New member introductions (7-20 November, 2019)

Welcome new members! :wave:

We are glad you are here. This a space where you can make new friends from around the world and keep in touch for solidarity, learning, sharing and collaboration.

Here in this topic we bring together new members to celebrate your arrival.

Please introduce yourself! How did you find us and what prompted you to join? What are you working on right now that you want to share or that you need help with? Just add a reply using the blue Reply button at the bottom.


It is pleasure to welcome you all in this wonderful forum. Let us unite together to make sure access to justice for all.


Hello, my name is Joseph Ndirangu (you may call me Joe), I am an Advocate practicing in Kenya in a private law firm called Kirundi & Company Advocates. It has always been my passion and desire to share and spread legal knowledge and the opportunities abound that come from seeing the law as a gateway and not just limitations.

About a month ago I conceived of a project to educate the youth (particularly those that are marginalized in one way or another: with a focus on communities in poor neighborhoods and in rural areas) on the law in a manner that enhances their perspective and use of it. I wish to offer practical lessons of the law, information and knowledge that can add on to their life skills. (pardon me if the description of the project sounds abstract, but it is still nascent and I am working to crystallize it some more.)

Basically, it is my vision that legal information and legal empowerment (along with economic empowerment) be a household phenomena. That the law ceases to appear as abstract and beyond the reach of people; and to cease to appear as some sort of wall that needs to be demolished…but as a gateway and a maze which can be joyfully maneuvered towards one’s end/goals. And as something that is intended for the people, by the people. Therefore, to empower people to see that they have as much stake as they do have a say in what constitutes the law.

I stumbled upon this community while looking for ideas on how to implement that and while seeking to find whether similar projects exist or like minded people with whom we can share, work together, or otherwise collaborate in one way or another.

I hope for great positive engagement with all the community members in the days to come.


Currently am training elders on how to handle cases of widows,orphans and other vulnarables in the community. Cases of land dispute are common especially when widows are denied their right to inherit the property left by their late husbands. We are also helping to construct shelters for some who had been chased away but now are back through our (elders’s) effort.


I am Abraham O. KOFFI, holding a Bachelor is economics and Master degree in HR actually a Humanitarian Affairs Officer with United Nations. I have 22 years of experience both in emergency and development situations. My goal is to take part in this wonderful team for discussion in order to learn from other members and programs and contribute to enhance empowerment including other local and global challenges of NAMATI.


Hi Tobias and friends.

By way of introduction, I have worked in justice projects in Asia, Africa and Europe for the past 20 years. Much of my work has been in justice sector planning and institutional capacity building.

I have been a follower of Namati because of their important work in empowerment and in their strong practical outlook in working with communities.

Most recently I have been working on a blog for justice seekers. My goal is to help build communities of practice who can ultimately work on projects - manuals, websites, workshops, whatever works - to build practical tools for everyone working to improve justice, wherever they are. I am doing this on my own, without sponsors or donors.

Please check us out at @JTlaw_blog and on Facebook at Justice Through Law.

I am hoping you will let me know what I can do to help you in your work. It would help me if you would check us out, follow and retweet when you can.

Nice to meet you all. Larry


Hi all! My name is Alisa. I was made aware of Namati and the Legal Empowerment network through my work with the Pathfinders for Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies, specifically the Task Force on Justice and its report, Justice for All. The Task Force included Namati’s CEO and various members of wonderful Namati team contributed too, along with Namati’s own pieces. I joined as Namati is a key partner and I’d like to be more aware of the work of the network.

I’m currently working on the next phase of the Justice work at Pathfinders and I’m looking forward to connecting with others.

Nice to meet you all! Alisa


Hi Everyone! I am a political economist and policy practitioner, and have worked with different types of development agencies, NGOs and research institutes on land and natural resources governance issues (one of Namati’s main focus areas). I am currently the Land and Natural Resources Advisor to the Joint Peace Fund, a multi-donor fund set up to support the peace process in Myanmar. I am very interested to learn from all of you how you resolve different legal empowerment issues with regards to land and natural resources.


Hi,ladies and gentlemen.

I am a paralegal by study and I’m on a very challenging path to start up a centre within my community. So I have learned of this movement or empowering programme through research over the internet. I’m so glad to be part of this family because I’ve realised most of us here have a mutual interest. Seemingly im here for support, advice, ideas and learning more for my community initiative.

Thanks for a warm welcome,I’m looking forward to building a better rapport with everyone interested.


Hi Tobias and everyone! Its nice to check on some of the replies, and to get to know some great initiatives in the group. Thanks for having me. About me, i’m a brazilian biologist in the Amazon. In the last 10 years i have participated in studies and projects that concern original land right claims, administrative land recognition process and natural resources conflicts. Most of such studies are triggered by government and private interests on infrastructure projects near traditional territories, sometimes inhabited by recent or even uncontacted groups, leading to ethnic, social and environmental conflicts (e.g., Belo Monte Dam, in the Brazilian Amazon). My research focus is on the unique interaction between indigenous peoples, their territory, biodiversity, cosmology, harvesting methods and subsistence production systems.

Although Indigenous lands are key factors in rainforest conservation because of the large area they protect – c.20% of the Brazilian Amazon, it is wide known that threats against indigenous communities have markedly increased since our last presidential election. A recent presidential project bill sent to Congress allows mining, agriculture and cattle farms on protected indigenous reserves. This is quite alarming as there are already over 400 brewing disputes mapped involving mining companies, indigenous peoples and quilombos (communities made up of the ancestors of runaway slaves). Meanwhile, traditional communities in Brazil often are not readily prepared nor informed to claim their rights and equally negotiate with potential investors.

That said (i’m sorry for the long bio…) i am deeply interested in educating myself about new community land protection approaches. Also, i’m looking forward to exchanging ideas, and hopefully i can contribute with experiences from Brazil and Amazon context.



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