New member introductions (25 January to 7 February, 2018)

Hello and welcome again to the Global Legal Empowerment Network!

I am so glad you are here. You will find we are friendly and open in this community. I and my colleagues on the @namati_network team hope you decide to make yourself at home here and consider this a safe space where you can make new friends from around the world and keep in touch for solidarity, learning, sharing and collaboration.

Please introduce yourself! How did you find us and what prompted you to join? What are you working on right now that you want to share or that you need help with? Just add a reply to introduce yourself to everyone in our community.

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Wow! The trend continues and many people decided to join the network in the last two weeks - take a look at the full list below. :eyes: New members come from all over the world and are working on legal empowerment from many angles. I’d like to especially welcome the new members joining as part of the Environmental Justice learning exchange @exchange_2018sierraleone kicking off in Sierra Leone next week. I also see new staff coming online from @namati_sierraleone and @namati_mozambique - you are welcome!

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I am not the member of any organisation. I want to join the network of Namati.


Hello Amit! Thank you for your reply. We are glad you have joined the network and hope you decide to spend time regularly in the forum. Take a look at this topic and see all the wonderful people like you who have joined in the last two weeks, and feel free to say add a reply to say hello!

Hello. Currently, I’m not working on anything and I don’t belong to any organization. I’m just fifteen, and still in high school, but I’m very passionate about legal empowerment, especially in the country where I’m from, Nigeria. I was hoping you could suggest ways I could contribute to the legal empowerment movement in my hometown: Hagerstown, Maryland. Thank you.


Hi Patience! It’s great to meet you. Welcome to our community! It’s great you are here and I hope you decide to hang out with us here regularly. There’s alot you can do to help move conversations along and to encourage other members, while learning about legal empowerment and how people are grappling with it.

We have some great Nigerian members! Here’s a topic started by @fatimaadamu that you might look in on to say hello. She shares another amazing TED talk by a Kenyan paralegal named @mustafa_mahmoud who is an inspiration.

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Thank you sincerely Mr. Tobias for your very warm words of welcome. I do promise to be active always and in all ways. Thanks My passion is the environment

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Thank you for the kind reply. I am so glad to meet you and am glad you are here. I hope you decide to spend time regularly here on the forum.

With your interest in the environment, you may already know about this webinar we are hosting soon. We would love to have you join us to celebrate and discuss the new guide.

We are non profit a humans rights organization called Foyerdenfant+Femme established in Eastern part of the democratic Republic of Congo , in Uvira territory, South-kivu province.

So, we are promoting and defending the women rights in rural area.

However, we have a bit more challenge like the capacities building and financial support to keep achieving our goals. Our country had kwon both war in 1996 and 1998 and until now there are more armed group militia are operating in eastern part. So the violations of Humans Rights( sexual violence against women still upsizing day to day ) and the population is not educated about theirs rights in rural area.

We did achieve some project but, the challenge still more to raise. Together We can

Executive director

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We submitted a Grassroots Justice Prize application form to Namati in November 2017. So, We would like to know if they have already sent out the prize winner or the result . We are looking forward to hear from you soon.

With Regards.

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Thank you for the reply. It’s great to learn more about your organization and the work you are doing in eastern DRC. It is important and valued. I hope you decide to visit here often - you will find we are a helpful and friendly community!

The justice prize applications are still under review and the winners will be announced soon - please bear with us!

FYI you can write in French - there is an automatic translation feature as well so you can translate posts into French from other languages. Je comprend le francais aussi. :slight_smile:

Bonjour Tobias

Merci pour votre message et conseil ,nous resterons toujours en contact avec Global Legal Empowerment Network pour qu’elle nous accompagne à relever les défis , enfin de promouvoir les droits humains en général et ceux des femmes en particulier A l’Est du Congo.


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Wonderful. We are so glad you are here, and look forward to accompanying you through your challenges as you promote human rights in the east of congo.

We have several members in DRC, by the way, who you may already know. @jpttony is a core member and has attended a learning exchange, so I have met him personally. He’s friendly and generous with his advice, so feel free to contact him if you want to connect with someone locally to get help with navigating the forum and other network resources.

Here are some topics you may want to look at and respond to, to say hello to them and express your solidarity.

Hi Tobias

Thanks a lot for the connecting with we will be in touch as soon as possible.


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That’s great. Thanks for the reply. I also enjoyed reading your reply to @claudiakasongo - I hope we can encourage her to come back to update us on her great work, and you can let us know how you learned from DFJ. It’s great to have a growing community in eastern congo connecting here to learn from one another, show solidarity and mutual support, and potentially also find ways to collaborate to improve your work.


I joined this group after listening to a TedTalk about it. I was very intrigued. However, I am not really sure what this group consists of. I would like more information. Also, do you guys have meetings or just work individually? I am not sure how to make a difference and dig right in into issues that I care about.


Hi Jesica! Thanks for the reply. I’m glad to hear that you were inspired to join after hearing one of our TED talks. I’m curious - which one was it - the one by @vivekmaru (in Arusha) or @mustafa_mahmoud (TEDxEuston). I think they are both great so be sure to watch both! :tv:

We are a global network of people and organizations seeking to advance justice. Many of us are working individually in our communities, but we also collaborate on things like the Justice for All global campaign that is just kicking off. We also come together to learn from one another and to provide solidarity and mutual support here on the forum, at webinars, at learning exchanges and other network events. We also share publications in a comprehensive online resource library.

Probably the best way to get started as a new member is to block out some time each week to read discussions. That way you can get to know us (we’re a welcoming and friendly bunch!) and also find out about things to get involved in, and conversations on topics you know something about and can contribute to. FORUM FRIDAY is a great day for it, because many members log in then, but you can come anytime that is convenient.

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I have not job my friend

Hello Elvis,

Thank you for your reply. I am glad you started a topic about women and government jobs - that’s a very interesting and important topic, and I am sure that over time it will be noticed by others who will have ideas to contribute. You may want to ask a few friends to join the network and join you in that and other conversations.

As regards job, you may already be doing this but I suggest you create a solid online profile for yourself using sites like used by recruiters and companies looking for good employees. I also suggest you build up a reputation for yourself in our community. If you become known as a helpful and active contributor here, legal empowerment organizations may just look to you when they need help with a project.

Maybe your colleagues in eastern DRC have more suggestions as well. @jpttony do you have suggestions?

In solidarity,


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Hello Tobias, My name is David Ayariga from Ghana. I have a background in Land Economy from Ghana but currently pursuing my Masters in Land Management and Land Tenure at the Technical University of Munich. I have worked in different areas ranging from property valuation to community land governance and poverty reduction research. I have research interests in protecting women land rights, women land and corruption as well as pastoral land rights and Namati seems to have a track record in these areas. I look forward to tapping the experience garnered from your work. Best Wishes David


Hello David! Thank you for the thoughtful reply. I really appreciate it, and am glad to meet you. Your interest areas intersect with many members, and you are right that Namati is deeply invested in land rights. If you have not already I suggest you take a close look at the handbook below, produced by @namati_clp and our partners. It’s a comprehensive and valuable resource for anyone looking at Community Land Protection.

In addition, you can hang out in the #land category on the forum, where you will find topics you can contribute to and learn from.

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