New Publication from CREA: "All About Power: Understanding Social Power and Power Structures:

(Margaret Satterthwaite) #1

This is a fantastic new publication from the feminist human rights organization CREA, based in New Delhi. It includes clearly written, compelling explanations of different forms of power and how they work. The publication was written by Srilatha Batliwala and it’s organized around 5 questions: – Where does power operate? – Where does power come from? – What does power look like? – How is power expressed? – How does power work? As the introduction explains, “When activists try to change people’s lives, or tackle the injustices they face, we are actually trying to change power equations.” Legal empowerment advocates know this–and this publication is a great resource for exploring the different ways power expresses itself.

(Ali Hassan) #5

I don’t know how to describe the beauty of this document about ‘social power’, it very useful. Thanks for sharing. I will use this tool for changing my society

(Bal Krishna Kattel) #6

Very useful document. Will be using in my context and work. Thank you.


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