New Member Introductions (16th June 2022 - 29th June 2022)

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Thank you for the welcome, Ms. Htet~

I have not been a member for 2 days yet but you have already shown how proactive, responsive and kind this community can be. Looking forward to working with all the promising individuals of this rapidly growing community.

Shadman Mizanur Khan, Lawyer, Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association


Welcome, and greetings all!

I appreciate your note, @kshadman, and nice to virtually meet you. Amazing to think the Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association has been a member since 2015!

I see a lot of new members from long-time member organizations, as well as new organizations to our network. I’d love to hear what brought you here, and what you hope to find.


Hola, mi nombre es Helga Corrillo, de la Ciudad de Tarija - Bolivia, soy Ing. Forestal de profesión y soy miembro del Movimiento de Justicia Socioambiental Tarija, una organización de mujeres lideres ambientales, nos conformamos a raíz de la problemática ambiental de la basura en nuestra ciudad y la falta de conciencia ambiental sobre el consumo y el desperdicio de alimentos, gestionamos proyectos que orienten a la población sobre la necesidad de justicia ambiental, formar lideres que conozcan la legislación vigente y como hacer uso de ellas para frenar el deterioro ambiental actual, ya sea por personas particulares, empresas pequeñas, medianas y grandes.


My Name is Ronald Musonda from Kasama northern province of Zambia. Am a pastor in Deliverance church Kasama branch. l am into legal aid community mobilization, sensitization and trainings.As a pastor and community volunteer l work with various communities on issues affecting them that include legal aid, educating communities on matters of law so that the people can make benefit of their rights and make their leaders accountable among other issues affecting the local communities. My expectations are to learn from other members achievements together we can make our world a better place to live in.


Greetings everyone,

People need to be aware of the law’s that protect them l visited a village in Rosa mission in northern province of Zambia and it was very interesting to note that people in that village took the law in their own hands because people are ignorant of the laws. A certain man was arrested by the village leaders locked him up in a room for two days without giving him food and water on the third day they gave him ten strokes on his back with a big stick and set him free. The man was so humiliated that he spent days indoors when I inquired from him what the reason was for him to be treated like that he said that he had been refusing to work at the village project. I mean in this day and age people should be aware of the laws both the village community and its leaders. This is just one example there so many stories like this one l can share…

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That’s really barbaric and those village Head and people who violated the innocent man’s fundamental human rights should be arrested and taken to court to pay compensation for the physical and emotional damage done to a helpless man, so it can serve as a lesson to others who want to tow that same barbaric action

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This is Hajia Alima Sagito-Saeed from Ghana. I am very happy to belong to this community of practice, full of experienced and knowledgeable professionals. My organisation is a women’s right one with emphasis on the economic security for women and girls. Among our interventions is promoting women access and control over productive resources and facilitating women’s legal rights The organization is Savannah Women Integrated Development Agency, Ghana

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