New Member Introductions (23rd February 2023 - 8th March 2023)

Welcome new members! :wave:

We are happy to have you join the Legal Empowerment Network. This is a space to connect with fellow practitioners from around the world; keep in touch for solidarity, learning, sharing, and collaboration.

Kindly note that this is also a civilized space, with guidelines, for the purpose of improving the discussions. Please take some time to go through our community guidelines.

This topic brings together new members. Please introduce yourself. Tell us a bit about your work and your expectations for joining the network. You can add a reply using the blue Reply button down below.


Also, Happy International Women’s Day! How did you celebrate this day, let us know.

my name is Lamin Aron Kamara I’m a paralegal officer with five years working experiences. attached with Lady Ellen Women’s Aid foundation. (LEWAF-SL) in Sierra Leone and im married with two kids.


Thank you so much for accepting my invitation to join this group, I am really honored.

Regards Sebit James Amedeyo


i was invited to participate in an organize community women show on the day of the international women’s day. the women display some customs practice on how they were before to their husband.

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Thank you. It is nice being here. Cheers!


Hi @LaminAronKamara @SebitJamesAmedeyo and @EmmanuelBida thank you very much for joining the introduction! That’s an interesting activity to celebrate the women’s day.

Here is a list of things you might find interesting to do as you start engaging in the forum:

  • Exploring the forum and the discussions that are taking place at the moment.
  • Exploring the Resource Library, where you will find resources about legal empowerment & access to justice.
  • Exploring the Network’s Member Directory and connect with like minded individuals from across the world


My name is Franka Egbe a Cameroonian currently studying an Advanced master’s in governance and development at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. I am a seasonal humanitarian worker with an interest in children’s and women’s rights, community justice, and Land rights. I joined this network because I want to build up my skills as a paralegal to;

  • give an opportunity and protection to the poor and vulnerable people
  • protect poor people from injustice such as wrong eviction, exploitation, and extortion of lands. I also intend to undertake the 101 legal empowerment course to acquire more knowledge needed for a humanitarian worker and paralegal.


Best Regards



Greetings! from Kenya,

I am happy to join the great team :innocent:

I am Pascalia, working for Horn of Africa Institute as a Program Coordinator. We work to empower and facilitate initiatives that enhance pastoralist women participation in socio-economic and political development in Horn and Eastern Africa.

I believe and hoping to learn new strategies and share great ideas with fellow members.

Thank you.


Hi @FrankaEgbe and @Pascalia it’s wonderful to have you join the network! Learning, community building, and collective actions are our important network goals, we encourage you to read what we have been doing in Africa to grow justice movement in 2022 here and visit our Learning Agenda page which is a knowledge hub where you can find learnings across the field of legal empowerment and how we are generating new solutions to existing challenges.

Hi i am happy to join this great team, i have researched for it for some time, i finally got it.

i hope to learn new strategies and also share my ideas with fellow members. cheers to all


Thanks @MERITOMINYI and everyone for joining the network! Our network members from Eastern Europe and Central Asia are holding two discussion sessions as a part of their final Regional Partnership event. If you are interested, you can check it out and join here!

It is amazing to be part of this forum, Welcome all new members


I’m pleased to join this noble communities.


Thank you friends for sharing details of the community members.

With regards,

Shaheen Yousaf


Hello Sir

Thanks for acknowledging my participation, and i am looking forward to interact with you


Draft Paper on Magistrate Amendment 3.pdf (404 KB)


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