New Member Introductions (November 5th 2021 - November 17th 2021)

Hi caryn, Greetings, it is good to hear of your great and noble work. You are not alone in this field, you are with Circles of Hope Community Support for PLHIV/AIDS based in Lusaka-Zambia. May the good Lord be with you in this great work.

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Hi Everyone!

My name is Alicia Dyck and I am from Canada. I am excited to learn about legal empowerment as I am working on filling out an application for the Legal Empowerment Fund for an organization I have been working with.

Look forward to learning!




This is Ariong Geoffrey Lokol from Kenya. I am excited to learn about Governance and Advocacy. am very happy to be part of this network and ready to learned, Share, and Collaborate. Thanks


I am a commercial mediator and arbitrator from Toronto Canada and am now based in Vietnam and am accredited by the Ministry of Justice of Vietnam as a commercial I am the vice director of VEMC mediation in Vietnam I teach an online Negotiation Mastery course at Harvard Business School Online and USIP United Institute for Peace I am an accredited guest lecturer teaching negotiation skills at several law schools in Vietnam. I have conducted grassroots mediation in Vietnam for land disputes and offer the course on the Instant Mediations Academy where I am an instructor and featured in several mediation podcasts Here is a link Instant Mediations

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thank you all i appreciate meeting with members of this forum .