New member introductions (20 February - 4 March 2020)

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We are glad you are here. This a space where you can make new friends from around the world and keep in touch for solidarity, learning, sharing and collaboration.

Here in this topic we bring together new members to celebrate your arrival.

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Thank you so much for acknowledging my humble presence here and giving me the opportunity to introduce myself and say a few words. My name is Nwokedi Anusiem, 48 years old, educated and a citizen and resident of Nigeria. I got know about this group online. I read about the group and realized that I can partner and use the broup’s reach and framework to do some good as my contribution to equity and freedom.

I am very aware of the situation many inoocent people are going through in my country and my state in particular to get justice and extricate themselves from intimidation from the security forces and government. Many are accosted and bundled into detention just for failure to bribe themselves to freedom. Many are languishing in jails only because they cannot afford legal representation. Many spend years behind bars not even knowing why they are there. Many powerless people have had their genuine properties forcefully taken away from them because they can’t resist. Many kids taken in as maids and house helps are abused brutally and non comes to their rescue. Thousand so such cases abound and I want to be in the thick of getting some sort of justice for the few I can reach. It has always weighed me down seeing such cases and guilty go free and continue to involve in such subjugation.

I would love to partner with this group to help and get some sort of justice or succor to the oppressed in the society and get their slave masters some sort of punishment to serve as a deterent to others. My immediate motivation is to get justice for a friend who has been in detention close to eight years for venturing to develop a piece of land he purchased. He was once rich but lost it after sometime. He decided to develop this particular piece of land but a relative who has good financial clout and who was eyeing the same land , used his connection to accuse him trespassing and since then he has been langusihing in jail as he cannot afford legal representation. This is really wicked.

Wish I can say this more clearly but this is the long and shot of my aim here.

Thank you.


Thanks for your acceptance,My name is eliah msomba,Am 24 years old from dar es salaam tanzania,Am taking bachelor degree of diplomacy and international relations in center for foreign relations University dar es salaam tanzania,I got to know this organization through social network,Am interested to work through It due to my passion and career study arena as humanitarian and peacemaker in international relations,For now on Am studying and I wish to serve through organisation as volunteer in aspects of humanitarian and peacemaker,and to protects others from suffering as human beings.


Hi @Michealanusiem and @eliahmsomba, thanks for introducing yourselves and welcome to the Global Legal Empowerment Network!

As first steps, I would encourage you to:


Thank you so much I real appreciate this opportunity.


Obinna Nwagbara is my name. I am a Nigerian and reside in Nigeria. I came across Namati on the website of U4 Anti-Corruption. What prompted me to join was the opportunity to network with people from different backgrounds to address issues of importance. My concern is on the widespread corruption in my country, which has permeated every sector of the society. Currently, I am working on addressing extortion with on Nigerian roads by law enforcement agents

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Hi @obinnanwagbara, thanks for introducing yourself and welcome to the Global Legal Empowerment Network!

The fight against corruption, as well as the fight for transparency, accountability and citizen participation in public matters are issues that a big part of Network members work on. I would encourage you to visit the Network’s Resource Library, where you can find resources that could help you in your work. You can filter by issue (on the left side), selecting “corruption”, “governance”, “access to information” and other that might be of interest to you.

Hi my name is Jackie from Uganda. I am female 21 years of age. I was inspired by the many young women I see suffering from domestic violence, then cases of injustices I run into everyday world wide made me find the need to join this organization maybe I’ll get a chance to travel n look out for people in need world wide…

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Congratulations Jackie to join this platform, you will achieve your inspiretions no doubt about that. Most domestic violence are due to cultural and traditional norms. The young women have no access to information and protection because they fear violence and abandonment especially your age group. As a result they end up trapped in domestic violent environment. God bless John Masuwa

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Thank you for welcoming me here John masuwa. I deeply believe together we can make a world a better place

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You are right Jackie, the goal of this platform is to change the world a better place. John Masuwa

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Jackie, welcome to the newworld of empowerment

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