New Member Introductions (23 August to 5 September, 2018)

Hello and welcome again, new members!

You will find we are friendly and open in this community. This a safe space where you can make new friends from around the world and keep in touch for solidarity, learning, sharing and collaboration.

Here in this topic we bring together new members to celebrate your arrival and make it easy for you to introduce yourself to the community and ask your questions.

Please introduce yourself! How did you find us and what prompted you to join? What are you working on right now that you want to share or that you need help with? Just add a reply.

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Hello Mr. Tobias , In the beginning it is my pleasure to be part of your team ,

I have a bachelor degree in social work from university of Jordan, currently i am studying masters degree of human rights and human development at university of Jordan, Actually currently i am working with Dataflow group , it is a verification services for health sector at golf , we verifying the documents for the doctors and nursing, anyone contracting with ministry of health at golf, to safe the community from any counterfeiting , actually it is not under NGO . My question is, there is any problem to be part of your team inspite of i am not working at NGOs ?!.

Also i wish to work at any humanity organization, but I didn’t find the chance till now . My passion and interest to develop my skills, knowledge and skills, alsom i am intrest in human rights and human development. Thank you Best Regards


Warmest greetings from new member who is just joined. Thank you very much.


I am working on the issues of Human Rights Education, interpreting law to the people and educating people about access to justice. We also assist people to understand the law.


Hello Tobias and Members Its a pleasure for me to join this great forum. I am called Gloria Acayo from Uganda, working with CESCRA. I am a lawyer by profession not practicing, with a passion for advocating for human rights especially women’s rights. I studied my Masters Degree course in Women and Gender studies at Makerere University.

We are passionately advocating for women’s land, Inheritance and property rights, and access to justice using alternative dispute resolutions. We are also actively involved in mobilizing community for the protection of the environment and in partnership with other organizations we are building an eco-feminist women’s movement in Uganda to attain environmental and climate justice.

We are prompted to join the network so as to partner and collaborate with other organization, share experience and best practices, and enhance our capacity. Looking forward to interacting with you all.


Hello, my name is Digna Peter from Tanzania, i find this through internet search and prompted to join to share and learn different issues on human rights and see how together we can make the world better place for everyone. ** right now i’am supporting communities to know their rights and responsibilities as citizens and demand better access to quality social services. I want to share our approaches and impact so far.**


Hello Tobias and everyone!

My name is Felipe and I work as a Legal Assistant at the Labour Prosecution Office in Campinas, Brazil.

My primary role is to assist in the prosecution of working conditions in companies around my hometown and to help promoting better labour relations. We also actively assist in rescuing workers found in slave-like conditions as well as children working under indignant conditions.

I also study Slave Labour and the Judiciary in my Masters Course in Political Science at the State University of Campinas.

I hope to contribute to the discussion in this forum!



Thank you for welcoming me to the Global Legal Empowerment Network.I am so grateful to be part of this global movement. I hope to learn and also contribute the little I can to make the world a better place to line in.

My name is Bomkazi Mhlongo a Project Manager in Flagstaff Paralegal (Advice Centre). In the rural community that we are serving we have observed hi levels of exploitation of women and child abuse. Economic emancipation can largely solve this problem, because most woman stay in abusive relationships because they are solely dependent to the abuser for sustenance, thereby exposing themselves and children to the abuse.

Most of the women that we work with are illiterate, unskilled, unemployed and also dependent on social grants that are handed out by the state to destitute South Africans. The help that we are seeking for, is any help that will see women in the economic space making their own income as opposed the current dependence from social grants and spousal allowances.


Thanks for adding me.

I am in Oslo (NCHR Oslo Law School) right now, finishing my research on ‘Criminalising Justice: The of Law on ‘Ideological Stigmatisation’ for Attacking Human Rights Movement in Indonesia’. This issue is closely related to the works of paralegal, environmental justice and governance’. The background of this case is related to the community protest against gold mining industry in Tumpang Pitu, Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia. If it is done, I would be happy to share this to you all.


Thanks, Mr. Eigen. I appreciate your warm and prompt welcome. No problems so far to request your assistance.:slight_smile:

I have no legal background and free time on hand that I would like to offer for “doing good”. Do look at my brief profile and let me know if and when you see an opportunity for me to contribute.

Once again, thanks and have a great day.

Best wishes,


PAFESKI’s vision is to make the province of South Kivu an entity where women enjoy good health, justice and social, economic well-being and contribute effectively to peace in their communities. In order to achieve its dream, PAFESKI has set itself the task of bringing marginalized women and victims of armed conflicts out of conflict and poverty through technical and financial assistance of quality in eastern DR Congo. We are fighting social Injustice. Some of our Key demain: Education Economic empowerment Land, territory, and natural resources Advocay in poltiical power Institution strengthening Access to public services Violence against women

a. Conduct lobbying and advocacy with the local, provincial and national political and administrative authorities in the DRC,

B. Organize sensitization campaigns for local communities on the respect and protection of human rights and on the acceptance of the marginalized groups, including Albino, Pygmy and physically handicapped women.

C. Creation of a common front for the rights of marginalized and indigenous women (Women Albinos, Physical Disabled Women, Pygmy Women) in the event of abuse and violation of their rights through the establishment of a networking mechanism, A group of women leaders, groups of young girls from all social strata, representatives of the Civil Society Association


Dear Tobias and Dear Members,

My name is M. Sahr Nouwah. I work in Liberia as a Liberian with Welthungerhilfe. I actually signed up as a member of this network after getting a face to face meeting with some colleagues from NAMATI in Sweden last year.

I have joined this community to gain more understanding of the legal issues affecting women and youth as well as rural farmers on their land rights. Liberia is striving to passed a law that will recognize customary land for the first time and that will now recognize the ownership of land by communities and this require legal understanding but again other best practices around the world. As a Head of Project, I want to also establish a legal empowerment structures in my project and work with Liberian Civil Society to establish a model best practice system for concessions in Liberia.

To this end, I need your help, but again, I will also always share my experiences and if I know of something, rest assure, I will share with colleagues.



Hello everyone! My name is Alex Turcan. I am a practicing lawyer from the Republic of Moldova. We are growing a network of lawyers and paralegals (now 200+ members) who are available to assist local communities with local legal Q&A. Online. For free. We are open to share our know how and 4+ yrs of project experience with other countries to start and grow similar local community projects.


Jackson David is a youth activist, an Afro optimist and a social change proponent. He Is also a fellow of the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) Cohort 10 Accra Ghana, and a proud winner of the YALI Spirit special prize award (Cohort 10) 2018. He is also a member of the African ChangeMakers network Cohort 2. He Jackson has worked in different sectors in Liberia and volunteer for local and international NGOs across the country, some including but not limited to, The Liberia National Red Cross Society, The BHP Billiton, The Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa and several others. Currently, he is the program and project director of the Inspire Liberia Project -ILP, where his role is mainly focused on developing programs and activities that support the institution goal which is ensuring Quality Education and Gender Equality for all, irrespective of nationality, gender, race, ethnic origin, color, sexual orientation, physical ability, religion, language, social or economic status. Jackson has an extensive experience as a grass root advocates in the different SDGs focus ranging from Pillar, 4, 5, 8, 10, 11, and 16.

I found this network when I first applied to participate in the Citizenship Learning Exchange Program in Nairobi but was not successful however; I was invited by Marlon, Vivek, Michael, Erin, and the entire team that are supporting the Global Legal Empowerment Network.

Some of the reasons that I am prompted to join this network are to enlarge my professional network and to top on others ideas through those interactive discussions on the platform that could help refine my innovation skills and equip me with more unique ways to scale up my leadership role. I am confident that the global legal empowerment network has some of the best minds of the emerging youth generations, Co-creating with such minds will be a life’s honor.


I am a lawyer of Nepal, working for gender equality and women empowerment through legal aid, public interest litigation, research, campaigns, advocacy, awareness programs etc.

One of my friend who participated this program last had recommended me to apply for this program. I would like to learn the measures for mass awareness for gender equality and women empowerment. I can share my experiences on legal aid, public interest litigation, advocacy campaigns. Right now I am involved in legal reform on women’s citizenship rights, with the parliamentarians, lawyers, civil society, international community and government officials.


happy to be the part of this social work of legal empowerment
I am pursuing PhD on “Groundwater Crisis and its socio-legal study”. I want to know the root level problems regarding groundwater crisis and how those problems result into violation of human rights of the public at large. Through my research, I will definitely try to get some “legal” solutions on such problem which can be implemented for society development.


Hello Tobias,

Greetings from Juba, South Sudan
! I am currently consulting at the Good Governance Capacity Building in Natural Resource Management Project at the Ministry of Environment & Forestry. This is an African Development Bank financed project. The expected overarching outcomes of this project are: (i) Improved natural resource governance with assurance for inclusion and equity in benefit sharing with communities and strengthened institutional capacities, and (ii) improved sector information management for planning and programming.

My primary role is provision of advisory on Forest Resource Inventory & Monitoring. I oversee a sister consultancy on community land ownership and use of forestry resources and impact on communities, in particular women. The study should (i) map the ethnic communities and their relational structure (Clans, Sub-clans & families) and their respective landholders (also known as “Landlords”), (ii) Define community (at Sub-Clan and/or family level) land adjudication, survey and registration process for each category of land (Community, Public, and Individual) (Hint: Survey of community lands to proceed only after conducting and successfully concluding Participatory GIS Process), (iii) Propose an appropriate community land use planning approach of the mapped and registered land units/parcels, (iv) Investigate access to and use of land and forest resources at sub-clan and/or family level using the rights’ based approach, and (v) review the Land Act, Forestry Act/Policy, Agriculture Act/Policy and/or propose any other required Act of Parliament. Note: The study adopts stratified random sampling methodology. The livelihood zones (also known as Agro-Ecological Zones) should be used as strata.

Kind regards,


David WO Oremo

Consultant – Environmental GeoData Analyst

Skype: dwodede | Email:

WhatsApp/IMO: +254722591527

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Hi Tobias Eigen,

Greetings from Vietnam. I hope this response finds you well!

My name is Thai Van Nguyen, and I am a Researcher and Lecturer, Assistant of Scientific Research and International Relations at the Research Center for Rural Development (RCRD) of An Giang University, Vietnam. I hold BSc on Integrated Rural Development at An Giang University, and MSc in International Development Studies at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Australia. My research and projects mainly focus on sociology, demography, human geography, gender empowerment and water governance, rural livelihoods, cultural diversity and ethnicity, climate change and resilience. Mr. Thai has led and participated in several studies during his work at the RCRD of An Giang University. Mr. Thai has extensively been involved in leading research projects on Gender, Environment and Society. Presently, I am a leader in the projects on gender and water management in rural areas of the Vietnamese Mekong Delta.

Thank you so much for welcoming me here.

With best wishes,

Sincerely yours,


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Hi Guys,

Thanks a lot to the Namati team members for sharing the opportunities that is the power of working in community.

For Foyerdenfant+Femme.




Great to see so many new members this week! What a mix represented too with new Namati staff (@alaynachuney!), thematic partners working on land rights (@Fatima, @Lorchips, @remykinna) and citizenship rights (@Joelyt), regional partners from the Philippines (@Ernestoneri, @fmybordey) and South Africa (@Philly, @Mhlongob), international pro bono groups (@AnastasiMiller), close friends (@febionesta- you weren’t a member! :slight_smile: ) and new members from countries that do not yet have a strong presence in our network (@huberto, @Jurate).

Welcome everyone- looking forward to hearing more from all of you!