New member introductions (22 March to 4 April, 2018)


(Matteo Zamboni) #23

I am a human rights lawyer registered with the Bar of Rome. My practice focuses on international law and human rights. More specifically, I represent individuals before the European Court of Human Rights and other international human rights bodies, including the UN Human Rights Committee and the Committee Against Torture.

I am an associate at Saccucci & Partners, a law firm based in Rome. In 2017, I obtained a Ph.D. in legal history from the University of Milan. My research focuses on the history of international law and, in particular, on diplomatic protectiond and nationality.

(Martin Opondo Obwar) #25

I am a director of the institute of preventive Health a consultancy firm dealing with Reproductive health Rights and capacity building. Our organization is based in Kisumu and builds capacity of people Living with HIV on their social rights and protection.

(Paul Thomas) #26

I’m a hard worker who has been a victim and has fought hard to get justice and I hate to see others being taken advantage of. We’ll be stronger together.

(Tobias Eigen) #27

Hi Paul! Great to have you in our community. I agree that together we are stronger!

Are you working on any particular projects at the moment that you want to share, or that you need help with?

Feel free to explore the forum and to read topics started by others. I think you’ll find we are a supportive and welcoming community.

(Patricia Talisse) #28

As a social worker, I view education and politics through a social justice lens, and I’m interested to join the group to further human rights and reduce disparities among communities on a local or global level.

(Preetika Nalwa) #29

I am a delhi based lawyer, I graduated law in 2017 with a view to do meaningful work, something that feeds my soul and makes me feel that I did contribute in making the world a better place. I do understand that world is not always fair but I also refuse to to give up on trying to make it fair for people just because it has to be so. I have always wanted to work for organisations that help society in any way and form, I want to live to make a difference, however small or big it may be.

(Rashid Karayu Kalicha) #30

I am a Kenyan environmental activist based in Mandarin county in Kenya.

(Ritika Meena) #31


I am Ritika, I am a law student. I am working on a legal aid program in India. I really wanted to know how you implement your goals. what is the process you are pursuing. how you plan out everything as in your main motive is to let people be their own savior. how are you approaching people. please do reply before 9:00 pm Saturday.

Regards Ritika

(Tobias Eigen) #32

Hi Ritika! Thank your for your reply. I think the quickest way for you to get in the know is to watch a ted talk video by @vivekmaru, founder and ceo of namati.

You can also read about our approach on our website. A good place to start is this page:

And finally, our resources howto guides provide a curated entree into different aspects of legal empowerment work.

After looking at those places, let me know if you still have unanswered questions and I’ll gladly try to answer them.

(Saisruthi Sathyanarayanan) #33

I am a software developer working in Seattle, USA. I want to be an activist in the legal empowerment space. I am self-teaching law and looking to empower people of the same. I want to one day have a great impact in terms of helping people and I couldn’t think of a better way to do it than by legally empowerment.

(Samuel Maruta) #34

I work in the field of peace-building with special focus on capacity building for development and peace in southern Africa. By their nature peace issues interface with human rights and women’s rights which are legal issues. I hope to enhance my legal awareness and savviness when working on peace issues in communities and elsewhere.

(Shadrack Ramoba) #35

I am an activist, father, mediator, paralegal, conferences and workshop facilitator. Worked for more than ten years with the Department of Justice in Johannesburg Magistrates and Protea Court on the south, until I resigned in 2016. I am currently the Founder and Chairperson of the newly established Sekgosese Community Advice Office (SCAO) located in Limpopo, Mopani, Sekgosese.

(Sierra Kraft) #36

Hi everyone, my name is Sierra and I am the Operations Manager at Refugee Solidarity Network (, a nonprofit that works to expand and protect the rights of refugees across the globe by supporting local legal organizations in refugee host countries. I’m excited to be part of this network!

(Tobias Eigen) pinned #37

(Cadafi Inrule) #38

Alo a todos! Sou Cadafi Inrule de Moçambique, activista social trabalhando na área de Monitoria e avaliação de Politicas publicas. Tenho um interesse especial pela componente paralegal e estou atras de parceiros que possam partilhar sua experiencia com a minha organização. A nossa organização precisa realmente de ensinamentos virados a paralegalidade, somos o Centro de Capacitação Comunitária.

(Tobias Eigen) #39

Hello Oliver,

Welcome again to the network! You wrote to us by email. It’s great to hear from you, and we look forward to getting to know you. We prefer to use our community forum to communicate if possible which I am doing now. Do please confirm you received this message and are able to log into the forum.

You wrote:

I’m an Environmental Activist based in Zambia and looking forward to be Namati rep here in Zambia.

Please let me if that works out for me to be the Country Rep here in Zambia.

Thank you.

Dr. Oliver Mupila

We’re not looking for country reps, but appreciate the offer. We may be a global network and have a regional strategy, but have a small team and budget ourselves. We provide the online networking platform, and expect and hope that legal empowerment practitioners, experts and researchers join and participate in the network in their own capacity, on behalf of their own organizations and in support of their own mission.

We hope you decide to spend time regularly in the forum. You will find that being an active, contributing member of the community will serve you and connect what you are doing with the global legal empowerment movement. We are a friendly and supporting community, and we work together and provide mutual support to one another on many levels.

As a member in Zambia, you can help grow the movement by inviting your colleagues and friends in Zambia and in the southern Africa region to join the network and participate in network activities. Membership is free, and works best when your friends are also members and talking with you about shared concerns and interests.

And finally, I recommend you apply for core membership for your organization. Take a look at where you can learn all the details. The application form allows you to tell the network team about your work in greater detail. If approved, you get a :star: next to your name in discussions and in the directory, and streamlined access to learning exchanges and other opportunities through the network.

In solidarity,


(Oliver Mupila) #40

Thank you we are a Community Hub that works with and for the local people to bring Hope, Choice and Change. I will find time to get online , most of the time the system here in rural zambia is down and its hard to get on line .

I am an activits and Community Builder here in Zambia. I am looking forward working to grow the network now and beyond.

Zambia Oliver Mupila

(Tobias Eigen) #41

Hi Oliver! I’d love to hear more from you about your community hub in Zambia and how we might work together in your country. Feel free to start a new topic in the forum to introduce yourself and the Zambian Information Communication Technology Organization in some more detail.

(Oliver Mupila) #42

Thank you , we have issues here with the internet as we are in the rural set up, but we will keep on trying to link up.

(Tobias Eigen) #43

Thanks again for the reply, Oliver! Glad to see you can be in regular contact with us. Please keep us informed on your work, successes and challenges. Do you have a smartphone? If so, you can always log into the forum on your phone to read discussions even when in a remote location.

How likely are you to recommend the Global Legal Empowerment Network?

Thank you. What can we do better?

Thank you. What can be improved?

Fabulous! What do you like most?

Thanks for giving feedback! If you’re reporting a problem, please tell us what you were doing when the problem occurred, what you expected to happen and what actually happened.


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