New Member Introductions (March 17th 2022 - March 30th 2022)

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We are happy to have you join the Legal Empowerment Network. This is a space to connect with fellow practitioners from around the world; keep in touch for solidarity, learning, sharing, and collaboration.

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Hi…this is Bushra Ahmad Kutty from Kerala, Ernakulam, India who has completed my L.L.B. five year course and is working as a paralegal cum lawyer here . I am currently doing an internship here at Kerala Legal Services Authority KELSA. Hence I would like to get an offer letter or Internship letter from Canada, U.S. or U.K., or Africa. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. _warmly, Bushra Ahmad Kutty


Hello Dear Community, We are delighted to count ourselves among you. I am AYITE Sewa-Nyo of Togolese nationality. I am a doctoral student in law at the University of Lomé. My research focuses on Indigenous peoples and public international law This is the reason why I decided to join Legal Empowerment Network. Thank you.


This is so incredible. First of all I am thinking each and every member of legal Empowerment network for creating such usfull platform and giving us opportunity to speak.

I am Final year law student with alot of ambition , I done my internship in district court. After that I stopped my work, and I ask myself , what I really want? I took good amount of time to understand to learn and I am still learning , I want to work for people with the people, I believe in ’ if we want to change the world, we are the one who should take first initiate towards the work ’ and that’s the reason I joined this network, to meet new people who have same vision as me , to learn new , to teach and to be taught. I don’t have much experience of work , but I genuinely feel working with this network give me new lead and I can give as much as I can, to this network. Thank you.


Hi everyone! I am very pleased to be here with all of you!

Well, I am researcher based in Brazil (Campinas, São Paulo) at the International Accountability Project, which is an international CSO defending human and environmental rights around the world. I mostly work in Latin America and in the Caribbean but I am also involved global researches and advocacy processes.

I look forward to exchanging knowledge and experiences with you in this wonderful network!

Best, Gustavo


Hi everyone,

My name’s Josselin Bandu Mikindo, president & CEO of Blessed Aid. I am a human rights defender from, Goma, North Kivu province, in Democratic Republic of Congo. I am very happy to be one of the members of this big community. Through Blessed Aid, I’ve been working to help victims of ordinary and international crimes receive legal support. I help members of our community receive legal empowerment and then prepare them to go to court in order to give their testimonies during public trials. I hope to know more from you through this platform. I love you all.

Warmly yours, Josselin


Hi dear members.

My name is Joseph Tettey Afangbe Founder and Executive Director of the Young Visionary Leaders Ghana. Young Visionary Leaders Ghana is a Youth Led Non-Governmental Organization that promote fundamental Human Rights in Ghana. I expect to learn from likeminded practitioners on this noble network. Thank you.


My name is Timothy Timinipre Ikidi and am a certified Community Paralegal working with JEI in Port-Harcourt Rivers State Nigeria, and my work is providing free legal services for the Urban poor. I love my work and am passionate about it. Presently were working on a forced eviction case, where 13 Community’s of waterfront dweller’s, mostly fishermen and petty traders, were displaced by the River’s State Government of Nigeria and their houses demolished without compensation or prior information on an eviction notice. We’re presently at the High Court in Port-Harcourt Rivers State Nigeria and seeking for compensation for the victims.

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@MichaelEhiem I am a new member, I am Nigerian based in Germany and I look forward to contributing positively to this great network.

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Hello everyone, i am new here. I look forward to quite a positive engagement with you all. Device ways on how best we can better the society and boost democracy. We are tired of silence, its about time we acted, its time for change.


Thanks Linda, democracy is in my heart cuz of the coming elections in my country Nigeria and I’ll like to share ideas on what role we need to play to better the electoral system of my country. Violence and election rigging are always playing a negative part and politicians have devices money politics and vote buying is now the order of the day. How can we support credible candidates to occupy elected offices, who would bring development and a better living conditions for our people by implementing good policy’s and programs to support the Urban poor instead of taxes and inhumane law’s. These and many more positive way forward I like to discuss.


I am glad we share the same sentimental thoughts . In about 3 months, Kenya will also be holding general elections. Sadly, rigging is the order since 2007 elections when we lost so many lives and still, the international court of justice intervened, however, the case is still in court to date, because most of the witnesses were silenced either by murder or money. Media is silenced especially if it doesn’t support a particular candidate. Sometimes media is also regarded as the voice of the people (the non-bias media).

On ways to support ine another, given that both countries are ruled by corrupt governments, this is where international actors, and i mean the non state actors come in to echo the voice of the people. Good people are still out there who fight for democracy, good leaders do exist as well. Recently, we concluded nominations and in the Western part of Kenya, citizens held a fundraising to support a young lady instead of a rich well known candidate, because they saw leadership in her.

It all levels down to having one voice, unity.

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Linda, democracy is the best way forward but in Africa and mostly in Nigeria, so many factors have hindered the development of our democracy and that is where we come in, to find international support to help our democracy grow in the right direction. I believe we can get it right in the mist of oppression and lack of freedom of expression to air out views without being persecuted and labelled an opposition for speaking out the truth and trying to see things done the right way. I believe a lot can be done if we head in the right direction and the right people. Thanks for responding and hope to hear from you again

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Well i couldn’t agree more. Democracy is key.

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Hello Dear colleagues I hope you are doing well?

Please we are seeking support to help our organization that . We are helping refugees women and girls and host communities and those with physical disabilities through free training skills and other languages. We teach them skills like : art and craft make-up, hair dressing fashion and design basic business basic computers soap training . etc… and for children we do computer training football training art others languages those boys and girls to 5-18 years they are from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Burundi, DRcongo South Sudan, Sudan, and Rwandese Others come from host communities clean energy with women.and girls victims of violence and those with disability under our project who have been badly affected by the effects of Covid19 on their education and livelihoods Thank you and hope to hear from you . team

Mr kapalakasa zelo chiley founder executive director of refugee together for social transformation

this is our website

instagram: rtstuganda Twitter: @rtstuganda