New Member Introductions (June 2nd 2022 - June 15th 2022)

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@Lerato Rabatho (Lesotho)


Nous sommes la Synergies des Initiatives et Actions Communautaire pour le Développement Intégral, en abrégé «SIACODI ». Une organisation créée en 2013 sans but lucratif, apolitique, non gouvernementale et non partisane de droit congolais, qui travaille pour la défense, la protection et la promotion des droits de l’Homme en générale celui des femmes et des peuples autochtones pygmées en particulier.

Actuellement nous sommes avec l’appui du gouvernement Canadien dans son programme Voix et Leadership des Femmes (WVL) nous sommes en train de mettre en œuvre le projet d’Appui au renforcement de la participation des femmes dans les organes de prise de décision communautaire et local dans le territoire de BOLOMBA province de l’Equateur en RDC. Il est question de renforcer les capacités et la compréhension des femmes sur les textes juridiques nationaux et internationaux consacrant leur émancipation ; sur l’identification et le suivi des violations des leurs droits ainsi qu’à les appuyer dans le plaidoyer sur les respects et la promotion de leurs droits aux niveaux des instances communautaire et local.

Hi all

We are the Synergies of Community Initiatives and Actions for Integral Development, abbreviated as “SIACODI”. A non-profit, apolitical, non-governmental and non-partisan organization created in 2013 under Congolese law, which works for the defense, protection and promotion of human rights in general, that of women and indigenous Pygmy peoples in particular.

Currently, we are with the support of the Canadian government in its Women’s Voice and Leadership (WVL) program we are implementing the Support project to strengthen women’s participation in community decision-making bodies and local in the territory of BOLOMBA province of Equateur in the DRC. It is a question of strengthening the capacities and understanding of women on national and international legal texts devoting their emancipation; on the identification and monitoring of violations of their rights as well as supporting them in advocacy on the respect and promotion of their rights at the level of community and local authorities.

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Am Keneth Abaho from Kampala Uganda Am so excited to have joined here Am hopeful to learn alot concerning youth. Thank you.

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I am Thomas Adetunji, a final year law student, (Olabisi Onabanjo University,Nigeria)skilled in writing,advocacy,Research,Copy writing. I joined this network so as to be opportuned to connect with fellow practitioners from around the world,and to learn from them,and also to add value.

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I am Erickson Aboka, an activist and human right defender working with marginalized communities in the informal settlements of Western Kenya with focus on Putting peolple first and the core of realization of human Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. My works focus on bridging the gap between the duty bearers and right holder, thus promoting safe and inclusive dialogues. i have designed and fundraised for several projects that works on eliminating forced eviction, promoting women land rights for productivity and human rights and governance. I am more passionate of sustainable human rights works through promoting legal education and international law. i studied international politics and helps the community understanding how politics should integrate with human rights gains and works. Support my work to build a safer space from this end.

I am Erickson Aboka and i work with Kisumu Social Rights Association (KISORA) which is a network of human right grass root lobby groups founded in March 2007 with the main objective of coordinating and undertaking community-led collective human rights’ campaigns. It further aims to enhance the capacity of vulnerable community members (Women, people with disability, those affected and infected by HIV/AIDS, Orphans and Vulnerable children) to effectively and directly advocate for their economic social and cultural rights. It does these “Through mobilizing communities to positively influence policies, laws and practices that deny people their fundamental rights”. So far Networking and collaboration with partners and communities with shared objectives has been the drive for our achievements. We believe in community organizing and putting people first in the discourse of human rights

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