New member introductions (25 January to 7 February, 2018)

sir my mother is widow and lives with my brother who does not lookafter her properly this is the condition almost all old age widows who do not raise any voice against this i want to empower them with you


Hello Ritikia! You are welcome to our community. I’m sorry to hear about the circumstances of your mother but inspired that you are looking for opportunities to empower old age widows like your mother. You will find likeminded people here who share your vision and will be happy to talk to you.

For example, this recent topic by @Gus:

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thanks tobias l am working on becoming an active participant of this platform, it is great news that we have people like you who are there to empower the disadvanaged. it is my fervent hope that with your assistance my efforts will be of great help to those mostly in need it is also my strongest belief that we are responsible for the world we live in today hence imbalances and fractures in any aspect of the society must be redressed.

l am in zimbabwe, a final year law student at the university of zimbabwe, when l graduate this september l hope to further my career by pursueing an LLM in international trade and business law. l have been fortunate enough to make it this far as l am also disabled and through studying through a scholarship. l want to make this world a better place one way or the other please guide me


Hi Jerry! Thanks for the reply. I’m glad to have you in the community, and am inspired by you as a disabled person yourself working your way through law school so you can be of service to those most in need. Amazing!

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Hello Tobias and the Global Legal Empowerment Network community,

I am just in the process of forming the non-profit, From the Heart Legal Aid, but the community is already coming up with where we need to focus our energy. Our first project will be addressing domestic violence and missing and murdered woman by providing free legal services to woman and families of woman from the Hoopa tribe in Northern California. Stay tuned for more!


Hello Shannon! Thank you for your reply. It’s a pleasure to welcome you to our community and we look forward to learning more about your work serving the Hoopa tribe.

Take a look at this topic where a group of network members interested in women’s rights @WomensRights are working on a resource guide on the subject. Perhaps you’d like to get involved there!

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Hi, I’m very delighted to join this wonderful community! We are working on developing a paralegal syllabus which will be used in our tertiary schools this is been done in conjunction with the ministry of justice and the European Union through giz!


Hi Ellis! Thanks for your reply to introduce yourself. I am so glad to get to know you and hope you decide to visit often to say hello to your fellow members. You’ll find we’re a friendly and supportive crowd here. :sunny:

Can you tell us some more about your project to develop a paralegal syllabus for tertiary schools? What is the problem you are seeking to solve, and what challenges are you facing? When will you be finished and how will it be rolled out to tertiary schools? Will the final product be made available online? If so, we’d love to upload it to the network resource library for the benefit of all network members.

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Hello there¡

My name is Jorge Andrés Mojica Ardila, in working in a project to empower young boys and girls about human trafficking in Santander, Colombia. Hope you guys tell me if you’re currently working on something similar or done it in the past.

Best wishes for this year.


i want to empower senior citizen who are not treated well by their family members

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Hey I am in now. I am fully dedicated to work with all my peers here and learn a lot from this platform. Thanks.


Hello Frederic! Great to see you here to represent Ivory Coast! :cote_divoire:

Take a look at the global justice campaign just kicking off now:

Welcome to all our new members! I’d like to respond quickly to some of your fascinating posts.

Hi @ayarigadavid, what luck! We have an upcoming webinar series on women’s rights and legal empowerment lined up. It fits your interests perfectly. The next one, on February 14, will be of particular interest. It’s called “Women and Land Rights” and will examine effective strategies for combating trends toward diminishing women’s land rights within communities. Our colleague Rachael Knight will be moderating. Going forward, please continue to check out our gender category for more postings about upcoming webinars relating to women and land.

@advocatepokoteke , I encourage you to volunteer with legal empowerment groups in your area, or at least set up some informational interviews with lawyers in the field, and consider whether you might be fulfilled by a career in legal empowerment. In this report you can read about the experiences of recent law graduates in Cameroon who were paired with NGOs working with communities - there is an interesting table near the end showing their long-term professional progression. There are many grassroots justice organizations in Zimbabwe you can explore… a good place to start might be Legal Resources Foundation. Tell @Lucimasu we said hello!

@Ellis, that is fascinating! You might be interested in exploring how paralegal diploma programs in other countries have developed their curricula. The program at Sierra Leone’s Makeni University relies heavily on clinical experience, to great results; I highly recommend that you consider having a clinical component to your curriculum - nothing prepares a student for legal empowerment work better than working directly with a community. In terms of a syllabus, I suggest you take a look at tutorials and reading list assembled by Prof. Steven Golub for our network, available here:

Hola @jorgejrmojica, le presento a mi colega @lucianabercovich. Luciana le puede conectar a otros miembros quienes trabajan con la trata de personas in latinoamerica. Estamos en el proceso de desarollar una agenda regional para organizaciones latinamericanos trabajando con empoderamiento legal…uno de los ejes principales de esa agenda sería migración y trabajo, que está íntimamente vinculada a la trata de jovenes. Que nos mantengamos en contacto - ¡Va a haber muchas oportunidades para colaboración!

@patsie13m , one of the best ways to get involved in legal empowerment at home is to help your peers to understand and engage in the democratic process. Only through active citizenship can we truly know, use, and shape the laws that govern our lives. Look for opportunities to get involved in local government, or encourage your friends to engage in local activism around issues that are important to you.

@Mashango, let us know if there are specific areas in which you would like to build your capacity. Our resource library has many tools to help build a variety of skills. One example is this French-language manual for people who work directly with survivors of gender-based violence:

Hi @jesicayvete, different members of our network interact in different ways. Some of us meet and speak virtually, either on this discussion forum or in webinars like this one. Some come together to advocate for common causes, as our latin american groups have done here, or members across the world in our upcoming global campaign. Then there are a number of in-person learning opportunities. A number of us are currently on our way to a learning exchange in Sierra Leone, for instance, where we will learn from each other about our respective work using legal empowerment methods to secure environmental justice for communities imperiled by unregulated industries and land grabs. Feel free to ask any questions as you explore and find something that’s the right fit for you!

@anon34832201, that’s very exciting to hear! It seems like just yesterday we were a startup like you, brainstorming with communities about how to bring the power of the law into people’s hands. You might find resources on handling domestic violence cases in our library helpful as you develop your programs. Or check out our resource guide on developing a community paralegal program an interesting read. I also recommend you get in touch with other young organizations that have recently gone through these early stages of growth - there’s lots to be learned from an institutional perspective.

Welcome again to all our new members!


Hi, Abigail Moy. Thankyou for the resources and the link sent to us.




I am Palak from India. I am a law graduate and currently preparing to join the coveted civil services of India. In the past I have worked in the area of public policy research and skill development sector. I however look for any good opportunity to work in the area of legal aid and justice.

Warm welcome to all these new members! We are thrilled to have you in our community.