New Member Introductions (19th May 2022 - 1st June 2022)

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We are happy to have you join the Legal Empowerment Network. This is a space to connect with fellow practitioners from around the world; keep in touch for solidarity, learning, sharing, and collaboration.

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This topic brings together new members. Please introduce yourself. Tell us a bit about your work and your expectations for joining the network. You can add a reply using the blue Reply button down below.

Hello all, 
I am Nabila from Yemen, I'm happy to join the Legal Empowerment Network, I hope that we will exchange experiences and knowledge to improve performance in our institutions and to serve the issues we work on and advocate for.

`اكتب الرمز أو الصقه هنا`

Merci au plaisir d’être parmi vous dans cette grande communauté des leaders porte-parole des sans voix.


Orji Stephen, Proactive Gender Inititatives (Nigeria)


Dear Sir

I have failed to respond on the group. IAM Abraham Manguwo an activist who is passionate about protecting the human rights of person’s with disabilities, advocating for policy change, helping children , youth and women who are in conflict with the law.

I have joined the network so that I can learn the best practices of human rights and where possible share experience with fellow advocates.

In addition , I can have access to capacity building training and opportunities for funding which can help me address the hiccupping challenges currently Malawi is facing.

Best Regards Abraham Manguwo Executive Director


I am Geoffrey Salijeni, Executive Director of the Caring for Persons with Disabilities (CAPDI), disability activist and very passionate working with marginalised groups in case of persons with disabilities particularly women and girls. This came in my mind 15 years ago when I saw and realized manifold abuses these people face due to misconceptions communities impose on them. I joined the NGO in 2006 and together with persons with disabilities have managed to lobby and demand for inclusive and accessible programmes/projects in the communities. My overall role work is overseeing all programmes and projects operations of our organisation. Therefore, joining the Legal Empowerment Network, I expect to learn the new approaches with probabilities of addressing human rights violations being faced by marginalised groups of people particularly those with disabilities, also to learn effectiveness of registering positive results attained that will be shared as best practices. Generally to learn on how best to network and coordinate with stakeholders for enhanced synergy in the context of advocating against social exclusion towards achieving inclusive culture for all.


Hi everyone, thanks for joining the introduction and sharing with us your amazing work! Here are some lists of things you might find interesting to do in the forum:

  • Exploring the forum and the discussions that are taking place at the moment.
  • Exploring the Resource Library , where you will find resources about legal empowerment & access to justice.
  • Exploring the Network’s Member Directory and connect with like minded individuals from across the world!

hi im amjad khan from bangalore and im happy to join in this group


Hello all,

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this forum. My name is Ayala and I am a coordinator of a project called the Women Without Status Project at a feminist NGO called Isha L’Isha - Haifa Feminist Center, which is based in Haifa, Israel. The Women Without Status Project assists women with temporary or no legal status and advocates to change laws and promote policies that advance their rights and well-being. You can check out our work at our website: Our main focus on the project is to make sure women who suffer/ed violence will be able to receive police protection, welfare services and access to independent status. In addition we work to promote language accessibility and access to abortions. We also provide the women with language courses, capacity building workshops and one-on-one assistance with accessing rights. I would love to get to know organizations that work in the same field as us so we can learn from each other and perhaps even start a forum that focus on these topics.

Looking forward to get to know you, Ayala


Hi…I am Betty Okero from Kenya working with an organisation called CSO Network based in Western Kenya. I am a new member and look forward to great interactions.


Betty welcome and hope to share ideas of common interest between Kenya and Nigeria over the issues of human rights violations and abuse and what Community Paralegals can do to protect the Urban poor in our communities and societies,


Hola a tod@s! soy Jackeline Borjas de Perú, soy abogada, mi experiencia se enfoca en asesoría sobre derechos de pueblos indígenas a nivel nacional e internacional, participación e incidencia en organismos internacionales, y acompañamiento técnico-legal con organizaciones indígenas. Estoy agradecida de ser parte de la Red y mis expectativas son aprender y compartir experiencias para amplificar las acciones de incidencia a favor de los derechos humanos de los pueblos indígenas. Muchos saludos a tod@s!


Hello Everyone ,

I am Chukwudera Okeke, I work for Concerned Women International Development Initiative Nigeria. I am very happy to join the legal Empowerment Network community. I am passionate in building the capacity of sexual monitories and marginalized group to understand their rights and learn referral pathway for justice. Part of my work include addressing human right violation being faced by sexual minorities and marginalised groups. I hope to learn new approaches in addressing human right violation, network , share lessons learned and learn other opportunities.


Hey my name is Nazir Ahmed from Pakistan I am happy to join your community and society. I want to support my village education system problem that how people scame with our education system. How they Black male the students until they rape them.

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Greetings, I am KOR AONDOUSHAFA EMMANUEL from Nigeria. I work with “Tansian Educational Consultancy”. I am driven by the fact that, education is an essential tool for child and societal growth and yet it has not been given much attention or invested in as much as the role it performs in the society. Through Education Traditional and Religious values are taught, Socialization and Integration can be achieved through it as well, Gender equality and Fundamental Human Rights are very vital parts we can not neglect and are easily learnt in schools. At Tansian Educational Consultancy, we offer free consultation to individuals who are having difficulties on choice of study, business and management, religious and traditional issues and by creating awareness campaigns for general and gender equity, human rights violation and strongly encourages child education and protecting the rights of people living with Disabilities and helping children , youth and women who are in conflict with the law. It is a great pleasure to be here and I’m looking forward to having more enlightening on ways to help out.

Nazir it’s a sad development that girls who are after their education can be treated that way and even raped, I believe Pakistan is a democratic government and it’s based on the rule of law and the constitution of the country. I think those perpetrators should be taken to court and jailed after arresting them, justice must prevail

Hello everyone, sorry for the late introduction. My name is Agnes M Zinga, Executive Director of The Public Legal Education Organization based in Dar es salaam-Tanzania.

Our organization aims to empower our society by increasing people’s skills, confidence and capabilities to better understand the law. We hope to achieve this by bridging the gap that’s between the law and the community it relates to, through providing useful and practical information on how to navigate the law, the justice system and democratic processes that affect the daily lives of law abiding citizens. Ignorance of the law breeds a fear culture where citizens are afraid of the law instead of running towards the law for protection, this phenomenon increases poverty and stunts any social or economic growth. We believe this will increase access to justice, bring about legal awareness, awaken the society to seek for accountability from their representatives and create a rights culture. In consequence we trust that this process will better equip citizens to make informed decisions, protect their liberty and facilitate social change.

Our Vision Improve legal literacy for meaningful social change.

Our Mission Create and maintain a just society through legal education.

Our Core values are; Justice, Love, Integrity, Fairness, and Transparency

Our thematic areas are; Education, Empowering of Communities, Human Rights, Children Safeguarding and Social Protection.

Looking forward to interacting and learning from each and everyone of you. Cheers!!

My name is Stephen Sempande from Uganda. I’m a peacebuilder and development practitioner working for SHED as the Executive Director. SHED is a local organization whose mission is to promote peace through human rights, access to justice and development initiatives. Much of my work involves community legal awareness, Policy advocacy and extending legal aid services to vulnerable communities. I’m passionate about promoting Alternative dispute resolution mechanisms . It’s a pleasure being part of this great forum.

Hon. Abdul-Hameed Oladipupo Alli (Mr. Nigeria), of CHILD WELFARE RIGHTS, Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria

Merit Ominyi

its a good thing to be part of this great platform, i think i am caught up on this cheers to a good life with you all