New Member Introductions (February 3rd 2022 - February 16th 2022)

I am Saidur Rahman, obtained a Master’s degree in Political Science from Dhaka College under National University and obtained Bachelor of Law (LL.B) degree from Central Law College under National University and obtained Bachelor of Arts degree from Dhaka College under Dhaka University. I have gathered experience for over 30 years, about 30 years exclusively in human rights, legal empowerment, community engagement, training, project management, and awareness campaigns. Since the service’s inception, I have worked in research, human rights, legal aid, community engagement, awareness campaign, and fund management. I have worked with Oxfam, NILG, IRB, TIB, Uttaran, Shushilan, RDRS, BNWLA, World Bank, ADB, JICA, and others as the Consultant. During 30 years of experience in the human rights and legal empowerment field, I have worked with BRAC, Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK), DFID-EEP, UNDP-AVCB, and British Council-P4D Project as a staff.


Hi all, my name is Tess Peacock. I believe that to move South Africa to be a more equal country, powerful organising rooted in community struggles against racial and economic exclusion must be galvanised and supported. I recently founded the Equality Collective, and aim to work with community groups across the poorest municipalities in the Eastern Cape to build a rural justice network fighting for ukulingana nokulingana ngoku (‘Real Equality Now!’). Having worked as a passionate lawyer and advocate of education and early childhood development rights and services, I am committed to challenging power in the pursuit of greater equity and justice.

I have a B.Soc.Sci in Politics, Philosophy and Economics as well as an LLB from UCT and an LLM from Harvard University. I am the current Treasurer of Equal Education, a 2019/20 Atlantic Fellow for Racial Equity and a Salzburg Global Fellow


Boa tarde,

Prezados parceiros!

Espero que esteja de óptima saúde e de terem tido uma boa jornada laboral.

Escrevo-vos no sentido de proceder algum comentário relativo ao meu nome,está escrito Joomisselodasilva quando é João Misselo da Silva.

Portanto gostava de solicitar os vossos bons ofícios para responderem essa preocupação.


João Misselo da Silva-Membro

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Hi @SaidurRahman and @TessPeacock , thank you for joining the introduction and sharing with us your amazing work! Here are some lists of things you might find interesting to do in the forum:

  • Exploring the forum and the discussions that are taking place at the moment.
  • Exploring the Resource Library , where you will find resources about legal empowerment & access to justice.
  • Exploring the Network’s Member Directory and connect with like minded individuals from across the world!

Hi João Misselo da Silva thank you for joining the introduction and sharing your comment. Your name was written as @JooMisselodaSilva because we are tagging your username so you get the notification. Let us know anytime if you have any questions!


Bom dia,

Estimados parceiros!

Espero que estejam de óptima saúde e continuação boa jornada laboral.

Estou satisfeito pela comunicação partilhada por V.Exª


João Misselo da Silva-Director Executivo da Organização Humanitária Internacional-OHI

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Greetings. I am prince Papa, based in Nairobi-Kenya. currently working with Laudato Si Movement as the Africa programs coordinator. Find me on Twitter


I will have a look. Look forward to being apart of the network!


Hi everyone. My name is Frank D. Washington from Liberia Youth For Progressive Change,a registered youths humanitarian organization in the Republic of Liberia. I’m the founder of this organization, that is striving to promote Justice for the youthful population in especially, the rural communities in Liberia. I am a paralegal officer of the Durbor Law Firm on Carey Street and a child right advocate for less fortunate children and disadvantages youths. I’m glad to be a part of this team and promised to work effectively with the team members in reaching justice to those who are greatly affected by injustice in Liberia, Africa and the world.

With great respect

Frank D. Washington CEO LYPC


Hello! Nice to meet you all on this platform!

We are Solidarity 2020 and Beyond (S2020B)

S20202B is an international, locally-led network of grassroots campaigns and movements from 70+ countries representing more than 100 movements around the world. It was founded and built by requests and voices of seasoned grassroots activists and organizers utilizing strategic nonviolent action and resistance to create systemic change for peace, justice, freedom and dignity in their communities. Solidarity 2020 and Beyond acts as convener and connector and help to amplify their voices and provide leverage and linkages to partners and resources that are difficult to access at the grassroots.

Our activists, or as we call them the Global Grassroots Activist Network (GGAN) members work on multiple issues, including the climate crisis, environmental justice, the rights of the marginalised, land rights and indigenous rights, women’s rights and gender justice, anti-corruption, self-determination, and democratisation. . Many of the organizers and activists utilize various tactics and strategies of legal empowerment to enhance their work, support and protect HRDs, provide legal assistance and knowledge to vulnerable communities, provide jail and courtroom solidarity, provide bail money, and utilize private legal firms, UN missions, UN and regional rapporteurs that are key to successful struggles. They bravely fight for social justice with various strategies like monitoring violation of rights, documenting land rights as well as providing legal aid when possible. Their work often focuses on educating the local communities but also reaching out to us and the ongoing growing network we are building together to ultimately raise awareness not only on the local level but on a global scale too.

We are excited to be part of this community sharing knowledge and learning from each other’s experiences and lessons learned is key to the fight for justice and we would love to connect with you in this journey of making the world a better place.

Here are our social media handles and website if you want to learn more! @s2020b | Linktree


Hello everyone. My name is Mimi Marton. I’m the clinical director at the university of tulsa college of law. We have launched a new clinic that provides legal services to north Tulsa, the community that was the target of the 1922 Tulsa Race Massacre and subsequent urban renewal projects. The university has been viewed as an elite/non diverse institution that is now setting community engagement as a goal. The Buck Colbert Franklin Legal Clinic is a big piece of that. I’m learning how to partner with the community in a way that legal empowerment talks about. Looking forward to these connections.


Thank you @PrincePapa @TessPeacock @FrankDWashington @ElectraLennartsson and @MimiMarton9 for joining the introduction and sharing about your work! We are really excited to have all of you join us. Please feel free to share your work or questions in this forum. We always share activity updates here or in our mailer, so we look forward to your engagement!

Currently we have opened a Gender Justice survey to help us determine our gender justice agenda, if this is a relevant theme in your work area, we highly value your input !


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Receive more greetings from YADO Organization.

I am Ruvako Victor Nyereza Founder and Executive Director of local NGO called Youths Anti-Drugs Organization (YADO). The Organization was founded by Ruvako Victor Nyereza from 2019 who aimed at helping our community or Society against Drugs Abuse and wants lift up people who have dreamed to live well with their society but they fail due to different obstacles. Thus, at YADO we seek to help people affected with drug abuse (from refugees host community) to access strongly Education, Health care, Economics, Raise up Business planning which help them to fight against three enemies namely poverty, ignorance and diseases. We provide tertiary Education through Mobilize, Educate and Support. All the same, Youths anti-drugs organization will help them against Drugs abuse through the different Objectives, Mission and Vision such as.


To Closing and removing or eradicating gaps and differences between drug addicts and today’s independent society for sustainable development.


To provide health education, treatment and improve the lives of the beneficiaries and even the economy especially people of all kinds affected by drugs to reduce or eliminate stigma, poverty, poor health and lack of quality education using the concept of advocacy and participation within Tanzanian society.


  • Awareness to the Drugs Victims and Advocacy of Groups of Marginalized Drug Abuse in the Communities.
  • Establishment of health Centers, dispensaries, Hospitals and building Exercise Centers (Sober House) to prevent and treat the drug addicted people and associated diseases effects.
  • To provide Community health partnership, Social care and improve lives of the Tanzanians.
  • To make research to identify the Drug addicted people in community, effects of the drugs and other associated diseases.
  • To conduct anti-drug campaigns for people in the community to facilitate knowledge and decision-making essential for health ecosystems.


YADO is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded by Youth, which is now making great efforts to liberate Tanzanian society from the critical steps of respecting, protecting, recognizing and ratifying key agreements and initiatives aimed at recognizing and building strong capacity and foundations. Tanzanian society especially people of all backgrounds affected by Drugs, including Women and children for their future lives.

Tanzania has various groups of people who are affected by drugs, especially youth, elderly, women and children, living in vulnerable situations. Tanzania as a Nation also has various Strategies and Techniques to ensure the entire Tanzanian community should have access to essential health and education services especially Children, Youth, Women and the Elderly affected by Drugs. These Government efforts should be supported by Individuals, Non-Governmental Organizations and various National and International Institutions, so that the Tanzanian community can achieve greater aspirations for self-reliance and strong self-reliance, and this is why YADO is focused. To free society from the heavy wave of drug abuse and to plug the many sources that lead a person into the system or into the drug network, such as the sources of drug abuse are lack of education, family history and Environment. The Youths Anti-Drugs Organization supports the great efforts made by the Government and other National and International Organizations especially in helping the Community as YADO aims in parallel with other Institutions as Drugs are affecting and increasingly affecting People’s Health to a great extent. Thus the Organization calls for Cooperation to ensure that the Society receives the Right and Productive Rights for the whole Society.

We all have a responsibility to realize that the Tanzanian society, especially children, youth, women and the elderly who are affected by drugs, have the right to live in a better and more organized environment. This is because, a nation that does not allow all social groups to share their national cake is tantamount to organizing angry, desperate, life-threatening and life-threatening groups as soon as they are found to have been treated unfairly. Either by Parents, Guardians, Community or Nation. Recognizing this fact, YADO (Youths Anti-Drugs Organization) aims to lead efforts to help groups of all kinds of people affected by Drugs and those living in high-risk situations, and Women (mothers) and children who show resilience. Solid foundations for their future lives.

YADO is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that is not involved in religion or politics. This Constitution will enable the organization to be legally recognized, to seek support and support from National and International Organizations and to receive support from various Government and Private Institutions for the development of beneficiaries.

If you have question, I would be happy to provide you with more information about our programs more specifically YADO programs.

Thank you for your time and considerations.

Best regards,

Ruvako Victor Nyereza

Youths Anti-drugs Organization (YADO)

Kasulu, Kigoma – Tanzania.

Executive Director.

my name . Ibrahim Hamadamin Sorkan , Legal , head of legal part at Real Estate Registration directors , from kurdistan , part of Iraq , sulaimanya / Rania , Chwarqurna . thank you


Hello everybody. I hope you all are doing well. I am Sneha kataria from India. I am a corporate lawyer with a work experience of 3 years. I have done specialisation in business and corporate law in Symbiosis University Pune. I am currently doing Masters in Business Administration. I am passionate about my work. I have worked for rights of children, women and other areas. I believe as a lawyer it’s our duty to serve the society and here by trying to do my part as a lawyer. Would love to be join the team and provide services.


Dear All,

It is a pleasure to join this network.

My background:

Annahita’s developing international law casework involves a range of mechanisms including the EU Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime, diplomatic protection; and communications before the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, the UN Committee Against Torture, and the African Commission and Human and Peoples’ Rights. The legal issues concerned in her cases include arbitrary detention, due process interferences and fair trial rights, torture, unlawful killings, and human rights to natural resources and land. Annahita is an associate lecturer at Goldsmiths (University of London) focusing on Articles 6, 8 and 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Annahita reads UN Human Rights Systems, Regional Human Rights Systems, International Criminal Justice, and International Humanitarian Law at the University of Nottingham’s Human Rights Law Centre. Annahita studied Hindu Law, Chinese Law, Islamic Law, Legal Systems of Asia and Africa, and Law and Society in South Asia at the School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London); strengthening her multidisciplinary approach in cases concerning MENA and Asian countries. Annahita has been recognised by Advocate, the charity of the UK Bar supported by the Bar Council, as completing the Pro Bono Challenge for her legal services in cases concerning international law.

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My name is Alu Azege from Nigeria. I am a woman and in the business of communicating real life and shared African stories of women and how their sexual reproductive health and Rights presently ensue. I work at Media, Health and Rights Initiative of Nigeria- MHR as the director where we effectively run a vibrant digital Community of about 1milion Nigerians on a platform called Love Matters Naija-LMN. At LMN, we create and facilitate user-led and moderated spaces which allow these young people to not only be heard but also to reshape boundaries and socio-cultural norms that underpin knowledge and power relations. This exponentially contributes to empowerment, locally owned reforms and sustainable social change at various levels of the society.

As an informational and educational platform, we work closely with service providers. We refer our community members to SRHR providers, legal service providers and other times to youth friendly security service providers.

I am super glad to be here and expecting to network, collaborate and partner with like minds.


Hello everyone my is name Badmus Bidemi am for Nigeria I’m just a regular girl who is trying to make a leaving for his siblings so I work as a business owner I’m glad to join this platform so I will look forward to it thank you everyone

Hello My names are Peter Kachama. I am Zambian national. I am the founder and Chief Executive officer for Petget Legal and General Consultancy. I am a holder of Master of Laws in International and Human Rights Law, holder of Degree in Law and a Degree in Philosophy and Social Sciences.

My organisation started operating in March, 2020 and its main object is to advocate for people’s rights in various issues affecting them. Particular attention is to the women and the youths, especially those who are marginalised in different set ups. We mostly work in the remotest areas where no one can expect to reach. We have so far reached to almost 100, 000 peoples across the country.

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Fantastic Peter, Welcome to the platform of “Hope”

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