New member introductions (27 September to 10 October, 2018)

Hello and welcome again, new members!

You will find we are friendly and open in this community. This a safe space where you can make new friends from around the world and keep in touch for solidarity, learning, sharing and collaboration.

Here in this topic we bring together new members to celebrate your arrival and make it easy for you to introduce yourself to the community and ask your questions.

Please introduce yourself! How did you find us and what prompted you to join? What are you working on right now that you want to share or that you need help with? Just add a reply.

If you have any concerns or feedback, or want to schedule a skype call to get a tour of our online platform, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me directly by messaging @tobiaseigen or by sending an email to

In solidarity,

Tobias Eigen,
Community Manager

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Select the name starting with @ to see a popup with more details. Mention them in your reply, and they will be notified by email. I will add to this list as new members join.

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Thank you for a warm welcome. Hope I can do more empowering works through this networking

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Hello all! I’m new to the Namati staff in Washington, DC, specializing in operations and human resources sorts of work. Looking forward to learning more about all the incredible work y’all do!


Currently working on “National Green Tribunal, India” cases. Will get back to you very soon!


On Wed, Oct 3, 2018 at 1:06 PM tobiaseigen wrote:

Tobias Eigen Namati Staff

    October 3

Welcome to the Global Legal Empowerment Network! Your account is now activated. As a member, you are part of a movement for legal empowerment. Together we are working to make justice a reality for the billions who live outside the law.

My name is Tobias Eigen and I am the community builder for the network. I am here to accompany you as you log in for the first time, set up your network profile for yourself and your organization, and start participating in network activities including community discussions, downloading resources and applying for learning opportunities.

Reply with any questions, concerns or feedback – or to let me know what you are working on or need help with. I’ll do my best to help out as quickly as I can.

Or, if you prefer to jump right in, check out the top topics in community discussions.

Important: please let me know if your reply is confidential. Otherwise I may share your message in the forum where other members and website visitors will see it.

P.S. A note about languages. Our forum works well in Spanish, French and more languages besides English. To take advantage, edit your profile to choose your preferred language. Then you will see the forum in your language and a translate button below posts so you can read and participate in your language. Our main site is still only English. Contact us for help logging in and editing your profile.

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Hi Tobias,

I’m happy to have found such a network, and I’m looking forward to using this platfrom from now on.

I have described what I do and what I’m looking for by joining Namati in my Bio. Fell free to share it!

"I’m a PhD student doing research on Women’s Environmental Justice Movements, focusing on community para-legal training as a vector of change. My fields of interest in this research are socialist ecofeminism/transformative feminism, and the study of social movements’ strategies specifically focused on women in the global South.

Having experience both in the academic context and rural development practice, one of my purposes is to co-produce knowledge with local communities and practitioners through a collaborative learning process, where each knowledge is valued and respected at an equal footing. Therefore, I’m planning to use a participatory action approach in my research, and I’m currently looking for organisations or movements interested in a collaboration.

If anybody is interested in such collaboration, don’t hesitate to contact me for more information about my research, myself, and what I envision. I’ll be happy to know about your organisation and how I can support your work."

Thank you and wishing you all the best! Jihad

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Hi Tobias,

Thank you for the welcoming remarks. I look forward to being part of this group.

Regards, Lillian Mwendwa KENYA

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greetings my name is mamotjoka Fanana and i am doing a thesis on awareness, empowerment and access to justice for gender based violence survivors. the case of legal aid in my country. i am looking for credible resources or literature on about Legal aid as a concept and access to justice globally and regionally

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Thank you for welcoming me Tobias. I am elated this join this movement. I will engage you for assistance as the need arises. My reply is confidential.

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I am preparing for a workshop in my University to mark the 2018 International day of disability. The aim of the workshop is to sensitize the university community on disabilities issues as it affect students with disabilities in our university.

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Hello! Welcome again, new arrivals. :seedling: We are so glad you are here. 38 people joined this network in the last two weeks - take a look at the list above to get to know them! Do reply here to introduce yourself and to let fellow members know what you can contribute and seek to get out of being part of this community. If you have any questions or feedback about how our forum works and how to set up your profile, let me know.

I’m looking forward to meeting face to face with members in Nairobi next week at our first ever local meet and greet event! Do hope you can make it, @AhmedMohamed @jameswookey @LiMwendwa @omengo10 @SteveChuks!

@jyagoubi: as you pursue your PhD on Women’s Environmental Justice Movements, do keep us posted and ask questions in the forum! There are many colleagues at Namati (@namati_ej) and in the network (#environment #women) who will be happy to discuss it with you and share research. If you come across publications that should be in the resource library, let us and especially @michaelotto know! (maybe we can meet up next time I come to Berlin - I typically visit every July to spend some quality time with my father @peigen)

Thank you for the warm welcome in the network @tobiaseigen I am browsing through the existing discussions, and I will for sure start a new one as I have many questions and issues to raise with @cpr_team #women. I will be very happy to meet you in Berlin, and perhaps other members who might be interested in a meetup.

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You are welcome! It’s a pleasure to meet you. I look forward to learning more about your research through your participation here in the forum. I haven’t investigated to find out how many members there are in Berlin - but certainly it would be interesting to organize a meet and greet there, perhaps next summer when I am visiting. We’ll see how it goes with the meet and greet event in Nairobi next week - if it’s successful without a crazy amount of work maybe it’s something we can replicate often. :rocket:

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@Neves wrote to helpdesk email. You are very welcome! Maybe you will want to hang out in the #tech category. :wink: :robot: :computer: :iphone: :headphones:

Good afternoon, I hope you are doing well…

Well, as you know my name is Nercio Fr. Neves, Mozambican, 29 years old, married.

I’m a technology (Computer) educator and I joined this team with the intention of get more experience in technology and other different areas. I’d also like to share my experience through this hard and smartly working team to different communities if there is a chance of course… as a teacher ( Educator), I feel that I have a huge amount of responsibility on my self and I need ( I have) share it with others as well.