New member introductions (17 May to 30 May, 2018)

Hello and welcome again, new members!

You will find we are friendly and open in this community. This a safe space where you can make new friends from around the world and keep in touch for solidarity, learning, sharing and collaboration.

Here in this topic we bring together new members who joined between 17 and 30 May, 2018 to celebrate your arrival and make it easy for you to introduce yourself to the community and ask your questions.

Please introduce yourself! How did you find us and what prompted you to join? What are you working on right now that you want to share or that you need help with? Just add a reply.

If you have any concerns or feedback, or want to schedule a skype call to get a tour of our online platform, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me directly by messaging @tobiaseigen or by sending an email to

In solidarity,

Tobias Eigen,
Community Manager

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Thank you for these welcoming remarks, it is a pleasure for me to join this network. I am a lawyer from Burundi (Central Africa). I have been working with Minority Rights Group International as a Legal Officer in East and Central Africa since Dec 2016. My experience includes working with paralegal, women and Minority Groups in East and Central Africa on various Legal issues.

I also have an experience working on Strategic Litigation


Hello @dpcandia! Great to see you here. It’s good to have a legal expert from Gambia in the community. In case you have not already done so, I recommend you watch @vivekmaru TED talk explaining legal empowerment as we see and work on it - I think you will find it interesting and illuminating.

We do not have many members yet in Gambia, so would appreciate your help in spreading the word. You can just send your colleagues and friends to to join the network. It’s free.

In case you are wondering, according to our directory there are the two other organizations from Gambia:

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Fabulous! Thank you. Let me know how you get on.

I also suggest you take a look in your messages for a message from @discobot, which is an interactive training just for you on how to use our forum.

FYI, since it is not identified in Tobias’ welcome e-mail, I work with the Essex County Legal Aid Association — based in Newark NJ and serving low-income residents of our local communities with free emergency legal help on the civil law crises that threaten their families’ health and well being. Not surprisingly, 94% of our clients last year needed immediate legal help related to imminent eviction hearings in Landlord-Tenant court.

There are about 40,000 eviction hearings each year in our one New Jersey county. There is no guarantee of free legal representation in civll matters, as there is from Public Defender programs for poor people facing criminal charges.

With current levels of private financial support, ECLAA can help about 1,000 tenants and their families each year.

For the first time in the 10 years I have worked with ECLAA, the eviction crisis is currently getting both national media attention and the attention of at least one prominent local mayor. We are hoping that resources will become available soon, since we believe that raising poor people’s expectations must be backed with the resources to meet those higher expectations by more low-income tenants facing eviction.

End of intro…

I am glad to be part of this group.


Thanks. I’m glad to be part of this team. My name is Mwaka Abdalla. I work with Haki Center as a Community Paralegal Mombasa County. Under a Citizenship Project, our main objective is to help the unregistered Children and those facing obstacles on acquiring the identification documents, and also the project aims to end statelessness in the Country, since without nationality, Community Members will be vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation.


You are very welcome, Bob! Great to have you in our community. The work you are doing is incredibly important and I appreciate it. I hope you decide to log into this forum regularly to update us on your activities, challenges and successes.

FYI, you can add your organization to the directory by editing your profile, and then we will update the new member list above to include it. I hope you don’t mind but I edited your post to remove your signature which interrupts the flow of discussion.

Wonderful. It’s great to see you back in the forum, @Yasminawale! I spent some formative childhood years myself in Kenya so your country has a special place in my heart. Karibu!

With your work on citizenship, I presume and hope you are intending to apply for our upcoming learning exchange on citizenship, taking place in Kenya this fall. Here’s the link to the online application: Learning Exchange Application

Thank you for the welcoming remarks. Good to be part of a great iniative. I am Israr khan , originally from Pakistan, but studying law in UK at the University of Aberdeen. Here in Aberdeen I am a part of different Societies that produce research on the rule of law and justice system in different countries. Whereas back in Pakistan, I am from a small town located on the border of Afghanistan. Over the years, I have realised the importance of rule of law and legal empowerment. I am very much committed to be an agent of positive change in the undermined and marginisled communities. This community provides a great platform for that .


Hi all! I’m from Ukraine. My name is Iryna. For more that a year I’ve managed the project on legal assistance to stateless persons funded by UNHCR. We’re dealing with the issues of statelessness in the outcome of Soviet Union dissolution and state succession as well as the risk of statelessness caused by the war conflict in the east of Ukraine fueled by the Russian Federation. What is more, Roma minority in Ukraine struggles for accessing the documentation procedure due to the discriminatory approach of the state authorities towards them. Hope that the network can serve as a fruitful instrument for exchange of ideas and generation of creative solutions for the situations of statelessness and unlawful deprivation of nationalities. Feel free to inquiry more about the context in Eastern Europe. Finally, nice to get to know all of you here and welcome on board those who’ve just added.


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Hello everyone! It’s good to connect with legal practitioners from various parts of the world! I am a lawyer from Nigeria and as such, a member of the Nigeria Bar Association.I am currently undergoing a graduate study in Cameroon and I hope to make new friends as well as explore opportunities to participate in programmes Of this community. Prior to taking up the scholarship to study in Cameroon,I have worked with the Legal Aid Council and the Ministry of Justice in Nigeria. I am also keen on taking up internship positions if available. Thanks.

I am currently working on a dissertation about Domestic Violence because I am keen on Gender based violence and Human Rights issues. I have a page where I post such issues for awareness.


Dear Tobias,

Thank you for incorporating me into the group.

I will give my contributions.



I am happy to talk to you, Sir, when I knew of you o me in your being a global legal entity. I study law and human rights in Egypt. I am a Sudanese citizeand I am ready to serve you with all you need here in Egypt.

with Sincerely
Ahmed altejani

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Thanks for such a great idea.


welcome :kissing_heart:


I will like to work on Women’s right and citizenship

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I work on peace advocacy and policy analysis for grassroots development

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I’m student I live in Somalia



Thank you very much for your welcome in this Network where I will get to improve my skills and earn much strategies for myself and my organization, where I will aslo share my knowledge with other members.

For now, What I would like to know is , how many people will be invited to participate to this Citizenship Learning exchange in Nairobi?

Thank you.