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Hello friends!

I am a paralegal educator in Buffalo, NY, USA, and my immediate need is to develop relationships with service organizations in New Delhi to explore a potential student exchange. I will be in New Delhi from March 15th to March 22nd.


Margaret Phillips,

J.D., Associate Professor

Director, Paralegal Studies


Good morning professor

Thank you very much

My name is Yahya Asmar, I’m from Iraq.

I was graduated from college of administration and economics in Iraq / Bachelor’s of Statistics since 2014 .

I have visual disability therefore some universities in Iraq was refused me when I studied master in it and then they closed my application because these universities didn’t apply the law of persons with disability and special needs!

One of these universities was not apply “Alternative examinations” for me because I have visual disability and in2017 and 2019 this university was closed my application !

And the other university in 2019 was refused me because the dean of college was said to me “I couldn’t accepted you because you have disability” !

That’s not justice ! That’s against the law of persons with disability and special needs!

Indeed I hope to get help from International population about this important case for improving this important part of population by developing the field of “Special education for students with visual disability”

I have some solutions and I hope to get help from International population!

Indeed I have some suggestions to development the law of persons with disability and special needs in my country but the situations is complex in Iraq !

Indeed I was know this network by Internet, indeed its very excellent network and I’m proud because I’m member in it.

Deep regards

Yahya Zakur


Hi @mphillip and @yahyazakur - welcome to you both, we’re happy to have you here!

Indeed, both of you may be interested in posting a request in the community discussions section of the forum asking for members working in Delhi or members working in disability rights and legal empowerment programs, respectively. Where possible, forum moderators (who are practitioners themselves in various countries) will try to jump in and mention members they know who may be of support.

You could also try searching our member directory. For instance, if you search “disabilities” in the organization search, you will come up with a list of 46 organizations around the globe working on disability rights with links to their organizational profiles, like Action on Disability Rights And Development Nepal (ADRAD-Nepal), Disability Inclusive Justice And Legal Aid Association (DIJLA) in Bangladesh, or the Disability Rights Fund in the United States. However this will not always work. For instance, if you search for members in India, you will find that there are 568 network members based in India (!), so it may be easier to post a general query on the forum instead (in this case, I will private message you here on the forum with some ideas).

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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Welcome! It is a pleasure to see so many new people.


Hello everyone, I am grace from Nigeria currently serving as a youth corp member in the country. I heard about Namati from a friend and I saw it as a platform where I could contribute to humanity positively

I look forward to learn and volunteer


Hi @graceakinwande, thanks for introducing yourself and welcome to the Global Legal Empowerment Network!


Hi @Evonchime . I am very interesting with your profile due to your experience as Paralegal. It will be great to hear from you how you have managed to stay in the field more than 20 years?


warmly welcome. It is opportunity for you to bring change to the youth in aspect of legal empowerment

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Hello Mam I am Anju Panday President of Betiyan Foundation Meerut nearby Delhi from India. I want to work with you for development of society. I am working from ten decade for destitute children, girls/women to give them education, self defense and Independence. Thanks n Regards Anju Panday


Hi everyone, This is such an amazing platform and you are all so inspiring. I am from India where I received a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and worked for major metro cities and did a stint in the experimental township of Auroville. I currently live and work in New York. I studied in Pratt Institute and graduated with a Masters in Urban Placemaking and Management. As a program in associate in Design Trust for Public Space, we engage in Urban public realm work by bringing together practitioners, city agencies and communities to work together on projects that can have replicability or go on to impact policy changes. I came across Namati during my grad thesis research. I received a grant to work on a participatory research in the coastal fishing commons of a fishing Hamlet in Chennai. Insipired by land governance of commons and management and models, I did take a lot of notes from Namati. Would love to share more of my research with this group in th future!


Hi @Dhanya, thanks for introducing yourself!

Seeing your trajectory and interests I would recommend you to:

We would love to hear more on the participatory research in the coastal fishing commons in Chennai. The #land or #environment categories would be a suitable space for that. Also, if you have any resources on the matter that you think could be of interest to other Network members please share them with us.

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Hi Marta

Absolutely I will. Thank you for the info. I know that Dakshin foundation in Bangalore does a lot of legal empowerment and engagement work for fishers around the Indian subcontinent. But I am happy to send in more resources. I’m going to watch one of the webinars afer work today!


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