New Publication: Community Land Protection Facilitators Guide

Namati’s new Community Land Protection Facilitators Guide is a step-by-step, practical “how to” manual for grassroots advocates working to help communities protect their customary claims and rights to land and natural resources.

After years of working with partner organizations around the world to support communities to protect their land rights, Namati has developed a comprehensive, five-part approach that supports communities to: build unity and internal capacity for community land protection, proactively document and map their land claims, strengthen local governance, seek formal government recognition of their land rights, and plan for their own flourishing future.

This Guide is intended for the directors and staff of local, community-based organizations, national civil society organizations, faith-based organizations, government actors, and other community land protection advocates and activists.

Download the Guide online or write to to request a print copy.

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And join us tomorrow, Feb.25th at 7:00am PST for a webinar with Namati staff and partners to discuss the Guide and how to implement community land protection activities in your context!

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For those who missed it and want to catch up, a recording of the webinar is available online. In the recording, you can listen to @rachaelknight speak about the guide and answer many excellent questions from attendees along the way.

Just click the same registration link and enter your details to access the recording. Here’s the link:

A few other related links that are worth taking a look at are:

Please contact @marenabrinkhurst or email if you have any questions or suggestions about the guide.

114 people registered for the webinar, representing 42 organizations and 21 countries, giving us encouragement to organize more webinars! Contact me @tobiaseigen or email if you have a particularly important or interesting topic you’d like to present.

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