New Member Introductions (3-16 September 2020)

Welcome new members! :wave:

We are glad you are here. This a space where you can make new friends from around the world and keep in touch for solidarity, learning, sharing and collaboration.

Here in this topic we bring together new members to celebrate your arrival.

Please introduce yourself! How did you find us and what prompted you to join? What are you working on right now that you want to share or that you need help with? Just add a reply using the blue Reply button at the bottom.


Thank you so much for the introduction. My name is Ibrahim Musa Alasow. I am from wajir county, kenya. I learnt about Namati from Northern kenya human rights defenders forum through WhatsApp. When I searched about Namati, i got interested in the legal empowerment network since I was looking for a way to network with paralegals in my areas and Kenya at large. I have a degree in psychology from moi university and after graduating in 2016, I worked with kenya national commission on human rights (KNCHR) and office of registrar of political parties((ORPP) .It is when I worked with these two offices that I got an insight into the literature of human rights, democracy and governance. I received and investigated several human rights complaints from the public in northern Kenya and realized that the community need legal empowerment to take on injustice in their lives.

I am currently working with a team of nine (9) members to train community human rights defenders with a community based organization called Proffessional Action for community empowerment (PACE). The members have received a short training on human rights and how to report and documents violations from the community. Our objective is to teach people the laws that affects their lives so that they can learn how the government works. I hope to learn opportunities available in terms of training, capacity building and grants for our activities. I am also providing psychosocial support to victims of gender based violence especially women and girls during covid-19 pandemic.


Greetings to All Members

Thank you so much for this opportunity and also creating a platform where different organizations can meet and share their experiences. we as Women Business Hub, are based in Kenya and our priority areas of Development include (1) Promotion of Land Governance among indigent Women and Youth. (2) Promotion of Agro-Enterprise Development among rural communities as a strategy for Addressing Poverty. (3) and enhancing trade among indigent women and youth through E-commerce.

You can reach as through email: or follow us in our social medias Twitter : ; Facebook : . and website:

Thank you in Advance

Michael Odongo Ojuang Director of Programmes and Resource Mobilization Officer Women Business Hub


Hey @Pacewajir Karibu!

Feel free to check out our growing resource library. I believe you will find useful materials on training community human rights defenders and best-documenting practices what will be valuable in your work at PACE.


Habari @WomenBHub_20,

Happy to have you here. Feel free to interact with other members of the network on our community discussion forum. Chime in and let’s learn from each other!

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Hey everyone,

I’m Melinda, a 25 year old LLM graduate from KwaNzimakwe, a village in South Africa.

I just completed my articles so I’m going to be admitted as an attorney soon (hopefully before the end of year).

I’ve also submitted my thesis for marking so if I’m lucky, I should have my Masters before the end of the year as well.

I was doing research about human rights and social justice litigation when I came across the website.

I’m really passionate about human rights and social justice and are really keen on connecting and forging relationships with like minded individuals.

I think that sums the intro up.


Hey @Melinda_Dlongolo,

Happy to have you on board!

Please let us know if you found any resources on human rights and social litigation. We run a growing resource library with gems that would be benefitial in your research. I recommend that you look it up, ie, if you haven’t already.

I believe congratutaltions are in order on your pending admission to the bar and in getting your masters. Hopefully, we also get to read your thesis soon and have it on our library. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you :face_with_hand_over_mouth:Hopefully, I’m actually really keen on writing about Constitutional Law and human rights but I haven’t shared much of my writing as yet, as soon as I’m ready to share, I’ll give you guys the details.


My name is Moatlhodi Letlhomame in Gaborone Botswana. I came to know about you as i was trying to find Women and law in Southern Africa,Botswana office.I am an HR officer working for government as Secretary for Public Service Commission. I needed assistance because my wife working for a private Company has been discriminated,abused,her privacy invaded by her supervisor only to be told that there is no proof yet no investigation was done and now she is under medical care and professional psychologist assisting because of this.I am in search of how she can be assisted and searching legal advice…


My names are Patrick malenga I’ve been working with a South African and UK law firm, as a paralegal, I’m 27yrs old single and based in zambia, I found out about this website as I was searching for other paralegal work I could do here in zambia, I’m very hard working can work with little or no supervision and I enjoy field work.


:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: Thank! My name is Daniela, I´m from is Argentina. I am very happy to be part of the Legal Empowerment Network! :blush:


Hi! Thank you for this warm greeting @mutanukyanya :smiley: My name is Liz Barry, i’m based in the United States, mostly New York City and sometimes North Carolina.
I’m a part of Public Lab, an open community which collaboratively develops accessible, open source, Do-It-Yourself technologies for investigating local environmental concerns. I found Namati through meeting Jay Monteverde in Washington DC. On this forum, I’ve joined the environmental justice topic: Environmental Justice - Legal Empowerment Network Community Discussions — looking forward to meeting folks!

Dear @lizbarry, Welcome! Glad to have you here and hear about the good work that you are doing at Public Lab in terms of environmental justice.