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You will find we are friendly and open in this community. This a safe space where you can make new friends from around the world and keep in touch for solidarity, learning, sharing and collaboration.

Here in this topic we bring together new members joining between 19 April and 2 May, 2018, to celebrate your arrival and make it easy for you to introduce yourself to the community and ask your questions.

Please introduce yourself! How did you find us and what prompted you to join? What are you working on right now that you want to share or that you need help with? Just add a reply.

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before starting; I would you explain me please; more about this:

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Hello Carlos! Great to see you here. Nice to have Angola represented in the network - we do not have many members in your country yet, and would appreciate your support in spreading the word.

Have you had a chance to watch @vivekmaru’s TED talk? If not, I suggest you check it out! In it, he explains very well how Namati and the Global Legal Empowerment Network work to put the power of law in people’s hands, making justice a reality.

I am a student in international law and diplomacy and interested in learning more about Namati’s important work around the globe.

I am Head of Pro Bono at DLA Piper, and lead the firm’s pro bono program in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and the UK. My pro bono practice is focused in the areas of access to justice and capacity building. I am looking for opportunities for DLA Piper lawyers to provide pro bono legal support to eligible initiatives around the world.

I am indigenous person in ngrwe-ini village willing land justice of ndirangu kimani indigenous land in ngurwe-ini village in kigumo sub-county muranga county, land number is loc2/kangari/ 458 gitukia neer munyu village.

I am an immigration attorney in San Francisco, California, and I specialize in asylum and deportation defense. My law office represents people from about 75 different countries. We are focused on using technology to increase efficiencies and to bring down the costs of immigration defense because it is generally quite expensive.

I have recently started a nonprofit whose mission is to use mobile technology to empower immigrants as to their legal immigration rights in the US.

I am a human rights lawyer with a background in property and land rights. I am looking to continue to learn and evolve in this sector as well as develop my skills and knowledge.

From my bio:

Joseph gbao Mr. Gbao is a highly motivated and self driven professional with over 9 years of experience in operations management, nonprofit outreach, software development, as well as finance management and human resources in Sierra Leone. Mr. Gbao created CPCSSL as a senior in Fourah Bay college and continues to help, support and advocate for those that are less fortunate. Mr. Gbao’s background is much like the victims he represents. He knows first hand what it means not to know where your next meal would come from nor even if he would live to see the next day. After a drastic shift in his family life, Mr. Gbao alongside his four other siblings left with their mom to their grandparents home. Being forced to live in a small one room flat with 6 other people, Mr. Gbao and his siblings took on odd jobs alongside his mother and siblings to further their education and afford what little livelihood they could. Today he works with world leaders and continues to pay it forward.

Am a young lady with great ambition, am here because I want to be part of making the world a better place by serving the people and helping the oppressed

I hope to contribute to the development of open source tools to increase the capacity of Namati to reach and help more people.

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I am the Executive Director of the Public Legal Information Association of Newfoundland and Labrador, a public legal education non-profit based in St. John’s, NL, Canada. I also currently serve as the Chair of the Newfoundland and Labrador Access to Justice Steering Committee. Prior to these roles, I worked as a Crown Attorney for several years in St. John’s and completed my LL.M. with a focus in International Crime and Justice and the University of Torino in Turin, Italy.

I am a human rights lawyer from the UK. I hold an LL.M. in international law and human rights from Groningen University. I am currently working as a country advisor for the International Senior Lawyers Project in Myanmar. By joining the network, I hope to engage with other people with similar interests and gain access to resources relating to land rights, environmental justice, citizenship issues and advocacy.

I work with a faith based organization registered in Kenya. Our work is to see the safety of girl child is protected against sexual exploitation and bulling violence, In my area where we are in this Langas slums girls are dragged in sex scandal at age 9 yrs and ends up to be sex workers. It saddens when we see the downfall of our next generation dying due to lack of finances to train the parents who are poor and can not talk to their children as they depend on the little coins that their children bring home.

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I am a lawyer who has been representing communities in South India in environmental matters before various Courts for three years now. I look forward to interacting and engaging with other similarly minded legal practitioners and activists from around the world.

Ivan KIBANGOU NGOY est fondateur et Directeur Exécutif de « Global Participe », une organisation non gouvernementale de promotion et développement de la démocratie, qui a une priorité sur la promotion et la protection des droits et libertés des organisations de la société civile en République du Congo. Il est titulaire d’une maîtrise en droit privé de l’université Marien Ngouabi de Brazzaville, en République du Congo. Avec l’appui de plusieurs institutions, dont le bureau local du PNUD (programme des nations unies pour le développement, IFES (international foundation for electoral systems), le Life and peace Institute (LPI) il a créé le CDHD ( Collectif des ong des droits de l’homme et de développement démocratique) et a été le premier dirigeant de cette plate-forme de 2002 à 2005. Il est co-auteur de plusieurs rapports sur la situation des droits de l’homme et a conduit plusieurs missions d’observation d’élections pluralistes avec l’appui du bureau local de Life and peace.

Sou formada em direito e tenho mestrado em Antropologia Social. Atuo no movimento de mulheres desde minha graduação e tenho interesse nos temas de violência contra as mulheres, empoderamento legal e políticas públicas para as mulheres. Atualmente integro o CLADEM Brasil e presto consultoria para a THEMIS Gênero Justiça e Direitos Humanos.

I am Shanaz Muzib, I am working with Socio Economic learning and training alternative reform in Bangladesh ( SELTAR Bangladesh) We exist for poor people, especially for women and children and their interest, SELTAR BANGLADESH is a local Non-Profitable. Non-government organization, initiated by some dedicated social workers of the area in 2001with a view to promote the socio-economic condition of the underprivileged people to area through motivation, education, training, income generating program and saving program.

The organization is registered with the Director of social welfare under the Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Reg. No. Bari-1247 in 2005

I am the director of one of the grassroot organisations operating in Kenya. I am in charge of our advocacy programmes which offer direct support to to the people affected.

I am paralegal member advocating for legal rights be it human or environmental. I have been in the field for the last 10 years and do operate in rural Kenya and urban poor slums. As an organisation I established, we lobby for the rights of all and I am a Good Community mobilizer to ensure people realize their rights.

By joining the network, I will be able to share experiences and replicate Namati programmes, projects and activities in Kenya, targeting those affected and environmentally critical areas that are of interest for biodiversity conservation

Our centre supports girls and women whom we offer support to realize their rights. We need support for our centre and currently we need food supplies, learning and teaching materials and sponsor our girls to higher educational institutions.

Hear from you.

Susan Kanguha


I want to welcome the new members to this platform . Feel free to share with any concern you might have

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