New Member Introductions (23 August to 5 September, 2018)


(Anastassiya Miller) #22

Thank you for warm welcome here!

Currently, I am a fellow at PILnet. My area of interest is Public Interest Lawyering and Pro Bono. PILnet builds the capacity of public interest lawyers working in NGOs through fellowships, skill-building workshops, resource dissemination and other means. Furthermore, PILnet’s pro bono clearinghouses bridge the gap between lawyers seeking opportunities to provide legal help and those who need it around the world, thus strengthening the ability of civil society to influence laws and policies and assisting marginalized people access justice.

Looking forward for fruitful collaboration!

(Saila Yesmin) #23

Dear Tobias

Thank you so much for welcoming us as new members. I am grateful to be a part of this network.

My name is Saila Yesmin . I am working at Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust(BLAST) in Bangladesh as a Litigation Coordinator. It is a renowned human rights-based organization in Bangladesh, providing legal and protection services to the poor and marginalized people, undertaking advocacy on enactment, reform and amendment of laws/policies, campaign on gender equality and advocate for human right protection of most vulnerable and outreach community. As I am a lawyer and working in a human right organization my main responsibility is to ensuring human rights and protection to the different survivors especially to the victims of gender violence, rape, sexual harassment, sexual minority, etc. I support in outreach community and minority women face gender-based violence with advice, counselling, filing and conducting litigation and sometimes refer them to other organizations.
The executive director of my Organization had recommended me to apply for this program and One of my colleague who participated in this program in 2016. My motivation toward join the network is to gain an insight into the experiences of other countries on legal empowerment, study the various tools and techniques and the process of documentation of litigation, and demonstration evidence of policy initiatives to build a national human right framework.

Thanks Saila

(Bernard ThankGod) #24

Hello Tobias. Thanks for such a great work you are doing. My name is Bernard ThankGod a senior administrative Officer with one of the local government in Nigeria. There exist frequent community disputes on land. We proffer solutions at our level and we need more practical ideas to do that. On this I strive to pursue.

(Nicky (Onike) Spencer-Coker) #25

What am I working on currently: As part of gender justice and access to justice for women and girls, a group of female lawyers which includes myself is advocating for an amendment to Sierra Leone’s Anti-Corruption Act to include a " sextortion" section. Specifically to address the scourge of those entrusted with power abusing their power by extorting sexual favours from young women and girls “in exchange for something within their authority to grant or withhold”…paralegals at walk in clinic had recorded quite a few complaints from young women particularly at the University. The University system has started addressing the issue by first acknowledging it and then setting up robust disciplinary committees. We acknowledge that the problem is wider than the universities and more damaging.

(Tobias Eigen) #26

Received by email from @yahyakane :senegal:

Bonjour à tous les membres du réseau. Je suis Yahya Kane, docteur en droit foncier au Sénégal. J’ai été très pris dans un programme de de gestion transparente des deniers publics et de reddition des comptes. Je rejoins le réseau avec un grand plaisir.

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(Tobias Eigen) #27

Received from @Adakeyat :cameroon:

Bonjour, merci pour ces intéressants appel à projets. Je reviens vers vous le plus tôt possible car je voudrais postuler. J’aurais besoin de vos conseils. Merci

(Malvika Sharma) #28

I specialize in Sociology of Borderlands Studies. Also interested in Women and borders. Open to any discussion that arouses my interest. Looking forward to some of them here. Thanks!

(Yogesh Sharma) #29

Greetings from Human Rights Sanrakshan Sansthaa

We at the Human Rights Sanrakshan Sansthaa is a committed and dedicated group and strive to work towards ensuring the Human Rights of common man we are also proud to have earned Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council since 2016

(Ricky Joseph) #30

Thanks alot.

Im new and am willing to learn from the team and believe we can drive our ambitions forward


I feel very glad to be welcomed in this huge family of legal experts.Thanks very much indeed!

(Ishola Moriamo oyindamola) #32

My name is Ishola Moriamo Oyindamola, I found u through the internet, my love for humanity, sense of humor, Im working on right to justices, on sexual harassment, sexual assault, Child Abuse, child care and support, human right, sexual molestation

(Febi Yonesta) #33

Dear all,

It’s been a pleasure to join the network and hopefully could learn and enrich my knowledge from you all.

Best wishes,


(Samantha Chong) #34

Hi guys! Samantha Chong from Malaysia. I am a lawyer that is working on health based drug policy reform and abolishment of death penalty.

(Michael Otto) #35

It’s good to see you here at long last, @SamanthaCh! :wink:

Can you believe that it is nearly a year since you, @febionesta, and many others were in Kuala Lumpur for the Asia Pro Bono Conference?? @marlonmanuel is organizing another legal empowerment event at this year’s conference in Hong Kong, will you both be going?

(Samantha Chong) #36

Hi @michaelotto, almost 1 year ! hahah… Yes here at last. I am going to start a NGO that focuses on drug policy reform in Malaysia. Due to financial restraint, i would’t been able to attend this year’s APBC. but looking forward to find out more about @marlonmanuel’s legal empowerment event . Because we are rolling out paralegal workshop for community working with key populations in Malaysia . hope to catch up with all of you soon =)))

(Marlon Manuel) #37

Hi Samantha!

Great to see you here! And delighted to know that you are now working on drug policy reform.

(Borges Beatriz) #38

Hi! My name is Beatriz Borges but everybody call me Bibi. I am from Venezuela. I am international human rights lawyer with advocacy and litigation experience before UN Bodies and the Inter-American human rights system.In 2013, I founded the Centro de Justicia y Paz (Justice and Peace Center or CEPAZ) works to promote democracy, human rights and peace. CEPAZ works with grassroots groups to accompany their efforts and demand increased judicial accountability. In collaboration with traditional human rights groups, journalists, students and other activists, CEPAZ articulates and raises voices in the national and international arena to denounce human rights violations and demand respect for international norms and standards. I feel happy to be here!

(Febi Yonesta) #39

Hi Mica and Samantha,

I guess i will be attending the pro bono conference in Hong Kong since Marlon want me to speak about legal empowerment in one of the session.

If you will also be there, you can find me in any smoking spot available. :blush:


(Nominsuren Munkhuu) #40

Hello all,

Excited to e-meet you all and looking forward to share and learn from each and everyone of you. My name is Nominsuren Munkhuu but please call me Nomi. I got my master’s degree in social work with social and economic development concentration. I’ve worked in the rule of law field implementing anti-corruption and Internet freedom programs in Southeast Asia. What prompted me to sign up for this network is my work with Lantuun Dohio, a nonprofit organization that fights to eradicate human trafficking and protect children from violence, neglect, abuse and exploitation in Mongolia and around the world. Please visit our website at [] and feel free to connect me if you want to learn more about our program or share your experience working in child protection services and anti-human trafficking programs.


I am working on childrens right to education as part of the SDGs we are catering to the street children of manila, those living in unsanitary and vice prone areas,and the mangyan children of mindoro

if I was accepted on the Legal Empowerment Course in Budapest, we could have help more children in the far flung areas here in philippines, where children were subject to abuse and child trafficking

I am hoping that you could help us in this endeavour

Best regards prof Ana Maria A Bacudio Childrens rights advocate

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