New member introductions (5 April to 18 April, 2018)

my name is Abdijalil said i’m lawyer i have mother 6 years human right protection special refugees and asylum seekers as well as vulnerable groups women and children .

in joining this network looking every one in the world to get justice without discrimination

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Been engaged in Communications for Development & Health programs for the last 7 years with apparent interest in global health. Advocate for Universal Health Coverage #HealthForAll.

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A Health Care Provider turned Environmental Activist. a consultant and veteran writer on aging and the first Zambian to establish an NGO to advocate on behalf of the aged since 1996. Now running Kalumbila Vision a Community Hub that is on 2.2 ha of land in Kalumbila District in North Western Zambia, with an agenda to give Hope and Change to over 50,000 people. A Citizen of Zambia, lived and worked in the USA for 15 years and held positions in public and private practice, written over 200 articals on aging , my efforts have enabled me to bring a Police Station that just got approved by the Inspector of Police of the Republic of Zambia to Kisasa Kalumbila with a population of over 30,000 , besides other developmental projects like the Community Education Oasis that just started offering free tuition to a targeted 20,000 school children in grades 7,9 and 12 to make them ready for final exams at the end of the year so that they can pass and go to college.

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nonprofit management and legal professional focusing on social justice, human rights and battling inequity. Have worked in areas of women’s rights, health and HIV/sexual and reproductive rights; community economic development; social enterprise. growing interest in environmental justice and the green economy. American, with extensive work experience in sub-Saharan Africa, specifically, Uganda, Nigeria and South Africa. academic bio: JD (law degree) and MBA (business degree); undergraduate work: cultural anthropology.

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I would like you to support our organisation to carry out her programs in promoting quality education in Uganda here since most children in this region are suffering greatly as per as education is concerned.

Kind regards


Executive director


Hi Robson! Thank you for joining the network. I am glad to see you here! You can tell us more about your organization by completing the core membership application, which you can learn more about and fill out online at the following link:

Keep an eye on the #opportunities category where funding opportunities are often posted, and where there is a good list topic - see below. Beyond that, I suggest you log in regularly to follow discussions, and to connect with members in or talking about Uganda and issues you work on. Sharing your experiences and helping others who ask questions is a great way to make friends here and become known in the community.

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As a young professional currently working on social protection and community development issues in Myanmar, I am interested in the Global Legal Empowerment Network to learn more about access to justice programs in communities around the world. I have expertise in supporting the design and implementation of policy and community projects focused on health, social protection, livelihoods, and self help groups. I am particularly interested in how we can improve access to justice for elderly victims of social exclusion and violence, as well as young girls and women.

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I am based in Goa, India. I’ve worked on issues ranging from anti human trafficking, public education and health care, land rights and gender. I have experience with community media & campaigning. Enabling engagement in policy making and use of policies & laws is important to me.

I aim to contribute towards a sustainable, just and equitable future by engaging with communities at the front line of resource conflict and those facing the brunt of patriarchy, caste and other structural inequalities. My passions lie in enabling use of community centric knowledge, innovation in strategies for change, skill exchange and rights based interpretation and use of laws/policies. I believe in integrating the use of media/journalism and technology as a way for marginalized communities to begin shaping their own narratives. My worldview is grounded in a feminist perspective and I strive to be part of projects that impact development discourse. And that’s what I hope to do more of via this network!

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I am 30 years old Economist and an accountant by professional.

Have been on the front line to fight injustices ranging from nepotism, corruption, ignorance about national and county goverment budget and spending, isolation, powerlessness and vulnerability which affect minority, desparate,poor and oppresed young men and women.

Have been engaging in fight against injustice from year 2015 while I was in my final year in university.

My interest in Namati is to learn more from various resourceful experts on the way forwad to improve my knowledge and goals in fighting injustices.

It has been a difficult journey and a struggle to embark on this fight since we all know that, the oppressers will do anything to block the liberators to liberate the oppressed.

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Hello, I am greatful to mention that I have joined a legal global network that I’ve been looking for a long time.

Its a network composed of legal experts across various fields and I believe that its not only beneficial but also important to be part of the network.

I deal with youths unemployment and financial injustices, discrimination against youths in government funds among other injustices.

Let us work together as few who sacrifice to be the voice of voiceless.

Thanks once again for welcoming me in this global network

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hey am charls from TANZANIA. am a paralegal. i do work supporting society to legal awareness. THOBIAS is the one introduced me to this movoment when he came to my country. i need this movement to expand to my country by creating a team which will deal with supporting society to legal awareness. but i lack supporting things to help me giving information often. like laptop, camera and smart phone.

thans for this community and let us expand worldwidely.


Thanks Mr Tobias Eigen got your welcoming

If I introduce my self my name is Abdijalil said from Somalia in my education I have degree of law and currently presuming Master in international Cooperation & humanitarian Aid i got through my colleages and i decided to join it because I’m Right defender now i’m working lawyer for refugees & Asylum seeker in puntland

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I thank you for your response I I will look forward to meet you people and have a discussion about my country


Welcome to the community, Augustina.

Next week, we will have the New York University Bernstein Institute’s Annual Conference, Reimagining Justice: Realizing Human Rights through Legal Empowerment. I will be in the panel on Tackling Corporate Abuse Through Community Action. Since you are interested on the issue of corporate impunity, I’m sure you will find the discussions interesting. I’m still checking if there will be live streaming of the conference, or at least a recording that can be available after the event. In any case, I invite you to check it out and I’m sure there will be different ways of monitoring the discussions, even on twitter.

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Welcome Taniah! Namati should explore how we can help network members integrate media/journalism and technology in their legal empowerment work.

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That’s kind Brother Tobias 'cause you’re perfoming a great work. Nowadays I’m an Assistant in a Private University in Bukavu DR Congo. Also, I’m defending Human Rights within my community, I serve God by leading a youth group within my church and I support some of my friends with some money to pay scholar fees when they are in need and I also support any new entrepreneur who is need of my help but I have to tell you that is not an easy work because I averagely gain USD 55 per month.Briefly, when I missed a true and sincere scholarship this is what I’m working on.

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Hi Tobias,

It’s a pleasure to meet you virtually! I’m currently doing my Masters in Environmental Change and Management at University of Oxford (UK). My current main interests are in the areas of legal empowerment as a tool to address the impacts of climate change on vulnerable communities in developing countries. I’ve prior experience working in areas of loss and damage, climate finance and UN climate policy.

I’m currently on the lookout for people/ organizations I could work with as part of my dissertation for the summer months - would appreciate any leads you might have! I’m currently in talks with an organization in Bangladesh but also open to other countries/ regions where such work is going on.


Best, Sujay Natson

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Great to meet you. Do have a poke around in the forum and resource library, and feel free to introduce yourself to the community. Let me know if you have any questions at all.

Hi Sujay,

Welcome to the community!

If you are open to the Philippines, I suggest that you contact @zeldasoriano who is currently involved in a major legal initiative against the carbon majors. She is a Legal/Political Advisor of Greenpeace Southeast Asia and is the founder of a new organization, Community Legal Help Philippines.

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