New Member Introductions (29 August to 11 September, 2019)

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A skype call would be great!


Hello members! Thank you for welcoming me to the Global Legal Empowerment Network Community Discussion. Special thanks to @katrienring who told me about Namati.

I’m Pepin, a Lawyer from the DR Congo. Interested in ecology and natural resources management. Currently Legal Manager (governance and land rights protection) for the International Rescue Committee.

We are working on an interesting project named Integrated Water Resources Management. This project aims to provide secure access to land, water and agricultural incomes for around 5000 households in the eastern DR Congo. The project is facing many challenges due to community conflicts on natural resources access, lack of efficiency of state services, but also the national context is delicate.

Access to natural resources has undergone enormous demographic pressure since 1994. The neighboring populations of DR Congo have come massively in search of space for their survival and that of their livestock. They came mainly from Rwanda, Burundi, the Central African Republic and South Sudan. This situation is at the root of many wars and the instability that has shaken the country so far. the state has not yet been able to provide lasting solutions. but also the country’s laws on access to land no longer meet the current needs of the people in rural and urban areas. This is the issue on which I’m interested since 10 years ago.

Namati’s program and approach is actually interesting for me because we are now implementing community land access activities. we have been referring to Namati resources (Community Land Protection facilitators guide) when we was designing local land protection strategy.

I hope to share and learn more from you.



Hello and welcome, everyone! 28 new members joined in this two week period. Karibuni!

Great! A member of the helpdesk team will be in touch to schedule a skype call to get to know you and show you the ropes. :+1:

Any other members interested in a skype call can contact us anytime here via the forum or email to - we’re happy to hop on a short call to say hello.

You are very welcome, Pepin! Great to see you here. Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself. The work you describe that you are doing with IRC in DRC is ambitious and important. We’re glad to have you in our community and look forward to learning more about you through your participation in discussions on the forum.

Let me know if you might be interested in doing an ASK ME ANYTHING forum event to introduce yourself to our community, like the recent Ask me anything about The Engine Room’s Light Touch Support! (16 August, 2019).

Hello members! Thank you for welcoming me to the Global Legal Empowerment Network Community.

I’m Joshua, a Lawyer from the Uganda with Interest in Electoral Justice and Peace & security. Currently am the Executive Director of Centre for Electoral Justice & Research which i did help found.

We are relatively a new organisation. However, currently we are working on establishing project named Electoral Aid Clinic. The project aims to provide easy access to Justice in electoral matters especially among Youth and women in rural Uganda.

Even as Uganda is in the process of formulating the National Legal Aid Bill, less attention is drawn to electoral Justice matters because its overshadowed by words such as democracy & governance yet this situation is at the root of many wars and the instability that has shaken the country not just Uganda but across Africa.

Namati’s program and approach is actually interesting for us because of long track record in its working and we look forward to any strategic support especially in regard to capacity building.



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