New member introductions (8 to 21 February, 2018)

Hello Mohamed. Thank you so much for your reply. I am so filled with admiration and respect for you and the path you have taken through life so far, and the amazing work you describe to help Somali refugee women find access justice by providing Amharic translation. I am so impressed with you, and so glad to welcome you to our community. I hope you decide to visit the forum regularly (Fridays are a good day every week!) to read from others and share your wisdom and experience.

What is the latest you are working on and what are you looking for as a member of this network?

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Thank you for accepting me to this wonderful community forum, i will commit myself to contribute what you will want me to do

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Hi Paul! Thanks for the reply. It’s great to have you and Conscience International in our community. I love the way you describe CISL’s work on your website, and so have added that information to the CISL organization profile in the member directory. Given your mission, CISL is a great candidate I think for core membership - please apply! If approved, you will get a :star: next to your name and streamlined access to network events and other opportunities.

CISL takes a human rights based approach to address development issues affecting West African countries, as well as the wider world. We believe that all individuals have the right to live with dignity through attainment of basic needs and encompass the ability to exercise political, cultural and social freedoms. We don’t provide aid; we create change at grassroots level, empowering communities to stand up for their rights.

This photo of a CI staff meeting is also a nice one to get to know you and your team. Which one are you? :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, will try to apply as a core member Paul


Great! Look forward to it. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Thank you very my friends, i am a new member from Sierra Leone, working on the right to nationality and eradication of statelessness, other interventions are advocating on natural resource governance and economic justice and training mining communities to understand existing mining laws, and recourse mechanism to be able to seek appropriate redress in and out of Sierra Leone.

We would like your help in sharing deeper experiences from other parts of the world on themes above, we need your guide and both technical and funding support. Thank you very much My regards Paul


Dear friend, I am engaged in religious reform. Like Martin Luther. The fact is that I criticize Christianity very much. And I think, and I try to show this to my interlocutors, that Christianity has a dogmatic problem of falling out of the legal field. Actually, why does Namati have so much work (such a large untapped field of activity)? And this is because there is a right vacuum in the world. At one time, the Creator of this world offered people legal norms to live, but people either modified these norms, and established their own justice, or abandoned these norms. Under far-fetched pretexts. I’m trying to appeal to the source of the law, for example, the Bible … And I try to explain my arguments by asking for a simple logical match. Well, for example, it says in the Bible (it was not I who invented it, but it is written in your book that you are trying to do) - do not kill. Then why do you think that Jesus needs to be killed? Who said that it is necessary to do so? After all, this contradicts a simple request, which is written in the Bible - do not kill … How can to be here? And, nevertheless, I think that my arguments will be heard, and people will give up their abuses. Then, they fall out of their “Christian justice” and will again be in a white sheet, they will have no laws, no right at all. I do not want to uphold the law (laws) of Muslims, and Jews are not allowed into the law of Jews, and therefore I must make efforts so that the people I have been agitating do not collapse moral foundations and they had the rights and laws to live. Not Christian, not in the field of Roman law. It is very unfortunate that so many people are in this legal sacred Roman Empire until now. I want this to be a kosher, right according to the standards of the Jews right. Now, this is the essence of my problem - to represent the interests of people in the court of the Seventh. Because I think that this is really a difficult situation, when you destroyed the norms of people’s lives. But I have to destroy them! Because they are wrong. And therefore, I need a strong legal support. To show that I’m not clueless.

I concentrated on Nigerians. I believe that these are people who are interested in a new legal status. I explain to these people that submission to the norms of Roman law means putting yourself in a powerless state that is not regulated in any way. Only by local laws, which often have very conjunctural interests. Well, what is the local Nigerian law, if there are three main ethnic groups in Nigeria, and any judge appointed by a certain group will act in the interests of their group …? It is clear that this will be speculation and corruption. Injustice, poverty and collapse. I explain all these things to these people. But, they can ask me - what do you offer in return? Are you a king or a judge? Who are you that we rely on your words and neglect the laws (albeit imperfect) of the state in which we were born …?

hi My name is Lian based in Manipur India, I am not a lawyer nor a student but I do believe that if laws are implemented as it’s on paper and have the knowledge to exercise our basic rights we can make our lives better. Therefore I joined these community to get support from people around the world so that I can learn from here and educate people around me and putting law into their hands. I’ve wrote an application to District Commissioner (DC) in Churachandpur District to implement Legal Empowerment in schools as extra curriculum. Today I received a meeting notice from Deputy Commissioner Churachandpur which will be held on 27.02.2018 to discuss the feasibility of implementing Legal empowerment. I need support from you guys and to make a table of contents for basic law. I’d appreciate any help I could get. Thanks


Hi Lian,

I suggest that you contact the Namati India team through @kanchikohli so you can discuss your ideas and seek any possible support.

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thank you @marlonmanuel for flagging this. @Thangvung, hope the meeting with the DC went well. It is exciting to note that you are interested in taking legal empowerment work to schools. Are there any particular themes you are interested in?

FYI @manjumenon


Good initiative. I think just introducing legal empowerment education at school as one of topics in schools curriculum will not be efficient. You have to form and train the school paralegal team (comprised of teachers and students) for tracking, reporting and follow-up of cases. You have to examine the availability of resources in order to determine your strategic approach. Because the approach differ from one community to the other. For example here in Uganda schools do not allow mobile phone use at schools that means it is difficult to use social media/app. Try to focus on why you want to do that and why you think your intervention will bring lasting benefit.

Generally the process will require arranging for equipment needs, setting up volunteers system and build relationship agreement with schools institutions, Districts, legal farm since you are not a lawyer, and so forth… P.S: You have to determine in advance which grade students will form the school paralegal team.


Hi Laila,

I read your post regarding the work you are doing in Myanmar - a media literacy curriculum for young people in Myanmar. It sounds fantastic! I am an international criminal law and international human rights legal scholar focusing on research of the Rohingya as a critical-case study. I have a background in adult literacy, but I am also interested in linking with you regarding a project I am working on for practitioners and advocates in the Southeast Asia region. I would love to chat with you about the opportunity to collaborate when time permits.


Sorry about I connect very late. I’m working at Land related Department, namely Dept. of Agricultural Land Management and Statistics (DALMS), under Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation (MOALI), Myanmar. Best Regards, San Lwin Oo