnerable and marginalized women community development to develop community resources to amplify grassroots voices, legal empowerment (high cases of violence against vulnerable and marginalized women) , more participation from the community to social transformation. We need support from all on this network.

Currently, we have initiated a grassroots movement of women sex workers in Jakarta, Indonesia to be part of the woman movements.

I am very happy to be able to connect with everyone here all around in the world through the legal empowerment community.

Through this network I hope to develop a grassroots organization and get input for our strategies.

I look forward to connecting with all of you.

Best regards Siti Bariyah (Odeng)

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Hello to you all!

I hope you are living your best life wherever you are.

I’m Alon Michael and I’m grateful to be a member of this Network and excited to learn more and stay in touch for Legal empowerment, capacity building, Networking as well as partnerships

I’ve been working with Life Change Rukwa Development Organization (LCRDO) based in Rukwa - Tanzania. Our cause fights for child rights, good governance, sustainable agriculture and nutrition, education, women and youth empowerment and social injustice in rural Africa. Although still at our embryonic stage, we stand on a firm foundation and hold the courage and determination to challenge the current status quo.

Your attention to this cause means the world to us.

For peace in our time, Alon Michael LCRDO Email: Whatsapp number: +255757590863


welcome everybody Thank you, Mutano Keanya My name Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Salam (Egypt) Member of the Legal Department of the National Organization for Social Insurance Lawyer at the High Appeals Bar Association in Egypt Lecturer in law subjects at the Higher Institute of Administrative Sciences Interested in legal empowerment and spreading the culture of law

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Thank you I’m Kalenga Mbayo FORCE DE COHESON ASBL coordonator. Democratic Republic of Congo

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Dear Mutanu

I am happy to get your mail where learned a lot about the guide lines of the plateform. Thankyou very much.

As for my introduction, I am Lwaboshi Manegabe Dieudonné. I am the CEO of the organisation nammed FEMME EN ACTION POUR LE PROGRÈS SOCIAL " FAPROS" . I have been working for this organisation since 2012. As far as my experience is concerned, I have been in Humanitarian for more than 8 years. I have been working for to protect and promote women and children’s rights via different projects in éducation, gender based violence, economic empowerment etc.

I and our organisation were motivated to join this plateform so that we can learn more from it, and have access to différent funding opportunities that may contribute to advance our mission and objectives in the DRCongo.

Cordially yours

Lwaboshi Manegabe Dieudonné CEO FAPROS South Kivu


Hello Everyone,

Thank you so much for being part of this group Legal Empowerment Network. Our organization responses the need of the survivors of Gender Based Violence from their legal battle and resiliency, we strengthened partnership with the different stakeholders , Civil Society Organization to do advocacy work in response to the increasing of GBV, facilitated training to empower the women from different level and sectors, we are also a humanitarian responders to disasters it might be a human induced disasters or natural calamities, presently we are facilitating different trainings such as Gender Based Violence Prevention Plan Workshop, Trafficking , Reproductive Rights and Health and Peace and Environment. Being part of Legal Empowerment Network , we really wanted to learn from your experienced as we also willing to share our 31 years experience ( with so many challenges due to restricted funding ) being an organizations who never stop in doing advocacy on Gender Equality . Thank so much . Love reading everyone messages here and great learning from you.

Stay Safe Everyone,

Rizalina G Amesola Chairperson of the Board Ranao Women and Children Resource Center Inc

Bonjour, bien reçu. Je vous remercie d’avoir confirmé mon inscription. Merci cordialement.

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Dear Mutanu and other colleagues members,

Greeting from Vijana Pambana Pata Maendeleo Rukwa (VIPAMARU),

VIPMARU is is Non-governmental organization which registered on 2/12/2011 under the Act of non-governmental organization of 2002 with the registration No**. 16NGO/00005058** in operating their work in Rukwa region and on 30 July 2021 issued new registration under the Act of non-governmental organization of 2002 with the registration No. 00NGO/R1/0025 in operating their works in Tanzania mainland.

VIPAMARU deals with advocating legal frame which deals youth , women and children’s as well providing the legal support to venerable women. VIPAMARU expectation in this networks is to gains skill on undertaking the intervention through gaining the different skill , knowledge and techniques towards undertaking the intervention on addressing the community needs.

Thanks and we are honor to meet with your all, Thanks. Anania Mlalila Executive Director