New member introductions (31 May to 13 June, 2018)


(Ahmed Kibirige) #21

I’m Glad to join a platform of elites. It gives courage to have special people like you, who choose to dedicate their lives to serving humanity. What a great opportunity have I grabbed this day, joining the rest of you as we propel life?

I am here to learn, exchange ideas, and to make connections, all intended to make the part of the world that we serve, a better place,

Thanks for embracing me!

(Isaiah Ochieng) #22

Hi, thank you very much for your warm welcome to the network. Kindly walk with me to understand more and even get my inputs in the current discussions. I am very honored to be part of this great team of experts.

(Aggrey Aluso) #23

Thank you Tobias, am delighted to be part of this vibrant and resourceful community, I look forward to learn and share.

(Ahmad Zubair Rahimi) #24

Hello, Mr. Eigen, I wish to work on Citizenship Rights. wish to receive help of you

(Brian Onyiego) #25

I am in Nairobi, Kenya how can I participate from here?

(Tobias Eigen) #26

Hi Brian! Welcome again. I’m glad to see another Kenyan joining the network. I myself spent some formative childhood years in your country so have a warm spot in my heart for the place. We have many Kenyans here in our community. You can participate online - the forum works really well on mobile devices as well as laptops.

We have an office in Nairobi, and also have a learning exchange on citizenship coming up in Kenya this fall - applications to participate are closing soon. You may want to take a look.

(Brian Onyiego) #27

How did you start this?

(Tobias Eigen) #28

what do you mean by “this”? :slight_smile: you mean the network and Namati?

I suggest you take a look at this TED talk - it’s a great introduction.

(Brian Onyiego) #29

Is it ‘How to put the power of law in people’s hands’ by Vivek Maru?

(Tobias Eigen) #30

yes - that’s the one.

(Brian Onyiego) #31

Thumbs up.

(John Letore) #32

Thank you for accepting me to the network.


(Nanandi Albers) #33

Hi Im looking to connect with Paralegals in other countries in all fields

(Ekemini Udoh) #34

Well, I am a child right advocate In summary i am working on a new book titled Simplified child right Act,- Tommorrows vision. It is a follow up of my first book which was very sucesful for a first timer. was able to sell out a litttle over 6000 copies.

About 4000 of those copies were bought up by the Government and shared to children and caregivers in my state. Iit made its way to recommended books list for use in secondary schools in my state. It was sponsored by various organisations fighting for the rights of the child. eg stepping stones, Fulga , Topfaith school, and was choice material for U.S embassey /Obot Akara partnership programme in my local government.etc

Now what is new about the second edition is that it covers the national lawn rather than just the state law. and it adds a chapter on political apathy … to encourage young people in schools who are either 18 or will be 18 by next year to get their voters cards and give back to the commuity what the community has given to them, for they too have a duty to help choose credible leaders. we went on research and discovered that hundreds of thousands of will will be 18 by 2019 and it would be silly to ignore such a potent force . its a whole new genration of voters and we feel we must educate them to help bring good governance in our country Nigeria. will give details later.

(Flavia Martins Affonso) #35

Hi! I am working in a thesis in Brazil about how we can emancipasted the poor people, excluded in fact of the benefits and political public choices let them to present a claim to admintrative body in order to complain about public service failures, by the use of technologie, which criate a space for direct democracia.

(Miraji Abdallah) #36

I think my opinions and other discussion can be shared so as many people as possible can benefit from me while me I can learn from others.

                                                     MIRAJI ABDALLAH
                                                PROGRAM MANAGER
                                      LEGAL VISION ORGANIZATION (LEVO)

(Orock Naphtali Mbeng Obi) #38

Hello amazing people. Nice to meet y’all. Welcome.

Thanks a million for this opportunity. I got too busy that’s why i could not reply earlier on. I am Orock Obi from Cameroon. I am a young voluntary social worker. I belong to an association where we visit the elderly and orphans. During such visits, we encourage them via singing and educative talks. We bring along gifts in kind and in cash. We have been doing this for the past 4 years. Personally I run a facebook page (though not very active due to academic obligations lately) wherein I show the importance of social work and the rights of the needy, the need for responsible governmental action and social environment of Human Rights. Academically, I am a young diplomat. Graduate from the International Relations Institute of Cameroon with a Masters in International Relations :option International Communication and public action.

(Nidhisha Philip) #39

Hi @Aishwarya! Great to have you join the Network. I’m from India myself and I think that the work you are doing sounds very exciting and promising. I’d urge you to use the Network to share your experiences and learn from others here.

(Nidhisha Philip) #40

Hi @Letore! Great to have you join the Network. It’s really good to know that you are a health advocate. I’m sure you will find Namati’s work on right to health and particularly in Mozambique helpful. Do check-in regularly to learn from other practitioners all over the world :slight_smile:

(Isaiah Ochieng) #41

Dear Tobias, Greetings from Ugunja Development Initiative. We are a community based organization registered and operating within Western part of Kenya Siaya County. We got the link through social media and got interested in partnering with your organization. We currently implement Reproductive health, maternal and child health programs, gender based violence, Economic environment, environmental conservation and OVC services. Your partnership will be appreciated.

Kind regards

Isaiah Ochieng

Program coordinator

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