New member introductions (5 April to 18 April, 2018)

Hello and welcome again!

I am pleased to welcome the 39 new members who joined the Global Legal Empowerment Network in the past two weeks - the full list is below. You will find we are friendly and open in this community. This a safe space where you can make new friends from around the world and keep in touch for solidarity, learning, sharing and collaboration.

Please introduce yourself! How did you find us and what prompted you to join? What are you working on right now that you want to share or that you need help with? Just add a reply.

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The following wonderful people joined the network in the last two weeks.


He padecido el sistema de impartición de justicia de México. Perdí la custodia de mi hijo y una casa, entre otras cosas por dos razones: malos abogados y peores servidores públicos dentro del poder judicial que permiten e incluso justifican, las prácticas corruptas y carentes de ética de los abogados. Descubrí que los ciudadanos carecemos de una educación jurídica y como en muchos otros contextos, ahora entiendo que si contamos con ese conocimiento, podemos empoderarnos y exigir a las autoridades que realicen bien su trabajo y de igual modo, quitamos el poder a los abogados desleales y corruptos. Ahora estudio leyes porque mi intención es ayudar a que otras personas para que no padezcan como yo, de ahí mi enorme interés de colaborar con ustedes.

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My name is Augustina Ntow Brisaa and I am a final year European Law student. I am interested in immigration law and in the critical side of company law, namely the impunity of big corporations in Africa, Asia and Latin America. I move quite frequently and I therefore do not have a stable base for now. By joining the network I am aiming at learning as much as possible from the members and provide help through research and advocacy when required.

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I am a Lawyer by Profession, with banking and project management experience. I currently run a Charitable Organisation in my Country supporting Tanzanian children’s education with a focus on Primary School education for both boys and girls who are living in difficult conditions. By joining this network, i would like to participate in various discussions and initiatives around the legal sector world-wide, contribute to various data and also make use of information shared by other members of this network to keep myself up to date with global legal trends.


thanks for joining me to the movement. i want to represent my country .


I am Elison Thaulo a peace and development practitioner who studied a degree in peace, security and developmental studies. In context of joining the network one is looking to network and gain expertise from NAMATI as a founder of an organization similar to this, besides this law and legality are a essential part of our everyday lives in relation to rights, health and the economy therefore from the organization one who will be looking to learn. As a peace and development practitioner one will be looking also to bring a new perspective to your organization from a peace and development stand point making use of innovation and ones capability I feel this will be a mutually beneficial partnership.

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Am a teacher by profession of secondary level. Worked with an organisations looking after volunable children and their households,these are Compassion International and currently work with Nurture Africa. I work as an Education Enablement Officer,monitor OVCs school attendance and performance at school and make follow up on their behaviour at home.The program helps OVC guardians to train them in business skills and loans management and Village Savings Loan and Associations in that the parents and guardians are empowered to cater for their children’s needs and household needs. I do carry out counseling sessions to both guardians and their children. From this background,i realized that there is a big gap in the society and many women and their children are being deprived from their rights.I came up with an idea to train women within my community in business skills and loans management so they are economically empowered and they don’t rely on their husbands.Hence we formed an CBG.


Je suis le directeur de AJPDE, une organisation dénommée action pour la justice paix et le développement endogène. AJPDE en sigle, nous avons l’honneur de venir au prés de votre haute organisation sollicite une adhésion pour travaillez en commun dans la lutter contre l’injustice en fin de promouvoir le droits humain au monde.

En effet nous sommes une organisme de défense de droit de l’homme en RDC de puis 2013 jusqu à maintenant, nous de fendons le droits de personnes vulnérables en justice et nous menons un plaidoyer au prés des autorités gouvernementale.

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I’m a brazilian law student. To set up Human Rights have always been a dream for me. Helping people to find their ways throug the law, that is what I want. I am a young person struggling to bring peace and social justice for a broken country.

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I am basically an enthusiast over Nature conservation, Citizen empowerment , better governance. I would like to work with you for the same, since you are in the field

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Still I am a graduate student, I am concerned about minority’s rights such African people from different contries, so that I wanna work for them widely and it should start from now. Mr. Tobias, may be you can help me about this matter…


Hello Jayed! Welcome again to the network. We’re so glad you have decided to join as a member, and hope you decide to hang out regularly in our forum. You will find we are a welcoming and supportive community.

There are many ways to get involved, so please spend some time reading the topics in the forum. The :fa_search: search is a great way to look for specific people and topics by country or keyword.

The #citizenship category might be a good place to start to learn about minority rights. Our global campaign for justice for all provides tools and action opportunities - see the #advocacy:justiceforall category and website devoted to the campaign at

If you have any questions at all, just let me know! I’m happy to help.

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Thank you very much sir, and good morning to you.

My question for now is do you people or members from this forum or organization physically meet to discuss issues in building this legal empowerment or is it only online program?

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Hello @Jeichiila! It’s a pleasure to have you in our community. You are very welcome. I think you will find good leads here for furthering your career, as well as make new friends in our supportive, friendly community.

We do meet face to face for learning exchanges, hosted by network members in many countries and organized by our team, and an annual leadership course. Beyond that, network members can also organize gatherings in their own communities if they like and we can help facilitate that through this online platform.

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Thanks a lot for that response and I will look forward to meet the members in my community



Thank you @Jeichiila for asking some more questions by email:

I have a questions to ask;

  1. Do the members of this association physically meet to discuss issues or its just an only association?

As I wrote before, we do meet face to face for learning exchanges and an annual leadership course. Beyond that, network members can organize gatherings too!

  1. Do the members of this association know each other physically from the top leadership to the lowest position?.

Yes, members invite their friends and colleagues, and we also become friends with each other by connecting and sharing on the forum, resource library, webinars, and other activities.

  1. Who is the President of this association and from what country is he or she from?

@vivekmaru is the CEO of Namati, the organization that convenes this network. He is from India. You can learn more about him by watching his TED talk (see below - always worth watching!) or reading his bio.


I am community social and justice advocate. Community Health Worker. Environmental Justice Advocate

service is more important then success people are more important then possessions and principle is more important than power!

This is how I try to live my life daily.

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Within the World Justice Project I lead the Network component of WJP’s Engagement strategy. I helped develop our Resource Hub (Resource Hub | World Justice Project), an online directory listing the most trusted organizations working on the rule of law in each country around the world. I also lead engagement with the network through different outreach strategies and events, such as the World Justice Forum. In this optic, I am looking to try and grow our interactions with our network and other practitioners working on the rule of law, to create communities of equity, opportunity and peace.

During my studies, I focused on Political Science and International Relations, obtaining my Bachelors of Arts from the University of Kent (UK), and my masters from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (Switzerland). I also spent time in Argentina (Universidad de San Andres) and Mexico (Colegio de Mexico).

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I am a Gender and Land advocate, currently coordinating the women’s empowerment programme in an organisation, based in Ghana. I have a background in Geography, Resource Development and Finance. I am interested in learning more about interventions and resources for legal empowerment.

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I am Mengistu Gonsamo, working currently at CAFOD, SCIAF and Trocaire as Civil society development programme coordinator. I have more than twenty years of experience in teaching, training and community development. The following are key areas of experience/expertise:

  • Asset based and community driven development,
  • Peace building,
  • Social accountability monitoring,
  • Monitoring and evaluation,
  • Women’s economic and social empowerment,
  • Food security,
  • Trainer and facilitator in diverse fields of community development I have gained both theoretical and practical skills in the above areas through formal training and working with diverse community members, local and international organizations.