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I am Anthony Aidoo from Ghana, an NGO Executive with Communities Forestry And Social Development International and an agribusiness student.I am into environmental sustainability and justice and community,social development and livelihood empowerment


Hi my name is Millicent Wayua from Kenya am a humanitarian working NGO’s in Kenya and interested in policy advocacy,women and children rights as well as gender equality and data


Hi Everyone,

My name is Peter Hagono from Kenya. I’m a Psychological Counselor, working with an NGO in Nairobi. My areas of interest are LGBTQIA+ and sex worker rights. I’m glad to be part of this wonderful family.

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Peter, can I ask you a question?

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Kelechukwu Okezie (NEW Foundation Nigeria). Hello everyone, I am Dr Kelechukwu Okezie, the Projects Lead, Neighbourhood Environment Watch Foundation. I am a social entrepreneur, environmentalist and human rights defender. I love traveling, reading and making friends.


Hi Madison,

Yes. You are free to ask me questions.


Dear Peter,

I would like help in involving human rights, and cyber experts from Africa, to help me. The things that happened to me hurt me so bad, I cry every day. I miss my only male child, He is gone forever.

Another part that really leaves a scar in heart, is to witness people that are in positions of power break the law to deny your human rights----its terrifying. I wish, I never had witnessed that, but anyhow, ideally, I pray to the GODS, or God, to help me find professionals that are 1000 times smarter than the people that hurt me, and my son Robert, so that they can be identified, and ultimately, helped. I believe these people are worse off than me. They need serious Help.

Also, I wanted to know, if you wanted to help me by providing your services? Sadly, throughout history, people who have money often times, make their victims seem mentally unstable because that way they do not have to be identified for the true sick, people that they are, so they blame the victim. I have to prepare myself on all fronts, because they will attempt to hurt me in that way. I don’t want you go against your professional opinion, so, lets say we were to work together for a while, and that your professional opinion was that I was not suffering from delusions or psychozophrenia or some similar condition, then, we could continue to work together. I need mental health professionals that will tell their truth. I am not suffering from those debilitating conditions, instead, I have been a victim of sadists, and seriously sick persons. No matter what they say, I have never done not even 1/10th of what they have done to me and my only child—hurt, us very badly, and we don’t even know who they are, and why they have spent so much time, planning to hurt us—very sad.

How are you? Have you ever been denied serious human rights? I was denied medical care twice, its been tough.

Wishing you wellness, and perhaps,you can offer mental health services, that will continue if you agree that I am not making these things up in my mind. If you do, then, I would not continue our work together. Your honest professional opinion is what I seek, and let me remind you, these people, are excellent at purchasing what they want to hear, and they will recruit you, so, you must promise you will not take their money to ruin my life further. I sound a bit paranoid, but they did that with the lawyer they hired, I was stunned, the attorney, helped them break the law. He did so, by allowing them, to omit the evidence, which would have saved me so much harm. Then, when the hearing was over, the attorney attacked me, personally and it was disappointing and super sad.

By the way, I am here to help, if there is anything I can help you with. Madison


I am currently cyber stalked, so the cyber criminals change the wording of my emails, sometimes. I really need for independent teams of people to get my digital evidence, then analyze it, so that the corrupt players are not able to hide their crime. It is such a breach of my rights to use the internet and to have privacy, yet, as I write this message to you, I do not, and I have reached out to many cyber professionals, and cyber law enforcement officials. Interestingly, when they have responded, the intensity of criminal activity, and lack of access to the email account that I was reached by the cyber police was not made accessible to me.

Its is hard and painful to be me, and to be stalked. Bye Peter

Hi Madison,

Thank you for your responses. How can I reach you by email? I would be willing to help where I can.



Nice, great, I am happy ton hear most importantly, I need to get support, its not my fault, I did nothing to have people harm me, where is there evidence of my horrible crime.

Peter, I wish I could turn back the time, and never ever had seen or experience, people being so cruel to me, and I had done nothing to them, for them to want to hurt and humiliate me, kill my child, and my cat, plants, steal every last thing I owned. Then, they attempt to play the blame game and use mental health of the victim, or in my case their perceived idea, or maybe they want to lie, to protect themselves from criminal convictions, so they will destroy me, to avoid consequences. In fact, they punish me for defending myself, imagine that, I am crying, its so horrible and sad.

My email is, sometimes, the cyber attacks are so intense, that I am unable to access my email, if that should happen wait until I reach out to you, or try this alternate email: Bless you, and believe me, yes, I amnervous, live in fear of being shot like my son, my heart aches, I may not concentrate as well as I did, but everything I mentiolned is based on facts, not delusions, no mercy is given to people like me, my son gets killed, then I am seriously harmed, and on top of it all, I have ensure that I am not blamed for something I did not do, and to prevent being hospitalized, for a condition, I do not have because protecting dangerous people, is more important, than keeping other people safe. Moreover, the people that hurt me need help,more than me. They hurt others, animals, the environment for no reason, they too need our attention, otherwise, the problems will continue, if we always allow the vulnerable person to take the blame, how can these behaviors that seriously harm others be stopped? Te conversation, about dehumanizing behaviors, and policies, need to be centered at addressing, without punishment, strategies, to help these people. I mean, wanting money and resources, so its fine to kill thousand of people just is not an excuse that any part of the world will accept. No one has the right to deny another life because they want to be rich. If so, then, that person, and enablers need help. One thing, i have learned about myself, is that as crappy of a person, that I maybe, I am not capable of even thinking or planning to harm a person I don/t know and that has never harmed me. Even when harmed by others, I dont want to hurt the abuser back because I know better, a little psychology, sociology, and, not only am I grateful to be me in this sense, but as suprising as this sounds, it is going to be victims, like me, that have felt the burn, of people that are seriously in PAIN, have serious scars from the harm others have done to them, that they cannot stop causing others pain, such as vulnerable people. Yes, as a result of all the terrifying experiences, I have concluded that the person harming others, or perpetrator needs our support, to stop, lessen, the harm they cause people to suffer. I am not saying to not support the victim, but letting people that hurt others, hide their disease, or conditions based on false evidence, such as if person A is alive, I am damaged, or at risk of not having a life or being. Better yet, if A gets resources, then, I am going to loose mine. There are facts that prove the thoughts that might lead a person to commit hateful and hurtful acts towards the poor, weak, elderly, or disabled person, is not thinking based on real facts.

I can rant about this, but sadly, its going to be people like me, that will have to prevent crimes like the ones I suffered, and yes, the criminals, need our attention, the problem has two or more participants, during the denial of human rights, of another or others. Lets look at all the participants, and find positive , non punitive, healing, revitalizing, solutions to lessen the pain, some of us have in our bodies, and minds.

What do you think? Maybe, you may feel the perps cannot heal? They can learn to manage…

Hello all, I am Hassan currently residing in Indonesia. I want to learn more and get improved. best wishes for all

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hello all, am Steve currently residing in kisii Kenya i wish to make friends all over the world who can be ready to support MT EVEREST CHILDREN’S HOME in Kenya

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Hi, I’m Fin Ultrami from Jakarta, Indonesia. I work at SUAKA, an organization for refugee’s protection in Indonesia.


@OsbornGatugbe Chief Director of Osbrain Foundation, a non-profit organization in the Ho West of the Volta Region of Ghana. I envision a community in which teenage mothers will have the power to lift themselves out of poverty and create vital, healthy lives for themselves and their families and the neighborhoods now and in the future. We are working to empower women and girls, especially adolescent mothers through education, mentoring, advocacy, skills training, scholarships, and micro-business support.

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Welcome to the space hope, happy festival perod

Hello All, I am Richard N. Sam a Liberian by nationality. I work for the Sustainable Development Institute (SDI) a Liberian-based NGO. I work on natural resource governance and management with over 9 years of hands-on experience in managing forests, biodiversity, land, and policy that underpins natural resource governance and management in Liberia, focusing on community rights and corporate governance.


Well come Richard to the place of Hope

Dear LEN,

I am glad to be part and work to help change our world.


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Thanks. I look forward to collective work to achieve social, economic, and environmental justice.