New member introductions (22 March to 4 April, 2018)

Hi nice to hear that…,now we are having peaceful protests in twitter by hashtag also that banned we are suffering no law can protect us even our children get abuse and arrested we have child trial we don’t have the rights to get help from any organizations… we are hopeless silently suffering since 60 years support us please

You are very welcome here and we are glad to have you in our community. I’m sorry to hear about the troubles you have had in Kuwait, but want you to know that the global legal empowerment network is an open and welcoming community. We may not be able to help you directly, but at least you can find comfort in knowing you are not alone. You can also connect with people in your region or facing similar challenges who can provide help in the form of strategy and ideas, organizations to look into for deeper support, and perhaps more.

I am happy to join the network to make justice real.

I was admitted to the Guyana Bar in 2005 and have been a legal practitioner for 13 years. My experience and expertise is in the area of Commercial Law, Land Law and Wills & Estates. I have a passion for building a more compassionate legal system that affirms lawyers as healers. I’m particularly interested in the growth of the Integrative Law movement. I have been following the work of Namati as I am interested in learning about the community paralegal programs and resources to create a justice network focused on creating initiatives for affordable access to justice in local communities across Guyana.

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Wonderful! So happy to have you in the community. We do not have many members in Guyana so will be counting on you to inform us about what’s going on in your country, and your perspectives on access to justice.

Feel free to explore, and let me know if you have any questions at all or feedback.

I will explore and send you feedback. Guyana is on the verge of an oil industry so there are environmental concerns. We are also pursuing a Green policy so it’s arising at an interesting time in the economic and social life of the country. The issues of land and land justice is a key issue. I currently teach a course on Land Law for Land Administrators so I’ll be looking around the website for resources I can learn and share with them also.

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I’m bachelor in Social Work. I’ve been working as social activist on Non-profit Organizations on Mozambique. I have experience in Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Policy and Governance. Now we are thinking to take actions on Zambezia, Manica and Nampula Provinces because, they have no Organizations working on this.

I introduced myself in some more detail here, in Portuguese: Introducing new member Cadafi Inrule in Mozambique 🇲🇿

A Sierra Leonean, I am the Monitoring and Evaluation Manager at the Access to Justice Law Centre Sierra Leone. I have been in this organization since 2006 working in different capacities as a paralegal, Coordinator, Project Manager and Programs Manager. In these roles, I have contributed in positively impacting more than 40,000 direct beneficiaries of the project I directly implemented through, community awareness raising, training, provision of legal advice and representation, psychosocial counseling and mediation and advocacy. I am not only serving as an activist but am seen as a member of a lot of families where I successfully mediated and resolved contentious family disputes which promotes wellbeing in the lives of many. I hold a Master’s Degree in International Development from Maynooth University, Dublin, Ireland. Additional Higher Teachers certificate, Diploma in Paralegal Studies and LLB(Hons) which strengthens me to deploy strategies.

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I am managing in Borneo Institute foundation (BIT). BIT concern on research and community development for Dayak Indigenous People in Central kalimantan Indonesia.

I am the Executive Director of the Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction / CALI ( which is a non-profit consortium of 200+ US law schools and paralegal programs. We are the developers of A2J Author which is used by legal aid, law clinics, and courts to automate legal processes and court forms. A2J Author ( is free for people creating Guided Interviews for SRLs (self-representing litigants) for non-profit purposes and access to justice purposes.


I being a law student want that right of suppressed people should prevail and I am also very much devastated by our administrative system of our country which is really a prime concern and is a barrier for the development of our country. I just want to do justice with my profession and endure people with justice, liberty equality and rights just as Mahatama Gandhi did. In my view service of mankind is best profession. To achieve this and to give justice a network is required which I expect it from the Global Legal Empowerment Network and its members.

I joined Kituo cha Sheria - The Centre for Legal Empowerment in 2015 and currently serve as APO in the Research, Communication & Knowledge Management Department. In this role I am part of the team providing support to the core programmes teams at Kituo Cha Sheria.

I am a legal practitioner in Nigeria passionate about the observing the rule of law and attaining justice for a better society. I hope to meet people of like minds on this network so together we can shine our light to the world.

I work on behalf of PILnet: The Global Network for Public Interest Law, an international nonprofit focused on access to justice. PILnet’s pro bono clearinghouses (Global, Hungary, Russia and Hong Kong), broker local and international matters, matching NGO need with private sector legal resources. Matters run across a broad spectrum, from governance and employment contracts, to cross-jurisdictional research and strategic litigation.

I’m a black South African woman and a Judge. I was attracted to the blog by an interesting article on access to justice posted by @peterchapman.

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My true self likes to see beyond borders and citizenship, pride and prejudice and consider just being a friend amongst friends.

My areas of expertise relate to my intimate knowledge of the world banking system, the more accurate definition of the type of system we live in today, and the significance in identifying specifically the type of system our society has been formed up and on cannot be underestimated. For it may explain why the legal system is corrupt and in disrepute and why this network of paralegals is successful and vital for humanity to survive . It also explains why and what I am looking for in joining this network. I wish to contribute and be part of a network to do with the truth - the law and for justice , not only for the people but for the very laws itself. It is my hope that I could have likeminded advocates for Justice as friends too one day.

I am attorney about 4 yours in Turkey. My experise are Criminal law and Commercial Law and I am very good at that. I learnt this community from Ted Talks and I thought that I am also be useful for your community. I want be justice everywhere. I am here to be help to other people.

Author of book “Falhu Alira Muiy” on forced migration and atoll development in the Maldives, my island world. Here is an article about my book.

I am a human rights lawyer registered with the Bar of Rome. My practice focuses on international law and human rights. More specifically, I represent individuals before the European Court of Human Rights and other international human rights bodies, including the UN Human Rights Committee and the Committee Against Torture.

I am an associate at Saccucci & Partners, a law firm based in Rome. In 2017, I obtained a Ph.D. in legal history from the University of Milan. My research focuses on the history of international law and, in particular, on diplomatic protectiond and nationality.

I am a director of the institute of preventive Health a consultancy firm dealing with Reproductive health Rights and capacity building. Our organization is based in Kisumu and builds capacity of people Living with HIV on their social rights and protection.

I’m a hard worker who has been a victim and has fought hard to get justice and I hate to see others being taken advantage of. We’ll be stronger together.