New report from USAID on Recognition of Community Land and Resources

USAID’s Myanmar Land Tenure Project recently published the attached report and brief on ‘Community Land and Natural Resource Tenure Recognition’.

The report review community land and resource tenure recognition approaches in Southeast Asia and beyond, seeking to identify lessons from existing experiences to inform current policy changes in Myanmar.

Please do share your reflections on this report - how do these examples relate to your own community land protection work? Are there any major lessons from your own work that aren’t reflected in the document, but that you’d like to highlight here to other members of the Global Legal Empowerment Network? @marenabrinkhurst @lore @teresaeilu @yeyinth

2016 Myanmar Community Tenure brief 2.10.16 (1).pdf (1.6 MB) 2016 Myanmar Community Tenure report-lowres (1).pdf (3.0 MB)