New member introductions (9-23 January 2020)

Welcome new members! :wave:

We are glad you are here. This a space where you can make new friends from around the world and keep in touch for solidarity, learning, sharing and collaboration.

Here in this topic we bring together new members to celebrate your arrival.

Please introduce yourself! How did you find us and what prompted you to join? What are you working on right now that you want to share or that you need help with? Just add a reply using the blue Reply button at the bottom.


I am Shehu Hashimu a peace education and citizenship education advocacy. I decided to joint this group in order to share experience on community awareness on living in peaceful society and citizenship rights. I have got to know this net work through your website


We are making efforts on the rule of law of climate change. I am the chairman of the foundation–Environmental Quality Protection Foundation which was established in 1984. I like the concept of “legal empowerment” which is the key in the anthropocene era. Would like to learn more from all membership here. Thank you in advance.


Hello!!! My name is Aderonke Ige from Nigeria.

I found Global Legal Empowerment Notwork by a stroke of fate, but as someone who believes neither in coincidences or mistakes, i believe i was in fact meant to be here.

I joined the Network out of pure passion for Justice and empowering people through knowledge transfer, enlightenment, orientation and hand-holding to know their rights and promote justice. I look forward to brilliant exchanges, learning and sharing, as well as harnessing opportunities for resourcing and maximizing impact within my community and larger spaces.

“I went out to FIND a friend and i found NONE But i went out to BE a friend and I found MANY”


My name is Tom Onzere, a member of the Magharibi Community Justice Centre, Vihiga, Kenya. Working on issues of Access to Justice, Public Participation on Service Delivery both by the National and County Governments. Also Women Empowerment and Child Protection. Was following up on one of my Mentors, Aimee Ongeso, only to encounter a whole new network of like minded persons, obviously with a wealth of knowledge and experience.


Welcome everyone! Thanks so much to those of you who have taken the time to so thoughtfully introduce yourselves to the community. This is indeed a powerful group and I am humbled.

@johnmasuwa from Zambia asked for help introducing himself because his mobile device is too old to work to access our modern forum. Sorry about that, John! I’ve turned on your mailing list mode so you can get all the posts in your email inbox.

Here’s John’s bio. Feel free to add to it as you see fit.

I am a man of 67 years of age, HIV positive for more than 40 years now, i lost my first wife due to AIDS and i was very ignorant about it that was in 1996. After my family discovered my HIV status i was rejected including my biological children, thrown out of my house and i started sleeping in UNZA grounds on the bank of Goma Lake at UNZA. In 1997 March, a good samaritan woman by her real of Ivy Mulashikwanda heard of my situation she came to my rescue. She took me to her home in Kabulonga near State House but again her children refused to accept me, all what she did is to with stand the pressure of her children and kept me in a chicken ran for 7 years with good support of food in the process i become part of her family and her all her family and children accepted me. In 2003 i joined a group HIV+ women in solidarity oftheir fellow woman because it happenned to me also and form up Circles of Hope Community Support Group for PLHIV/ADS.

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Great and thanks. John Masuwa

Good day

Thank you for the warm welcome. I found out about NAMATI from the organisation I work with, The Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association. I am currently working on the empowerment of children and youths on environmental justice in the mining sector and would require assistance or suggestions on how best we can build the movement and sustainability of same.

Thank you.

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