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Thank you Thin Thin! I graduated from Catholic university of South Sudan with a Bachelor of science in economics, and currently am working for an indigenious organization called Child intensive-education, legal and development support (CHILDS - South Sudan) as a country monitoring and evaluation director. Our interventions include child right advocates, community awareness on human rights and child protection mainstream, governance, livelihood empowerment and emergency response across the country. We are heart searching for partnership with other humanitarian networks so we will thrive together for a better future. Am very happy to meet you and I hope I will work hand in hand with you to help our vulnerable communities with such scarcity resources in east Africa. Thank you once again.


My name is Prosper Tiringindi a Zimbabwean human rights defender working at Masvingo Residents Forum as an advocate officer.MRF is an organisation that campaigns for transparency and public accountability in the delivery of social services in the Masvingo province of south-eastern Zimbabwe. The group advocates for the improvement of the socio-economic rights of communities in the province by supporting projects to reduce poverty and support sustainable development, and organising peaceful demonstrations demanding good governance from the Masvingo authorities. I really want to appreciate the work being done with other human rights defenders around the world to ensure that there is justice and also appreciate Legal Empowerment Networking for creating a safe space for human rights defenders around the world to network and exchange ideas. My expectation to join Legal empowerment is to share my experience on how to build a strong social movement in the face of state repression, to gain capacity building on how to apply the law and also to learn from other human rights defenders around the world.


My expectation to join Legal empowerment is to share my experience on how to build a strong social movement in the face of state repression

There is a lot of interest in this topic in our network, and I hope to hear more about this in the future. For now, welcome @ProsperTTiringindi!

Hi add me to this community group and suggest me some jobs…

I would like to be an active member of this group Namati…being a paralegal from India, Kerala…would like to be a member of Namati and work .

Dear @BushraAhmadKutty4266 you are already a registered member of the network! Welcome! You can keep updated about job opportunities at Namati here. Also, keep an eye out for job opportunities posted to the #opportunitiescategory.

In the meantime, thank you all @BushraAhmadKutty4266 @ProsperTTiringindi @JamesMajokDutKuol for joining the introduction. Here are some lists of things you might find interesting as you familiarize yourself in the forum:

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  • Exploring the Resource Library , where you will find resources about legal empowerment & access to justice.
  • Exploring the Network’s Member Directory and connect with like minded individuals from across the world!