New member introductions (9 August to 22 August)


(Lama Almoayed) #21

Hi all,

Its lovely to virtually meet everyone!

I am a Bahraini lawyer, currently working in New Zealand on refugee law. My main interest relates to issues of gender-based violence and women’s rights in the Middle East.

I look forward to learning from everyone, and hearing all about your experiences!

Kind regards, Lama

(Shahanur Islam) #22

I, Advocate Shahanur Islam (Saikot), fully dedicated for the well being of the victim of violation, especially for ethnic, religious, political and sexually minority people as well as torture, extrajudicial killing, involuntary disappearance and organized violence in Bangladesh through providing support of lodging the suit against the perpetrators in pro bono basis.

I am also engaged to document the incident of human rights violation through conduct the fact finding investigation visiting the spot as well as issue urgent appeal/ action to make sensitise to the concerned authority regarding the specific human rights violation as well as issue press release and press statement.

I attended different capacity building training programme on health, human rights, legal rights and legal proceeding in national and international level. I also attend different seminar, meeting, and workshop in country and abroad.

I am the first ever lawyer in Bangladesh who moved the case against RAB & Military personnel alleging killing by torture on behalf of the aggrieved persons in pro bono basis. I am also the first person who raised the voice at Dutch parliament and European parliament for recognition of LGBT right in Bangladesh.

Furthermore, I presented many papers on legal & human rights issues in different seminar in country and abroad including Dutch Parliament and European Parliament.

A lot of article written by me has been published in diffrent electronic and print media including the Daily JaiJai Din, the Daily Manabzamin, the Daily Songram, Bangla News

I have been received repeated threats, death threats, intimidation, arbitrary arrest, detention, ill treatment, physically assult and harassment by the law and security personnel and also local powerful group due to activity and voice against torture, extra judicial killing, organized violence as well as ensuring ethnic, religious, social and sexual minority rights in Bangladesh.

I am awarded the JusticeMakers Fellowship 2010 by International Bridges to Justice (IBJ), Switzerland due to play vital role to protect and promote human rights especially torture, extrajudicial killing, ethnic, religious, political and sexual minority rights in Bangladesh.

My approach to legal aid is a community-centered: I work with different grassroots organizations, including peasant and farmer groups, industrial labourers and factory workers, small fishermen, women, children, minorities, urban poor and rural journalists. In its casework, I assist in cases of cruelty to women, children, minorities, torture, organized violence and gross violation of human rights. My programs and services include: (i) Legal Research: compiling, systematizing and monitoring laws, policies, pronouncements and other official acts which fall within my areas of concern; (ii) a Paralegal Training Programme; (iii) Legislative and Policy Reforms: helping grassroots organizations formulate and draft position papers, propose legislation and implement guidelines and bringing them to the attention of appropriate government authorities; (iv) Press-Pressure and Urgent Action: which involves generating publicity in different media about incidents of human rights violations, and letters of appeal to relevant agencies; (v) Fact-Finding missions to document human rights violations; and (vi) Legal Literacy: publication of handbooks and a training manual on human rights.

Legal Assistance:

I provide legal assistance being sympathetic and perceiving feelings by legal counseling and direct legal aid through releasing bay bail, file case against perpetrators, Public Interest Litigation (PIL) and. It’s target group the people who don not have access to justice due to their poor economic condition and lack of knowledge.

Direct Legal Aid:

The direct law support to victims is one of the important visible and sustainable activities by releasing the victims from jail/custody, filing case against perpetrators and also Public Interest Litigation (PIL) to promote and protect human rights of the people. I provides direct legal aid to file case against Law Enforcing Agencies (LEA).

Shahanur Records Another Success in his Bid to Free Bangladesh from Torture, JusticeMakers.IBJ.Org, January 10th, 2011

JusticeMaker Shahanur Islam Works to Resolve Case of Unlawful Arrest, JusticeMakers.IBJ.Org, October 20th, 2010

Warrants Issued for Arrest of Four Policemen Alleging Torture in Remand, JusticeMakers.IBJ.Org, September 23rd, 2010

Legal Counseling:

I provide legal counseling to the victim of violation by integrated legal awareness programme among the victims coming to me. As a legal expert, I provide information about existing legislation and rights given in our constitution and international human rights instrument regarding to make a victim empowered.

Fact-Finding and Investigation:

I observe the procedures to find the true torture victims and violation of human rights having verified through fact-finding process. Fact-finding helps to build a communication and an impartial report for the well being of the victims as well as to the justice as a document. Fact-finding is a process of verifying the allegations of torture and human rights violation whether the allegations are true or false. I prepare impartial report by conducting fact finding mission and disseminate it to concerned authority.

Urgent Appeal:

Urgent Appeal Programme is an important human rights tool and forma the core of the advocacy programme of me. I issues urgent appeal in national and international level by post fax and email on basis of fact finding report with the objective of disseminating timely and accurate information about individual incidents of human rights violation to as wide an audience as possible, thereby building international as well as local awareness and pressure towards their resolution


Urgent Appeal: Seeking Justice Through Proper Investigation, IndigenousPeoplesIssues.Com, October 18, 2010

Training, Seminar and Work Shop:

I always gives due importance of capacity to cope with critical complains of the victims of human rights violation. Moreover for creating social resistance against human rights violations, I conducts training, seminar and workshop among different professionals, students, survivors and its stuffs on human rights, good governance, peace, democracy and legal empowerment. I also attend difference training, seminar, workshop, meeting on legal and human rights as the part of my own capacity building.

Training on Torture and Human Rights in Bangladesh,JusticeMakers.Ibj.Org, October 25th, 2010

EU Conference on Protecting Minority Rights in South Asia, CHTArchive.Org, January 19, 2012

Minority Rights in South Asia in focus at Brussels conference, SASNET.Se.Lu, February 06, 2012

Symposium Grass root protection of minority rights, JusticeMakers.Ibj.Org, March 16, 2012

Lobbying, Campaign & Advocacy:

Lobbying for the removal of reservation of article 14 of the Convention against torture (CAT), articles 14, paragraphs 1 and 21 of CRC, art. 2 and art. 16 (1) © of CEDAW, ratification of the optional protocol of the CAT (OPCAT), Implementation of United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Declaration on human rights defenders is an on going Challenge of me. I take opportunity to conduct lobbying with government high authorities and diplomatic mission and also exchange views with professionals on these issues all over the country. I also continue awareness programme through observances of significant days as 26th June : UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, 8th March: International Women’s Day, 10th October: World Mental health Day, 9th August : International Indigenous People Day, 10th December: World Human Rights Day, 1st May: May Day, 5th June: World Environment Day, by conducting signature campaign, organized human chain, rally, view exchange and roundtable meeting on deference specific issues.


One of the important and vital activities of me is research through constant monitoring of human rights situation in Bangladesh which I disseminate through publication the “State of Human Rights”. I also publishe the report on monthly, quarterly and half-yearly basis to motivate the Govt. authority to take necessary action against the perpetrators and to create public opinion against human rights violation.


I run a documentation centre focusing on gathering data of human rights abuses from secondary sources, mainly local and national newspaper, and publishing the results of their findings in the human rights situation report of Bangladesh. At least 12 national newspapers, a number of local publications and news websites are screened daily for reports on human rights abusage and the article are clipped out and past into binders containing hundred of clippings. The information is transferred in to a computer database in the library of me. I also collect information from its direct source as like as local NGO, network members, fact finding team and victims themselves. There are several categories of documentation:

· Death, rape and torture by law enforcing agencies

· Violence against journalist and human rights defender

· Impunity of law enforcing agencies

· Violence against women and children

· Dowry related domestic violence

· Organized violence by political party

· Repression on ethnic and religious minority

· Abuse of National security laws

· Verdict and execution of death sentence

· Violence against law enforcing agencies

· Human Rights situation in CHT

· Border conflict

· Acid violation

· Custodial death


Using social media like blog and facebook as weapon against human rights violation and also for the dissemination of knowledge and sharing of
experience relating to human rights violation among the readers. I publishes monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annually human rights situation report regularly. In addition of these, I publish leaflet, poster, sticker, handbill, research papers and books occasionally.

2010 JusticeMaker Shahanur Islam publishes flyer, JusticeMakers.IBJ.Org,June 3rd, 2011

Good Governance:

To ensure good governance is one of the most focuses of me. I believes that ensuring good governance is impossible with our protecting human rights and vice versa. I organize seminars, symposiums, view exchanges, signature campaigns, and discussions to promote the issue of good governance in Bangladesh.

Institution Building:

Prevention should be invoked first before get it cures because ‘prevention is better than cure’. I organizs a unique process as preventive program against anti-human right activities specially torture by the law enforcing agencies and organised violence.


I maintain a close relationship and cooperation with other human rights organizations, local foreign embassy, different professionals and individuals in national and international level for getting supports for the prevention of human rights violation. To maintain constant relation and cooperation, I meet local lawyers association, doctors association, NGO leaders, journalists association and other professionals. I also work with other international organization like REDRESS- London, IRCT- Copenhagen, OMCT- SOS Torture network, Amnesty International-London, Human Rights Watch-New York, CPJ, IFJ, GHRD- Netherlands, AHRC- Hong Kong, IFEX, ACHR-India, CHRI-India, Hotline Asia and UN human rights boy etc.

Hot Line:

I develop a hot line for receiving information of human rights violations quickly through network members, victims and members of their family or any other person. This is open all the time so that I could initiates actions as soon as possible after the incidents happen from remotest part of the country. The Hot line Number is +88 017 20308080

(Artika Singh) #23

Greetings All from Fiji Islands!

My name is Artika Singh and i work as a Research Officer under the Gender and Transitional Justice Programme at Fiji Women’s Rights Movement. I am also a legal practitioner by profession.

Currently i am working on the Balancing the Scales: Improving Fijian Women’s Access to Justice. Through this research project we are looking at the barriers which exist in our community for women accessing the justice system. Last year we published our research report. This year we are continuing with the research as well as organizing community info sessions with the community leaders to share the research findings as well as basic legal literacy sessions.

I would need assistance in improving our community empowerment programs.

I learnt about Nemati through Legal Empowerment Leadership Course 2018.

Hoping to learn and share with you all.

Kind Regards,


(Ailey Hughes) #24

Hello, everyone!

I’m excited to join the community from Seattle. I am a Land Tenure Specialist and Project Lead, currently with Landesa. Our mission is to secure land rights for the world’s poorest women and men. I am particularly interested in learning more about paralegal programs and how they might work in rural Liberia, where access to up-to-date land rights information and lawyers for land rights support is very difficult.

I look forward to learning and discussing more.


(Isis Teixeira) #25

Hi Tobias,

My name is Isis. I am a lawyer graduated by the University of São Paulo, Law School of Ribeirão Preto, Brazil. Since graduation I have developed research about social enterprises. Currently I’m a researcher in Law and Development (with focus in social enterprises and microcredit) of master’s degree program offered by University of São Paulo, Law School of Ribeirão Preto. I have delivered the dissertation in July and currently wait the defense board.

(Sofia Suarez) #26

Hello! I’m Sofía Suárez from Ecuador. I’m a legal environmental consultant and lately have been working in analyzing the advances regarding the Rights of Nature. I am really exited to join this group and learn from all of you and your work. All the best.

(Ali Hassan) #27

Welcome all, this is suitable forum for Legal Empowernment

(Azah Jackline Chey) #28

Hello Tobias, I am delighted to be part of this network, I and my team at Bridgers Association Cameroon are currently working on these four key areas: Women empowerment, Water Sanitation and Hygiene, Human Rights & Citizenship, Agriculture & Environmental Education.

We currently have a water project on the Global Giving Accelerator platform. I humbly plead with the members of this network to donate in support of our project by clicking this link: Save a Drinking Water Source From Germs - GlobalGiving Our project online ends on October 2, 2018. Thank you all for supporting Bridgers Association Cameroon. We will delightfully inform this great network of our next move and what we are working on at each stage.

(Tobias Eigen) #29

Great! It’s a pleasure to have you in our community, @azah! I moved your reply into a public topic to help spread the word about your global giving campaign - I know global giving well and am a big fan.

You can also introduce your project by starting a new topic about it, or by contributing to existing topics that are related to your work. Use the :fa_search: search to find them! I know you are very focussed on your fundraising campaign right now, but you will have more success as a member of this network by contributing to and improving discussions and sharing your learnings and knowledge with fellow members.

You can also join the justice for all global campaign, which is all about improving access to financing for our field. Take a look at where you can sign the petition and access a toolkit for being part of the campaign. My colleague @cocolammers can advise you further.

(Barnabas Kaniki) #30

Hello Tobias,

This is Adv. Barnabas Kaniki, human rights Lawyer from Tanzania. i work with Tanzania Women Lawyers Association as a coordinator of paralegal programs. Am happy to be part of this movement in ensuring justice for all. Currently my works focusing on women land rights, fight against child marriage, juvenile justice and sexual reproductive health rights. We employ multiple approaches addressing these issues, including strategic litigation, capacity building, community engagement and provision of free legal aid services for women and children.

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(Marlon Manuel) #31

Hi Karry, welcome to the Network!

(Ali Hassan) #32

Welcome, it is my view that your experience on legal empowerment will be advantage for us.

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