New Member Introductions (17th - 30th September)

Welcome new members! :wave:

We are glad you are here. This is a space where you can make new friends from around the world and keep in touch for solidarity, learning, sharing, and collaboration. Kindly note that this is also a civilized space, with guidelines, for the purpose of improving the discussions. Please take some time to go through our community guidelines.

Here in this topic, we bring together new members to celebrate your arrival.

Please introduce yourself! How did you find us and what prompted you to join? What are you working on right now that you want to share or that you need help with? Just add a reply using the blue Reply button at the bottom.

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Estimades, bienvenides a la Red de Empoderamiento Jurídico y a la comunidad latinoamericana de la Red!

Comparto algunos links y recursos que creo pueden ser de su interés:

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Hello. My name is Olujere Zion from Nigeria. I heard about this forum when I searched for women rights activists in Nigeria on google; I loved what I saw on this platform , so I joined. I’m a lawyer venturing into human rights advocacy because of the situation of human rights abuse in my country especially from those in power.

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Am Peter from Uganda and currently am an accountant who what to get new friends whom I can discuss with

Peter kibirige.

Finance and Administration Assistant



Hello Everyone! I am a graduate of International Relations from University of Yangon, Myanmar. Honestly, I found this organization from a job announcement for the position of Global Network Associate. I really want to apply for this job so I think I can learn more about the project by joining this platform. I am working on Election News Watch Program with a student club and working for some transcription projects offered by India Company, which is working from Home. I am actively looking for a full-time job that is relevant with my academic background and the job that develops my skills and abilities and should be applied my knowledge and previous experiences.

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Hola, soy Gines del norte de Argentina, donde trabajo en la Fundación Andhes. Llegue a este grupo a través de mi organización, precisamente tras ver un anuncio sobre un curso online sobre abogacía comunitaria. Actualmente trabajo temas sobre violencia policial y políticas de seguridad, aquí llevamos la querella de familiares y victimas de la brutalidad policial en algunos casos estratégicos para poder sugerir cambios en las políticas de seguridad que van contra los estándares internacionales de derechos humanos o criminalizan a la población joven y vulnerable. Saludos


Hi everyone, my name is Ndifuna Rogers, a community Champion, advocate, peer educator in addressing the sexual reproductive health challenges that young adolescents go through, among others.

I’m delighted to be part of this network and I’m looking forward to hear from from you as my new friends.

I’m a Ugandan aged 22, soon making 23. I live in Jinja Rubaga as my home address. Look up for me on Facebook, Ndifuna Rogers.

Thank you!

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Thanks so much!!!

Hi all! I am Emmanuel, Founder & CEO of Rohi Foundation Cameroon. I came across this wonderful network forum in the internet and when I read through the mission statement, it resonated in me that this is a network of people with like minds.

My organization, Rohi Foundation is a registered association in Cameroon with the mission of promoting peace, human rights and humanitarian actions in Cameroon. Since the inception of the violence in the English speaking part of Cameroon since 2016, Rohi Foundation has focused its actions on civilian peacebuilding in the conflict zone. Presently Rohi Foundation is working on extending a project that aims to de-radicalize and reduce youths’ vulnerability to the violence in the English Speaking regions of Cameroon and also equip them to face the educational challenges provoked by the Corona pandemic.

We look forward for your partnership and support.

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Hi @olujerezion @peter @hsuhnineain @Rogers @fuhbang, thanks for introducing yourselves and welcome to the Legal Empowerment Network!

To start, I would encourage you to:

Hello, I am Bilasio Wandera ,a Paralegal officer and Executive Director at Kariobangi Paralegal Network based in Nairobi Kenya. I came a cross this incredible network when I subscribed to the legal empowerment newsletter and later in April 2020 participated in the grassroots community Covid-19 legal challenge, which was subsequently featured in the final new release. We provide legal Aid, Legal Education and monitor and document human Rights violations in promoting access to justice. We provide internship opportunities to university students. I love the wealth of knowledge and positive experiences from across the globe in advocate of human rights based approach in resolving issues.

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Buenos días! Si Sofía Langelotti, tengo 26 años y vivo en Mendoza, Argentina. Soy abogada (independiente) y participo como co-referenta en el área de género y diversidad sexual de Xumek, una ONG local que tiene por misión la promoción y protección de DDHH en la provincia.
Lo último que he estado trabajando, ha sido el acceso a derechos vulnerados en contextos de aislamiento social por Covid-19. Me interesó el curso de empoderamiento porque considero que la abogacía es una herramienta que debe ser revalorizada para el cambio social.


Buen día. Mi nombre es Laura. Soy abogada. Me desempeñé los últimos nueve años en el Servicio Local de Protección de Derechos de niños, niñas y adolescentes de San Martín, Buenos Aires, Argentina, lugar en el que vivo.

Considero que este curso y el intercambio que puede tener lugar, resultaría sumamente enriquecedor para mi formación.

Saludos a todos!!


Hey Isaac M. Supu, an Anti-Corruption Activist and Students in Liberia , West Africa. I am representing the Students Against Corruption (SAC). I heard about this platform when I was searching for ideas and partners in helping to organize our Youth Anti-Corruption and Integrity Conference 2020. The Youth Anti-Corruption and Integrity Conference will be an eventled and organised by Students Against Corruption (SAC) and partner organisations and will bring together concerned Young Liberian Leaders and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) from across the 15 counties with different background and new innovations in the transparency and accountability mechanisms. We are open to Partnership right now for our November 2020 Conference. Thanks

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hello.My name is Sakui Maire from Kenya I heard about this forum through David Arach and his Kenyan colleguees when they were training us on CLA 2016.

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Hola Gines, Soy Josefina de Córdoba, te felicito por tu trabajo! Saludos!!!

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Soy César Eduardo Rodríguez, Abogado de personas migrantes, solicitantes de asilo y refugiadas, me encuentro en Guadalaja, Jalisco, México. Comparto espacio de trabajo en incidencia jurídica, y litigio estratégico con distintas organizaciones de la sociedad civil, en la búsqueda del acceso a la tutela judicial efectiva para la población en cita.

Buscar impactar en las decisiones que, día a día desarrollamos en nuestra labor como defensores y promotores de los derechos humanos, sin duda es el objetivo de este espacio de formación.

Seguimos en pie.


César Rodríguez-

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