New Member Introductions πŸ‘‹ (7 - 20 October 2021)

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Good evening I’m s of excited to be part of the group that share the same sentiments as I in trying to be the voice of the voiceless in terms of human rights. I reside in South Africa in the village of Umlamli in the Eastern Cape Province in a small town of Sterkspruit and people don’t know their rights at all as a result they are being taken for granted. It is my goal and my mission to empower them by holding community meetings and inform them of their rights and what they should do when they encounter challenges in their lives in relation to their rights whether they are in public institutions requiring service or just living their lives and are experiencing violation of their rights. This passion of mine of helping people started in my youth days when I was a tennis coach and witnessed the challenges that young people were facing, including the high levels of poverty and got to understand why most of them were not participating in sporting activities and why they were engaging in alcohol and drug abuse. Above all, the high levels of corruption and it’s consequences in relation to service delivery for the people. All of these have prompted me to study law to empowered so that I can be able to empower others by the knowledge that I have acquired. I am still in my early years of studying law but I want to go far with it to the levels of being the policymaker. I do a lot of searching on the internet and I came across this network and I liked what it was doing and I decided to join and be part of it to add a voice for the justice of the marginalised and change the world to be a better place for everyone. I’m not yet established in terms of using my voice,but I do share the little knowledge that I have to those that happened to be in my radar but I would like to have an office where everyone who feels they need help can come and be assisted. I would also like to go to schools to do awareness campaigns about teaching them about their rights to end this gender based violance and other unlawful discriminations.

Yours truly Sonwabo Sanga

Dear Team Empowerment,

I have been part of this network since my days at Legal Resources Foundation Trust. I am a Lawyer by training, but a strong community organiser for people centric legal and basic services. I am now moved to Undugu Society of Kenya, where I have gone to serve families, children and youth living and working on the streets in Kenya. This groups faces myriad challenges, including the difficulty to access legal documents, hence not included in government statistics for services, are unable to access legal services and are constantly harassed by law enforcement agencies. They are susceptible to human trafficking, violent extremism and other exploitative labour. I want their voice heard and attended to.

Am Joseph kabwe phiri from Zambia I found you by someone told me about your organisation. Am a project coordinator at youth project development platform we have four project on ground and this are in a PDF.

As an NGO it’s when we are starting so we want your help as fund in all four programmes. Or in other help

Your positive response we will be highly recommended

Project coordinator Joseph kabwe phiri

YPDP (1).pdf (77.4 KB)