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I am very much happy for joining an ambitious organization such as NAMATI.I am ready with all efforts to work for an organization ,for justice such as NAMATI.

Hi Tobias

I work on how pro bono legal can help.

Cheers John

Hello Tobias, thank you so much for activating my account and welcoming me here. I’m still in the process of adjusting to law school, so it took me a while to log-in and check the messages and updates on this page.

I’m currently examining the student organizations at the law school I’m currently attending. So far, we have one organization engaged with community outreach programs that integrate rights education for children and poor neighborhoods in our province, but I have yet to familiarize myself with the kind of commitment they have with the communities they work with.

I’m hoping to learn from the posts here so that I could somewhat have an idea of which practices being done by our community’s members would work well with our context here, to maybe expand and improve the current framework being used by the student organization I plan to work with. There’s only so much law students can do here, but it seems to me that this is a really good place to learn. There is so much wealth of knowledge in the experiences of our community’s members doing grassroots legal programs for underprivileged communities. I hope to make a similar impact here.

All the best! Gerard


It highly important for legal empowerment organizations to engage in massive global campaigns about legal empowerment services to youths for awareness. What could Namati do to help raises awareness about citizenship,statelessness,domestic violence, corruption, state properties ,… for Sierra Leone.



Mohamed Abass Sankoh Advocacy Officer at Bright Light Youths Empowerment (BLYE), and Founder of Impact Youths Organization (IYO).

I joined Namati’s Legal Empowerment Network for us to put hands together so we could legally remove people, from the dark world of; Injustice, statelessness, civic rights restrictions, corruption, state land problems,…

Presently engage in youths and entrepreneurial programs.

I managed to help school children with school materials, mentoring children about character building, civic rights, teaching sciences, leadership. Presently, i am setting up a small clinic and computer lab, at Impact International High School Hastings. I would be very glad if I could have a help for the completion of the above projects.

Hi Mohamed! Great to see you here. You are very welcome! The work you are doing is laudable and valuable - keep it up!

I like the idea of gathering materials suitable for promoting legal empowerment in schools - maybe we can start a list topic together. Let me know if you’re interested and we can start one.

I added the photo you uploaded to your profile.

Many thanks for that message, I am highly interested.

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